Is the International Space Station DOOMED? Budget cuts to the ISS could cause the US to lose the space race to Russia and China, warns former congressman Bob Barr 国际空间站完蛋了吗?前国会议员鲍勃•巴尔警告称,削减国际空间站的经费可能导致美国在太空竞赛中败给俄罗斯和中国 Ending funding for the International Space Station (ISS) will mean the US is in danger of losing the space race, a top official has warned. 一位高级官员警告说,停止为国际空间站提供资金将意味着美国在太空竞赛中有失败的风险。 Former congressman Bob Barr said that in the absence of more funding, America's manned space program will start to 'fade to "lights out" starting next year'. 前国会议员鲍勃·巴尔说,在缺乏更多资金的情况下,美国的载人航天计划将从明年开始“逐渐萎靡”。 Certain Washington bureaucrats are looking to stop funding for the ISS in the coming years - meaning Russia and China will be most likely to become space leaders, he warned. 他警告说,某些华盛顿官员计划在未来几年停止为国际空间站提供资金,这意味着俄罗斯和中国最有可能成为太空领域的领军者。 Just a few months ago it was revealed the Trump administration was looking to privatise the ISS after 2024. 就在几个月前,有消息称,特朗普政府打算在2024年之后对国际空间站进行私有化。 Ever since astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the moon in 1969, the US has been dominant in space. 自从1969年宇航员尼尔·阿姆斯特朗成为第一个登上月球的人以来,美国一直在太空领域占据主导地位。 However, that could all be about to change, according to an in-depth opinion piece for The Hill written by Mr Barr, who was Republican congressman from Georgia serving from 1995 to 2003. 然而,巴尔在为《国会山报》撰写的一篇深度评论文章中称,这一切都将发生改变。巴尔曾任1995至2003年乔治亚州共和党国会议员。 The ISS has been permanently staffed by rotating crews of astronauts and cosmonauts since November 2000. 自2000年11月以来,国际空间站一直由轮值的宇航员小组管理。 But Mr Barr said the ISS has suffered repeated programme cuts in recent years and now consumes a 'minuscule part' of the federal budget. 但巴尔表示,近年来,国际空间站多次遭遇项目经费削减,现在只占联邦预算中的“极小部分”。 At the moment, Nasa, spends about $3 billion (£2.4 billion) a year on the space station program, a level of funding that is endorsed by the Trump administration and Congress. 目前,美国国家航空航天局在空间站项目上每年的花费约30亿美元(£24亿),这是由特朗普政府和国会批准的数字。 'As things stand now, thanks to fiscal cutbacks and America’s failure to develop any spacecraft to replace the Space Shuttle (which was closed down in 2011), the only way an American astronaut can travel to the ISS is by paying Russia an average of $75 million (£56m) per person to hitch a ride on a Soyuz space taxi', Mr Barr wrote. “照目前情况看,由于财政削减以及美国未能研发其他宇宙飞船来取代太空穿梭机(2011年已关停),美国宇航员只能通过向俄罗斯支付平均每人7500万美元(£5600万英镑)的费用搭乘联盟号太空出租车前往国际空间站”,巴尔先生写道。 'And even that program — which is dependent on Russia’s continued good faith in meeting its commitments — is set to expire next year'. “甚至这个只能寄望俄罗斯会继续信守承诺的计划也将于明年到期。” This budget-cutting 'would have ramifications far beyond the scientific and national security “black hole” into which our manned space program would plunge', he said. 他说,这种削减预算的做法“将产生深远的影响,远远超出我们的载人航天计划将陷入的科学和国家安全‘无底洞’。” Although private sector technology is improving, he does not believe it is sophisticated enough to replace the role currently played by Nasa. 尽管私营部门的技术正在进步,但他认为,这还不足以取代美国宇航局目前扮演的角色。 This means the 'two most serious national security adversaries, Russia and China, are poised to step up to the plate to continue the ISS and beyond', he warned. 他警告说,这意味着“美国国家安全的两个最大对手——俄罗斯和中国——将走上正轨,继续进行国际空间站和其他项目”。 This would be a 'fiscal, scientific and national security folly of the highest order', he wrote. 他写道,这将是“财政、科学和国家安全方面最为愚蠢的行为”。 In February it was announced the Trump administration is thinking about privatising the ISS, according to Nasa documents obtained by the Washington Post. 