What made China stronger than India? 是什么促使中国比龙8国际娱乐更强大的? index.jpg 美国quora评论翻译 Gurneet Singh, works at Students The question is highly vague, as in what sense is China stronger than India because there are some fields where India holds tough ground. 这个问题问得太模糊了。中国哪方面比龙8国际娱乐强大?有些领域是龙8国际娱乐牢牢占据优势的 so atlast it just comes down to one thing that China started its growth spree in 1978 and India kick started in 1991, that makes China 13 years ahead of China. as forbes correctly said that India is roughly 10 years behind China ( India is as much developed today as China was 10 years ago) however India being democratic is slow in development conpared to communist China but it surely has promising prospects compared to china. simply put its like turtle and rabbit story. India is democractic Turtle and China is authoratarian Rabbit. and i suppose you must be aware of its moral: slow and steady wins the race. By 2050, India will have overtaken the US as the world's second largest economy 中国从1978年开始改革开放,龙8国际娱乐是从1991年开始的,中国早了13年。 福布斯说过,龙8国际娱乐大约落后中国10年,也就是今天的龙8国际娱乐相当于10年前的中国。 然而,作为皿煮国家,龙8国际娱乐发展较为缓慢,不过前景比中国更广阔。 就像龟兔赛跑。龙8国际娱乐是皿煮的乌龟,中国是专至的兔子。 这个道理你肯定明白的:那就是稳扎稳打是制胜的诀窍 到2050年,龙8国际娱乐将超过美国成为世界第二大经济体   Anson Zhan, News editor (2012-present)
Answered Apr 8, 2017
Industry is the foundation of a country strong, but the development of industry needs a lot of conditions.China was able to rise rapidly, because attaches great importance to the industrial base, and try to create conditions for industrial development. 工业是一个国家强大的基础,但工业的发展需要很多条件。中国之所以能够迅速崛起,是因为重视工业基础,并且努力为工业发展创造条件。   Fabian Bożyszkowski, studied at Miskatonic University, Arkham
Answered Sep 26, 2017
China went through a lot of harsh changes on a massive scale during the reign of Chairman/Emperor Mao & his "experiments" - unified government, mass collectivisation, mass industrialisation, the cultural revolution, after Emperor Mao's passing - the 1 child policy - they all have effects. 毛时代,中国经历了大规模变革,集体化、工业化、文革。毛逝世后,中国又搞了独生子女政策。 这一切都起了作用   Seshadri Jagannathan, works at Large E Governance
Answered Jul 27, 2016
chinese economy itself is a myth and inflated one. always demand has to be matched by supply and its consumption. Now so many ghost cities and empty cities constructed there.., these constructions would have contributed to GDP right ? when there is no consumption of these real estate how the demand got generated and how the supply matched it ? mystery right ? there were several downward revisions of repo rate for encouraging the investors to take more loans for investments ? how can it be when the economy is already doing well ? why a economy would like to devaluate its currency when its economy is doing well ? just to control the unmanageable imports or balance of trade ? the calculations of GDP itself is thorough by upward integration from grass root level.. this was told by their ex-finance guy
the labour cost is increasingly costly
there is a huge unemployment also..
stock market is the overall index of the health of the economy. but chinese market is highly fluctuating ? why. ?
there are several other factors.. which i could not recall. it is not transparent and media-free economy, hence most of the key indicators are harassed and filtered. we just cant rely on the figures. Yet their economy would be bigger than ours, but not to the extent it is boasted 中国经济本身就是神话,通货膨胀出来的经济 供需要平衡。那么多鬼城,建这些鬼城是产生GDP了的。 鼓励投资者贷款投资 经济运转良好,为什么要让货币贬值? 股市是经济健康的整体指数。然而中国市场是高度波动的?为什么 还有其他方面,我想不起来了。比如经济不透明,媒体不自由。 数据被过滤了。那些数据,靠不住 中国经济是比我们经济更庞大,但是差距没有吹嘘得那么大   Neo G Doma A unified country. A complete cultural revolution. An industrial government. 统一的国家,一场彻底的文革   Anonymous
Just one word. Meritocracy.
