Quora: 为什么一些新加坡华人以身为华人为耻?

What are the underlying reasons that some Singaporean Chinese feel ashamed of being ethnic Chinese? 为什么一些新加坡华人以身为华人为耻? index.jpg 【美版知乎quora问答】
Terry Lee, lives in Singapore
Answered Mar 15, 2017
Please speak only for yourself and not all Singaporeans.
Most Singaporeans I know including myself are not ashamed to be Chinese or call ourselves Chinese.
I only have a problem with people calling me “Chinese” if that confuses my ethnic and nationality, so the proper term would be Singaporean Chinese.
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你代表自己就好了,别代表所有新加坡人。 大部分我认识的新加坡人,包括我在内,不会羞于说自己是华人。不要说我是“中国人”就行。正确的说法是“新加坡华人”。 I get that some chinese want to disassociate themselves from mainland chinese, but that has nothing to do with trying to deny our ancestry. It is like those idiots in USA trying to say there are 62 different genders.
You can be a westernized Singaporean Chinese, you can be a Singaporean Chinese who cannot speak mandarin, but there is no such thing as an ethnic Singaporean.
我知道有些华人想与大陆划清界限,这不是要否认我们的祖先。 你可以是一位西方化的新加坡华人,也可以当自己是不会说中文的新加坡华人。新加坡民族是不存在的。 Our ethnic is determined at birth and cannot be changed, we might be Singaporean citizens but we still do practice chinese culture, eat chinese food and speak mandarin (to a lesser extent). We are undeniably Chinese.
Practicing our ethnic culture in our multicultural society is what it means to be Singaporean. To deny our hereditary ethnic and tell people not to identify us as Chinese is to send an disgraceful message of arrogance which most Singaporeans Chinese will not agree with.
我们的民族出生时就定了,不能改变。我们或许是新加坡公民,但仍遵循中华文化、吃中餐、讲中文。我们的确是华人。 在多元化的社会里践行民族文化,正是新加坡人。不承认是华人,是傲慢之举,大多数新加坡华人不会赞同。
Parry Sun
Answered Mar 15, 2017
My Airbnb guest from Singapore was a splendid young lady: fun, outspoken, fashionable, tattoo fanatic and I think she likes girls. She spoke Chinese and looked Chinese but when she visited China she was treated horribly by MANY Chinese. Why? Because she is a foreigner and she confuse the hell out of the Chinese Chinese.
我有一个Airbnb短租房客,她来自新加坡,年轻漂亮,打扮时尚、喜欢纹身。她会说中文,中国人长相,来中国时,很多中国人对她不友好。为何?她是个外国人。说中文会闹糊涂 She does not read Chinese. Her spoken Chinese has an accent that I cannot quite pin down but hell a lot of trendy millennials from whatever dullest part of China speak a thousand different exotic accents just because they think is supper coooool. This lovely young lady with her tattoos and exuberayting quirks certainly would be no difference? WRONG! She would stand in front of the big a*s sign in a restaurant and ask do you have this? How much is that? When handed a menu, she would tell the waiters “I cannot read”, at which point the waiters look at her with disbelief and think she is a prankster that is supper anoiying because she will not drop the act! 她看不懂中文,说中文带有口音,我不怎么能听懂。中国千禧一代,能说上千种不同的异国口音,觉得这很酷。这位可爱的小姑娘纹着纹身,有怪癖,跟中国千禧一代没啥不同?错!她会站在餐馆招牌前问你有这个吗?有多少?当服务员递上菜单时,她会说:我看不懂。服务生难以置信地看着她,觉得她在开玩笑。 She speaks a different Chinese. “Taxi” is something different. “Bus” is different. “Subway” is different. Pizza Hut is different. When she asked about anything, nobody would help her! The worst part is every one think she speak Chinese because she DOES but it is different! The two of us had to alternate between English and Chinese to figure out what she was talking about. I have never heard taxi being called that name in my life and I have lived in north and south of China. She just confused the hell out of Chinese and frustrated herself to death during her entire trip.
After out long hilarious conversation she finally said ok I get it. My grannies’ Chinese is different from Chinese Chinese.
她说的中文不一样,说的“出租车”不一样,“公交”也不同,“地铁”也不同,必胜客也不一样。有需要帮忙时候,没人会帮的!最糟糕的是,每个人都以为她会说中文,以为她故意把中文说得不一样!只能不停地用中英文沟通,我才能搞明白她在说什么。 我这辈子从未听过“出租车”是这样说的。一路沮丧透了。经过一番令人捧腹的沟通后,她笑着说,我懂了,我奶奶说的中文和中国人的中文不一样。 Well she still hated her experience in China and think it is one of the most hostile places she has ever visited because no one wanted to help and they all loose patient with her. However she did understand why, in the very end.
It really not all her fault. China is so big, Chinese are so plentiful, Chinese are so busy making money, you look like a Chinese, quack like a Chinese, you must be a Chinese. You are not? Quit sh*tting me.
She thought she was Chinese but standard deviation of being Chinese is so high, we have a rough time recognizing each other…
她仍然很讨厌在中国的经历,觉得是一段不愉快的经历。 没人愿意帮忙,人们对她没耐心。然而她最终明白了为什么。 这真不是她的错,中国那么大,人那么多,中国人忙着赚钱,你看起来是个中国人,就肯定是个中国人,不是吗?耍我的吧?
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