据《华盛顿邮报》获得的NASA文件显示,今年2月,特朗普政府宣布考虑将国际空间站私有化。 英国每日邮报读者的评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 外文:http://www.dailymail.co.uk AEinstein, Princeton, United States, about 21 hours ago Really? A country like Russia, with a GDP less than Italy? China, long term, a different story. 真的吗?像俄罗斯这种GDP比意大利还低的国家? 中国,长期而言,则是另一回事。 Phil, Hatboro, United States, a day ago The ISS has outlived its usefulness. The original purpose was to test the endurance of humans in space and how to combat the detrimental effects of long term exposure to microgravity. Now, the astronauts are spending increasing amounts of time patching and repairing systems to keep it habitable. The science has been learned, the pictures have all been taken, it's time to leave it and go for Mars. 国际空间站已经过时了。最初的目的是测试人类在太空中的耐力,以及如何对抗长期暴露在微重力环境下的有害影响。现在,宇航员们花费越来越多的时间用在修补和修复系统上,才能继续保持它的宜居程度。科学研究已经做完了,照片也拍好了,是时候离开它,前往火星了。 charles best, bournemouth, United Kingdom, about 14 hours ago We cannot survive beyond our protective belts. That is why we cannot go, even to the moon. 我们没了保护带就无法生存。这就是为什么我们不能去的原因,就连月球也不行。 AntonovBuran, Den Bosch, Netherlands, a day ago Privatise ISS ? How is he wanting to privatise something that isn't US property ? 私有化空间站吗?怎么会想到把一个不属于美国的财物私有化呢? Olderbutnonethewiser, Halifax, United Kingdom, a day ago I can see it now The Trump Branson Space Hotel! 我现在可以预料到它会变成特朗普·布兰森太空旅馆了! Georg1eboy, Hitchin, United Kingdom, a day ago What race... no one's been anywhere in 50 years, that's right in the entire period of my life "we" by which I mean us have gone nowhere .. The race to where ?.. if "we" by which I mean "them" are racing, at least tell me what They're racing to and when it starts because I'm a bit bored of this "race" i mean telling the kids the ISS was santa a couple of years back got them to sleep early Xmas eve, other than that nich, nada, zilch, 0 ... come on get on with it already ! 哪来的竞赛……50年来有谁去到过那儿?没错,在我的一生中,我说的我们是指我们没有任何进展。那我们要往哪儿比赛呢?如果“我们”值得是“他们”正在竞赛,那至少告诉我他们是在比赛往哪儿去,什么时候出发?因为我对这种‘竞赛’有点厌倦了。我的意思是几年前我告诉孩子们国际空间站是圣诞老人,好让他们在圣诞前夜早点睡觉。拜托,继续吧。 Jim Donnelly, Doha, Qatar, a day ago What benefit has space travel given to man apart from non-stick frying pans? 除了不粘的煎锅外,太空飞行到底带来了什么收获? partygoer, Bristol, United Kingdom, a day ago Memory foam mattresses. 记忆泡沫床垫。 madman25, worcester, United Kingdom, a day ago Silicon chips 硅晶片 cheeky Monkey, London, United Kingdom, a day ago Last time I checked the Russians we're apart of the iss 上次我查了俄国人,我们是国际空间站的一部分 WWT, America, United States, a day ago It costs America 70.7 million per astronaut to be ferried to the ISS by the Russians. It costs around 200K in fuel to launch each rocket which taxis them. We are being ripped off, as usual. Enough letting other countries take advantage. Build our own space station for our own use with the money we will save from quitting the ISS. America first from now on. 俄国人将每个宇航员运送到国际空间站,跟美国收费7070万美元。每一枚运载火箭的燃料费用约为20万美元。我们一如既往地被骗了。让其他国家占尽了便宜。用退出国际空间站省下的钱来建造我们自己的空间站吧。从现在开始,必须保证美国优先。 son of arthritis, flint, United Kingdom, a day ago What with? The US is 20+Trillion $$$in debt and T Rump isn't finished yet with his own schemes 拿什么支持?美国背负着20多万亿美元的债务,特朗普自己的计划也都还没有完成 GodSaveTheQueenUK, London, United Kingdom, a day ago Can't keep spending what you have got... If the politicians would support him, Trump has a good chance of turning America around and reducing the debt... One thing I do know, the 8 years prior has crippled the USA. 