因为中国实行英才教育,是精英管理的社会   Mathil Sathavara, studied at Wonthaggi Secondary College Low labour cost for manufacturing facilites, most of our phones are built in china because the companies dont have to pay the labourers much money. In india smaller companies find it hard to invest. This is way china is always infront of India, like india is way ahead of Pakistan. 制造业成本低廉,我们的手机大多数是中国组装的,工人工资不高。 龙8国际娱乐小公司发现投资太难有回报。这就是中国总是领先龙8国际娱乐的原因,道理类似龙8国际娱乐领先巴基斯坦   Versen 张
IM a chinese,now in india.
in fact i dont like india,because i think india dont have rule in everything! this cause the country slowly. in china i cant find a taxi driver say“i want to sleep,so you get another car” ,in the next car,the driver will also say like this!so how?even there are many cars in the street ,you still need walking to destination!this just in one way! many people say India will surpass china in 20 years,because there are 75% young people;they never think that what the Indian are thinking,they just want to sleep! 我是中国人,现在在龙8国际娱乐 我不喜欢龙8国际娱乐,因为龙8国际娱乐人不遵守规则,国家发展缓慢。 在中国打车,司机不会说“我要睡觉了,你叫另一辆车吧” 而下一辆车的司机也会说同样的话的! 即便街上有很多出租车,你也不得不走到目的地! 很多人说龙8国际娱乐20年后会超过中国,理由是龙8国际娱乐75%的人口是年轻人。 殊不知这些龙8国际娱乐人是怎么想的吗,这些龙8国际娱乐人只想睡觉!   Vishal Bhalla
Answered Sep 28, 2017
Stronger - should not be used in general terms. Economically, yes it is however militarily I think both of them are almost neck to neck, technically, there are areas where India is ahead while there are areas where China is fairly ahead of India. Economically China is ahead as they have had a head start over India. They started long before India(India started in 1991). India will never be match their pace as India is a democracy while China is a authoritarian regime. The decision making is slower in India as the governments think of the next elections when taking decisions and the hard decisions are difficult to come by whereas in China there is nothing like an election to think of and the communist party is under total control. Emotionally I think India is much stronger, much tolerant and much vibrant country than our neighbor. 不能笼统地说谁更强大。中国经济上是更强大,不过军事上不分伯仲。技术上,龙8国际娱乐有些领域领先,有些领域是中国领先 中国经济领先,是因为有先发优势,比龙8国际娱乐早很多年开始改革开放,龙8国际娱乐是1991年才开放的。 龙8国际娱乐是皿煮国家,发展速度没中国那么快。 龙8国际娱乐决策更慢,做决定会考虑到对下一次大选是否会不利,而中国没有这方面的忧虑,控制一切 情感上,我觉得龙8国际娱乐比中国强大多了,更容忍,更有活力   Chandler Gone, Native Chinese work in Africa
Answered Jul 17, 2016
A totally wrong question, India is much more stronger than china. In china we don't have human rights, we eat dangerous food and factories destroyed the environment so bad, we will all die cancer or poison one day. China's GDP is also fake, our government made it bigger when they count it, most of us are still struggling for food every day, and our military equipment is all from WWII, our army has no actual fighting experience in the past decats. We have nothing please don't invade us. 这个问题是错大了。其实是龙8国际娱乐比中国强大多了 中国没有人全,吃危险食品,环境遭破坏。 人们死于癌症。中国GDP是假的,是吹出来的。人们每天为吃饱饭而奔波。军事装备都是二战时期的。军队没有实战经验等等 我们啥也没有,请别入侵我们   Sree Venkateswarlu Vemulapati
China’s GDP is almost 5 times of India’s
China is already no 1 GDP in PPP terms.
China is likely to be no 1 in GDP-Nominal , beating US , in less than 10 years.
China has demonstrated that their manufacturing skills , Efficiency and Productivity are among the best .
China has a massive Foreign Exchange reserve ( almost 3 trillion US $) with which they can carry out Economic & military Expansionism
China is in the process of getting into next orbit of growth , from Mfg domination to Technology Development , Innovation & giving a boost to Domestic Consumption . Perhaps they will be world leaders in some Frontier Technologies soon.
