Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Chinese telecoms behemoth Huawei, likens the company to a ruthless "wolf" tirelessly running down its prey, an ethos that could soon make it the apex predator of the smartphone world. 中国电信巨头华为创始人任正非将华为比喻成冷酷的“狼”,不知疲倦地追捕猎物。这种精神可能很快让华为成为智能手机世界的终极捕食者。 Despite being essentially barred from the critical US market, Huawei surpassed Apple to become the world's number two smartphone maker in the second quarter of this year and has market leader Samsung in its sights. 尽管华为被禁入至关重要的美国市场,但在今年第二季度,它已超越苹果,成为全球第二大智能手机制造商,并瞄准了市场领跑者三星。 56f70b9d3f829fc94b17b0aea003b79805a56193.jpg Huawei has achieved this in part by refocusing away from the futile fight for US access and toward gobbling up market share in developing nations with its moderately priced but increasingly sophisticated phones, analysts say. 分析师们表示,华为之所以能做到这一点,在一定程度上是通过将注意力从为了进军美国而进行的徒劳努力中转移开,利用其价格适中但日益成熟的手机攫取发展中国家的市场份额。 "Huawei's image and brand recognition across markets and regions is getting better and better," said Tarun Pathak of global market analysis firm Counterpoint. 全球市场研究公司Counterpoint的塔伦帕沙克表示:“华为在市场和地区的形象和品牌认知度正变得越来越好。” "They've differentiated and positioned their products across price segments, which makes an interesting conversation in terms of competing with Apple and Samsung." “他们在不同的价格区间对产品进行了差异化和定位,就与苹果和三星的竞争而言,这是一个有意思的话题。” Founded by Ren, now 73, with a few thousand dollars in 1987, Huawei focused initially on the backbone hardware for telecommunications networks, growing to become the world leader. 现年73岁的任正非于1987年以区区几千美元创立了华为,华为最初专注于电信网络的核心硬件,并逐渐成长为世界领先者。 Fifteen years after introducing its first phone, Huawei surpassed Apple in the April-June quarter to take second place globally, International Data Corporation (IDC) said last week, the first time since 2010 that Apple was not in the top two. 国际数据公司(IDC)上周表示,在推出第一款手机15年后,华为在4 - 6月当季超过了苹果,在全球排名第二,这是2010年以来苹果首次跌出前两名。 - Raising the ante - -提高赌注- Huawei's consumer products chief Richard Yu raised the ante Friday, saying the company could overtake South Korean giant Samsung by late 2019. 上周五,华为消费品业务负责人余承东提高了赌注,称该公司可能在2019年底之前超过韩国巨头三星。 "The importance of Huawei overtaking Apple this quarter cannot be overstated," senior analyst Ben Stanton of Canalys wrote in a report on the latest sales data. 易观国际的高级分析师本•斯坦顿在一份有关最新销售数据的报告中写道:“华为在本季度超越苹果,这个重大意义举足轻重。” "Huawei's exclusion from the US has forced it to work harder in Asia and Europe to achieve its goals." “华为被排除在美国之外,迫使它在亚洲和欧洲更加发力,以实现自己的目标。” Based in the southern China tech hub of Shenzhen, Huawei had already been pushing into developing markets even before political pressure -- peaking this year with President Donald Trump's China trade war -- effectively slammed the US door shut. 总部位于中国南方科技中心深圳的华为,甚至在政治压力(今年随着美国总统唐纳德•特朗普的中国贸易战)达到顶峰,关上美国大门之前,就已经开始进军发展中市场了。 Huawei's exclusion stems in part from US distrust over Ren's earlier career as a Chinese military technologist and fears that Beijing could strong-arm its tech champions into aiding with espionage abroad. Huawei denies any government links. 华为被禁入美国市场,部分原因在于美国对任正非早年在中国从事军事技术工作而产生的不信任感,以及担心中国可能会强迫其技术人员在海外协助间谍活动。但华为否认与政府有任何联系。 In the meantime, Huawei has built up its business in more price-conscious markets, from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia, South Africa and even Europe. 