不能为你所拥有的东西继续花钱……如果政客们支持他,特朗普很有可能扭转美国局势,减少债务……有一件事我很清楚,此前的8个年头重创了美国。 Yaz, Somewhere in the, United Kingdom, a day ago In terms of the US economy and the global financial market, what did Trump inherit when he won the Presidential election in 2016 compared to Obama in 2008? 就美国经济和全球金融市场而言,与2008年奥巴马相比,特朗普在2016年赢得总统大选接手到的是怎样的情况? charles best, bournemouth, United Kingdom, a day ago The right were in power when the crash came. The left were in power in the UK. 等太空站坠毁时,右翼势力搞不好正在掌权。而英国由左派掌权。 KensingtonJane, London, United Kingdom, a day ago There's nothing up there anyway. 天上什么都没有。 MyOpinion, Midwest, United States, 1 day ago Some race, where first prize is the loss of billions of tax dollars to a program that will eventually be taken over by private enterprise, after all the expensive research if funded by our government. It is similar to all the billions our government pours into farm subsidies, only to have corporations make trillions in profits. The ISS will keep expanding without government subsidies. That is what private enterprise does. 有些领域的比赛,一个项目就耗费了数十亿美元的税收,最终将被私营企业接管,毕竟这些昂贵的研究是由我们的政府资助的。这就像我们的政府投入数十亿美元到农业补贴中,却让企业获得了数万亿的利润。国际空间站将在没有政府补贴的情况下继续扩张。这就是私营企业所做的。 Brexits 4 Dummies, London, United Kingdom, 1 day ago Looks like a case of America last... Well done Donald, you're crippling America. 看来似乎是美国往后靠的实证……做得好,唐纳德,你在损害美国。 Artephius, Portland, United States, 1 day ago So barry did nothing to improve NASA for 8 years and Trump is in office for 1.5 years and you blame him. Smh 所以barry 8年来没有做任何改善NASA的事而Trump执政了1。5年,你责怪他。Smh chris1217, Madrid, United States, 1 day ago The US benefits very little from the ISS but pays the majority of the bill. NASA should pull out and put America first. Let the rest of the world figure it out themselves. 美国从国际空间站得到的好处很少,但却支付了大部分费用。美国宇航局应该退出,把美国放在第一位。让其他国家自己想办法解决。 TheRealLordLucan, UK, United Kingdom, 1 day ago It is clear beyond doubt that Trump works for Putin so I'd say the days of the ISS are numbered. 毫无疑问,特朗普是在为普京打工,所以我认为国际空间站的日子已经屈指可数了。 Goddag hr, Outer Space, Denmark, 1 day ago Or why not use it as a vehicle to travel to Mars? 或者为什么不把它当做去火星的交通工具呢? Goddag hr, Outer Space, Denmark, 1 day ago can't they just move it further up? seems like a waste to just let it crash back to earth. Does the structure get fatigues over time? like does the radiation actually tear apart the metal at a molecular level? 他们就不能再加把劲吗?让它撞回地球似乎是种浪费。它会随着时间的推移出现金属疲劳吗?比如辐射会在分子层面上撕裂金属? johnn dough, City, United States, 1 day ago as long as we have hungry children and veterans in the US, we shouldn't be spending money on space. 只要我们美国还有饥饿的儿童和老兵,我们就不应该把钱浪费在太空领域。 Cryptic., Lost, United Kingdom, 1 day ago I would have thought this is a scientific relic. The next step should be a moon base. 我觉得这会成为一个科学遗迹。下一步就轮到月球基地了。 SteveVD, Gloucester, United Kingdom, 1 day ago I'm hardly surprised. This is the most anti-science administration in history. 我一点都不觉得惊讶。这届政府是史上最反对科研的政府了。 Kagey3, Yorky at heart, United Kingdom, 1 day ago The private companies will be winning the space race in the future !! 私人企业将来会取得太空竞赛的胜利的。 Captain Picard, La Barre, France, 1 day ago They are too busy having their rockets explode or sending cars into space. 他们不是忙着炸掉火箭就是忙着把车送入太空 come on , Sydney, Australia, 1 day ago Russians were the first in space, thank you. 俄罗斯人才是最早进入太空的,谢谢。
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