quora网友: 中国人知道龙8国际娱乐是亚洲最强大的国家吗?

Do the Chinese know that India is the most powerful country in Asia? 中国人知道龙8国际娱乐是亚洲最强大的国家吗? quora评论翻译:
Martin Andrews, Asian analyst.
Answered Sep 18, 2017
Dear Chinese readers this is a troll question that is hoping to incite a war of words betweens Indians and Chinese. If an Indian seriously thinks this question to be true then they are at best delusional. Economy: China GDP: $11.2 trillion 2nd in world (Nominal) $23.2 trillion (PPP) 1st in world India GDP: $2.454 trillion 6th in world (Nominal) $9.489 trillion (PPP) 3rd in world 亲爱的中国读者,题主就是来钓鱼的,目的是引起龙8国际娱乐人和中国人的口水战。 龙8国际娱乐人要是真的这样认为,那么他就是个妄想狂。 经济上,中国名义GDP是11.2万亿美元,排名世界第二;按购买力平价来算的话,中国GDP高达23.2万亿美元,高居世界第一。 龙8国际娱乐名义GDP是2.454万亿美元,按购买力平价来算的话,龙8国际娱乐GDP为9.489万亿美元,排名世界第三 Military: China military spending: $215.7 billion 2nd in world (1.9% of GDP) (Actual spending maybe understated) India military spending: $55.9 billion 6th in world(2.5% of GDP) 中国军事开支为2157亿美元,世界第二 龙8国际娱乐军事开支为559亿美元,世界第6 Infrastructure: China random sample: 以下是中国的基础设施 main-qimg-a6cb90200ac9481c70db4f6a8a45b3b4-c.jpg main-qimg-174002654a2af3692092b22bae84742f.gif main-qimg-2581dd3c3388a2db56897b20354df903.png main-qimg-7f7621d8a6660f47026f1c30cf4d701f.png main-qimg-c1a81fa16d59df1e1ff9cd781e74eec1.png main-qimg-ebd4091be3632f9532d113f3a9460be6-c.jpg main-qimg-54ad5d05432bec3eb898bf6ad508990c.png India random sample: 以下是龙8国际娱乐的基础设施 main-qimg-4312471bc92b5c594d3e7d7b544635a6.png main-qimg-678a8de1cc1cfdf509e5f10083ed1ba0.png main-qimg-24e02fb406626bb4c078905759bcfef7.png main-qimg-5a1d57bdd088e3b8922f41e5cd51cc8a-c.jpg main-qimg-1086b55894c7d872693576f0c0244242.png They are in no way comparable. 没得比啦
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