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Emma Liu, works at Shenzhen, China
Answered Feb 1, 2016
Young city,full of passion. 深圳是一座年轻的城市,充满激情
Quora User, M.S Civil Engineering & Materials Science and Engineering, Shenzhen University (2018)
Answered May 27, 2017
To be honest, I love this city…very much 老实说,我喜欢这座城市,非常喜欢的那种
Mario Rossi
Answered Oct 16, 2016
Sorry, i really didn't find Shenzhen to be so good compared to other cities in China like Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu.. Is a big city, but still a city without many attractions except theme parks and malls. Bars and good places aren't anywhere close to Shanghai or Suzhou (never lived in Beijing but I'm sure are more), the center is moder but not good as Suzhou sip. The only good points of Shenzhen are weather (not good absolutely, just better than other places in China), pollution and new subway. The airport is only domestic flights.. the sea may be good but is absurdly regulated and make it useless, a real waste.. for the rest i didn't find anything remarkable. Hope i will change idea in future, but so far.. 抱歉,我不觉得深圳有中国其他城市好,比如上海、苏州、成都... 深圳是一座大城市,除了一些主题公园和购物中心,没啥景点。酒吧没有上海和苏州多,没在北京呆过,北京应该更多。 深圳唯一好的地方是天气,比中国其他城市更好,污染不严重,地铁是新的 机场只发国内航班。 也许以后的看法会改变吗,目前是这样觉得的
Rongxin, Chief Executive Officer at Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Answered Feb 22
shenzhen City is very nice , best for young perple , nearly to hongkong , if you do IT or eletlect ,its the best . the people here is very young , hansome boy or hot girls . you know i mean . thanks . 深圳这座城市不错,适合年轻人奋斗,就在香港边上 要是从事IT业,深圳最适合了 去深圳奋斗的人都很年轻。不乏帅哥靓妹。你懂的
Alice Zhong, Overseas Sales
Answered May 28, 2017
1.compared with Guangzhou,the overall city design of Shenzhen is more modern and humanized. For example,everywhere you see in Shenzhen is the high new building. And each metro station is equipped with clean toilets,which greatly make citizens satisfied. 2. There are so many rich people in Shenzhen with luxury cars everywhere,that is why Shenzhen is famous for its heavy traffic too. 3. Every one is equal in Shenzhen where it attracts people all over the country. Shenzhen government puts great importance to attract high skills people and prizes the graduates who work in Shenzhen each one 15k RMB. 4.Shenzhen is a magical place where it gives people hope. Every one here has a dream to be successful one day. 1、与广州比的话,深圳这座城市的设计更为现代,更人性。比如,深圳到处是高楼大厦。每一座地铁站都配有干净的厕所。 2、深圳有很多富人,到处是豪车 3、深圳人人平等,吸引了全国各地的人。深圳政府极为重视吸引高端人才。毕业生留在深圳每人奖励15000元。
Jacob Gadikian, works at Jake The Nerd
Answered Feb 14, 2016
★★★★★ Shenzhen is my favorite city on planet earth because of its globally unique electronics manufacturing scene that is utterly unparalleled anywhere on the planet and the driven Chinese people it attracts. If I could give it six stars, I totally would. It's getting very expensive, though. (both relative to China and globally speaking) 深圳是我最喜欢的城市,深圳的电子制造业全球独一无二,无人能比。给六星评价都不为过。
Benjamin Joffe, lived in Shenzhen, China (2014-2015)
Answered May 30, 2017
★★★★★ If you work in electronics
★★★★ if you study Mandarin
★★★ global food options
★★ if you’re a tourist for more than 2 days
★★ if you want an first-world international city life
Remove ★ to each if you don’t speak Mandarin. I used to live in Shenzhen (working with hardware startups). Work was amazing. The food options and infrastructure also improved lots during that time. What to do on weekends? I went to Hong Kong, or travel somewhere else - in China or abroad. 如果从事电子业,五星推荐 如果是来学中文,4星推荐 来品尝美食,3星推荐 两日游,2星推荐 如果想体验一流的国际化城市生活,2星推荐 如果你不会说中文,那么以上各减去一星。 我以前在深圳。那段时期,美食选择多,基础设施突飞猛进。 周末做什么?我会去香港,或者去其他地方玩
Kevin Willock, I'm Awesome ★★★★
It is by far the nicest city in mainland China. It is clean, and cosmopolitan. It is also a very young city, it is only 25 years old or so, and most of the population is young and from the interior of China. It's also very convenient to get to Hong Kong from there. As for living there, there are lots of positives, and an equal amount of negatives, as with anywhere. It's relatively inexpensive, you can rent a very nice apartment for 5-6000RMB, and there is a large expat population mostly located in Shekou area.