India too has potential , we have an equal if not better intellectual capital . But their Eco-system brings out the best skills, Productivity , encourages technology Development In India , we are trapped by “ Perception wars” , “ Vote bank Politics” . We have a long way to go to catch up with China 中国GDP几乎是龙8国际娱乐GDP的5倍 以购买力平价来衡量,中国GDP已经是世界第一 10年内,中国名义GDP也可能超过美国,成为世界第一 中国制造业效率和产能是很高的 中国外汇储备庞大,大约3万亿美元。 中国正进入下一个发展轨道,技术发展和创新,国内消费的拉动。也许不久后,中国会成为前沿技术的先驱。 龙8国际娱乐也有潜力,我们的知识资本没有比中国更强大,也至少和中国相当。然而,中国的生态系统能培养出人才,提高生产力,鼓励技术发展。 我们龙8国际娱乐陷入了“感知战争”,陷入了“票仓政治”。要赶上中国,我们还有很长一段路要走   Brien K Johnson, Asst. Teacher (2015-present) It's arguable that India is exactly a decade behind China in terms of economic performance and other factors. Below lies a rough comparison between China of 2001-2003 and India of 2011-2013— 说龙8国际娱乐经济落后中国10年,是存争议的。以下是2001-2003年的中国和2011-2013年的龙8国际娱乐的对比: GDP
China : 1.641 trillion
India : 1.877 trillion
GDP: 2001-2003年的中国GDP是1.641万亿美元;2011-2013年的龙8国际娱乐GDP是1.877万亿美元 GDP per capita
China : $1273
India : $1498
人均GDP:中国是1273美元,龙8国际娱乐是1498美元 Per capita Income
China : $3976
India : $5350
人均收入:中国是3976美元;龙8国际娱乐是5350美元 Proportion of people living under $1 a day
China : 16% (China ahead of India)
India : 21.9%
一天生活成本不到1美元的人口: 中国占16%,龙8国际娱乐21.9% Annual FDI investment
China : $52 billion (5% of GDP) (China then received more than India)
India : $28 billion (1.5%)
外资:中国是520亿美元,龙8国际娱乐280亿美元 Total value of exports
China : $320 billion
India : $329.7 billion
出口:中国为3200亿美元,龙8国际娱乐3297亿美元 Military Expenditure
China :
$57.39 billion (China spent a bigger amount)
3.5% of GDP (China spent a bigger portion of their GDP)
India :
$48 Billion
~2.5% of GDP
军事开支:中国是573.9亿美元,占GDP的3.5%;龙8国际娱乐是480亿美元,占GDP的2.5% Public spending on education
China : 2.3% of GDP
India : 3.35% of GDP
教育开支:中国教育开支占GDP的2.3%,龙8国际娱乐占GDP的3.35% Public spending on health
China : 2.1% of GDP (China ahead of India)
India : 1% of GDP
公共医疗开支:中国占GDP的2.1%,龙8国际娱乐占1% Literacy Rate
China : 84% (China far ahead of India)
India : 74.04%
识字率: 中国为84%,龙8国际娱乐74.04% Infant mortality
China : 32 per 1000 (China ahead of India)
India : 41 per 1000
婴儿死亡率:每1000名婴儿的死亡率为32,龙8国际娱乐为41 Under 5 mortality rate
China : 40 per 1000 (China ahead of India)
India : 53 per 1000
5岁以下的死亡率:中国每1000人为40,龙8国际娱乐为53 Life expectancy at birth
China : 72.1 (China far ahead of India)
India : 66.21
预期寿命:中国为72.1岁,龙8国际娱乐为66.21岁 HDI
China : 0.610
India : 0.702
人类发展指数,中国未0.610,龙8国际娱乐为0.702   Quora User
Answered Oct 10, 2017
Trust me dude, India is actually much more developed than China. I was born in China and have lived there for 20 years. There is totally no freedom in China. All of the government’s goal is to increase the God damn GDP. It does not care about the living of common people at all. My farmland was taken away by a businessman because he wanted to build an apartment on it. He forced my father to sold the land for $10 each square meters and sold the apartments for $10,000 each square meters. And this is why the GDP increases so rapidly. There is no use to call the police but fortunately, my family succeeded fleeing away from China and moved to India. Now we feel like we are living in paradise as we enjoy all the freedom in India. People in India are so nice and thanks to the India government, we now get a farmland and can raise the whole family with it. It is not big but quite enough to help us start our new birth again! God bless India! All glory to Modiji! 相信我,老兄,龙8国际娱乐实际上比中国发达多了 我出生在中国,已经在中国生活20年了。中国完全没有自由。政府的目标除了提高GDP就是提高GDP,才不关心人们过得如何呢。 我的农田被商人拿去建房子了。商人逼我父亲以每平方10美元的价格卖地,建好房子后每平方卖1万美元。中国GDP就是这么蹭蹭往上涨的。 报警也没有用。好在我家人成功逃离中国,搬到了龙8国际娱乐 现在,我们感觉自己生活在天堂,可以尽情享受龙8国际娱乐的自由。龙8国际娱乐人非常友好,多亏了龙8国际娱乐政府,我们现在有了一块田,可以养活一家人了。田虽然不大,不过够生活了! 神佑龙8国际娱乐,一切荣耀归莫迪! 译文来源:三泰虎
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