深圳是中国目前为止最不错的城市,干净整洁,是大都市,也是一座非常年轻的城市。 只有25年历史,大多数是来自中国内地的年轻人。去香港非常方便。 房租相当便宜,5000-6000元就能租一套不错的公寓。 深圳有很多外籍人士,他们大多数生活在蛇口区
Gabriel Butler, Desperately seeking validation ★★★★★
My favorite city so far in mainland China.
The air is relatively clean for a large Chinese city. There's lots of vegetation everywhere and the winters are rather warm. You can't throw a rock without hitting a great restaurant and there are lots of nice malls in almost every part of town. Public transportation is efficient and clean too. Shenzhen is also so close to Hong Kong that you can take the subway to a checkpoint to enter the territory. 深圳是目前为止我最喜欢的大陆城市。 植被多,绿化好,冬暖夏凉。 到处是餐馆,每个角落都有高档的购物中心。公共交通运转效率高。 深圳就在香港旁边,坐地铁到检查站,然后就能进入香港。
X. Huang, studied at University of Life
Answered May 21, 2017
Shenzhen is the heart of electronics manufacturing in China, an innovation powerhouse. It also gains a foothold in fields like mobile Internet, electric new energy car. It play a unique and pivotal role in the nation's attempt in economic transitions from a labor-intensive to a technology- and capital-intensive system. In Shenzhen lies the world’s greatest electronics market named Huaqiangbei. Shenzhen is one of the only two stock exchanges in China, giving entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their business a way to access capital. It has ports and has an easy and direct access to Asia’s global city Hong Kong. "The Silicon Valley of Hardware" speaks for itself. 深圳是中国电子制造业的中心,是一座创新城市。 深圳在诸如移动互联网、电动新能源车等领域也占有一席之地。 深圳在中国经济从劳动密集型到技术资本密集型的转型中发挥了至关重要的作用。 深圳有着世界最大的电子市场华强北。 中国两个股票交易中心,深圳就有一个。给了企业家创业的融资渠道。 深圳有港口,就在香港旁边
Minna Hayashi, studied at Diablo Valley College
Answered Jun 4, 2017
It is the forth developed city in China. Also, it is my favorite city. You can easily go anywhere by riding bike, taking bus, subway, uber and high speed rail. You can easily find a Macdonald, KFC, and Pizza Hut every two blocks. Indian, Korean, Japanese restaurant is also everywhere. We have a lot of great libraries, book centers, clubs, shopping centers and beach. And since it is a very safe, dynamic and young city, people from everywhere come over there. The young generation speak a better English than people in other city in China, so the language shouldn't be a problem. I actually has a Indian neibour who has been living in Shenzhen for five years, and they still couldn’t speak any Chinese. Anyway, Shenzhen is a wonderful city. 深圳是中国第四发达的城市,也是我最喜欢的城市 去哪都方便,你可以骑自行车,坐公交车,坐地铁,打车,坐高铁。 到处是麦当劳、肯德基、必胜客 随便可见龙8国际娱乐餐馆、日本餐馆、韩国餐馆。 深圳有很多图书馆、俱乐部、购物中心和海滩。 治安好,有活力,一座年轻的城市,人们来自五湖四海。 年轻人的英语水平比中国其他城市好。语言不会是个问题。 我有一位邻居是龙8国际娱乐人,他在深圳呆了5年了,现在还不会说中文。 总之,深圳是一座精彩纷呈的城市
M.F. Cappiello, The shortest Caucasian that Chinese people have ever seen
Answered Jun 5, 2017
I agree with all the positive things other people have said, but want to add a couple more. Because it’s a migrant city, everybody is from somewhere else, and people don’t care too much about where you came from. Contrast that with places like Shanghai and Hong Kong, where people who live there are very proud to be locals and look down on people from elsewhere who come to the city to work. In Shenzhen, people care more about what you’re doing than where you’re from.
Because people are from all over the country, if you live in Shenzhen, you feel like you’re getting to understand the whole of China. By contrast, I feel like if you live in Shanghai, you just know Shanghai, and if you live in Beijing you just know Beijing. I think living in Shenzhen and meeting people there gives you a fuller picture of people’s lives across the entire country.
大家的看法,我基本赞同。这里补充一些: 深圳是一座移民城市,人们来自五湖四海。彼此不会关心你来自哪里。 这点跟上海和香港有些明显差异。上海和香港的本地人以自己的身份感到骄傲,看不起外地人。 在深圳,人们关心的是你从事什么工作,而不是你来自哪里? 由于大家来自五湖四海。住在深圳,你会慢慢读懂整个中国。 如果住在上海,你只会读懂上海这座城市; 如果住在北京,你也只能读懂北京这座城市。 在深圳,碰见的是来自五湖四海的人,你会慢慢了解全国各地人民的生活。
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