与此同时,华为在印尼、沙特阿拉伯、南非、甚至欧洲等对价格更为敏感的市场上建立了自己的业务版图。 Analysts note that as those markets mature and customers graduate to higher end phones, they will already be in Huawei's ecosystem. 分析师指出,随着这些市场逐渐成熟,客户逐渐转向高端手机,他们将逐步进入华为的生态系统。 "If Apple and Samsung want to maintain their market position, they must make their portfolios more competitive," said Canalys's Stanton. 易观国际的斯坦顿表示:“如果苹果和三星希望保持自己的市场地位,他们必须让自己的产品更具竞争力。” Samsung shipped 71.5 million handsets for a 20.9 percent global market share in the second quarter, compared with Huawei's 54.2 million phones and 15.8 percent share. Apple sold 41.3 million iPhones for a 12.1 percent slice. 三星第二季的手机出货量为7,150万部,占全球市场份额的20.9%,而华为则为5,420万部,占全球市场份额的15.8%。苹果售出了4130万部手机,占据了12.1%的市场份额。 Huawei shipped 95 million units in the first half and is targeting 2018 sales of 200 million, a threshold crossed previously only by Samsung and Apple. 华为今年上半年的出货量为9,500万部,2018年目标销售额为2亿部,此前只有三星和苹果突破了这一门槛。 Further growth will keep Huawei firmly on the US security radar. 华为的进一步增长将使其被美国安全雷达牢牢锁定。 The Trump administration nearly killed Huawei's Chinese rival ZTE this year, imposing tough penalties for violating US sanctions by selling goods to Iran and North Korea. 特朗普政府今年差点灭了华为的中国竞争对手中兴通讯,美国对中兴违反美国制裁规定,向伊朗和朝鲜销售产品的行为实施了严厉的惩罚。 - The 5G challenge - - 5G挑战- The penalties, since lifted, would have deprived ZTE of US electronics components it desperately needs. Huawei, however, produces its own key components, giving the US less leverage. 这个处罚将使中兴失去其迫切需要的美国电子元件。然而,华为生产自己的关键部件,使美国对其的影响力较低。 But an industry sales slowdown and market saturation could limit its growth. 但行业销售放缓和市场饱和可能限制其增长。 IDC said 342 million smartphones were shipped worldwide in the second quarter, down 1.8 percent year-on-year and the third consecutive quarterly decline. 互联网数据中心称,第二季度全球智能手机出货量为3.42亿部,同比下降1.8%,连续第三个季度下滑。 In the long term, the lack of a US foothold will be an Achilles heel for Huawei, analysts said, and some market studies project Apple reclaiming the number two spot when new iPhone models are released later this year. 分析师表示,从长期来看,在美国市场缺乏立足点将是华为的致命弱点。一些市场研究预计,苹果将在今年晚些时候发布新款iPhone时夺回全球第二大市场。 "As you move upward, there are fewer competitors but the features, the challenges, the innovation, and the expectations grow," said Counterpoint's Pathak. Counterpoint的帕塔克表示:“当你越来越进步,竞争对手就会减少,但功能、挑战、创新和预期都在增长。” "That is something that Huawei, Apple and Samsung all need to capitalise on." “这是华为、苹果和三星都需要考虑的东西。” Huawei is already gearing up for the challenge. Its R&D spending grew 17 percent last year to $13.8 billion, putting the company in the same league as Samsung, Amazon and Google's parent Alphabet, while recent product launches in Europe have been increasingly glitzy. 华为已经准备好迎接挑战。该公司去年的研发支出增长了17%,达到138亿美元,与三星(Samsung)、亚马逊(Amazon)和谷歌的母公司Alphabet齐名,而华为最近在欧洲推出的产品也越来越耀眼。 Things like camera capabilities and how Huawei rises overall to that (5G) challenge will decide if it is among the Apples and Samsungs, but I think they belong," Pathak said. 帕塔克称,"诸如摄像头功能以及华为如何全面应对5G挑战等问题,将决定华为能否跻身苹果和三星同一梯队,但我认为华为会成功的。" 美国雅虎网站读者评论: 来源:三泰虎  译者:Joyceliu 外文:
I love my Huawei Mate 10 Pro! I bought my first Huawei phone (Mate 7) in Dubai 3 years ago and have been a loyal Huawei customer ever since. I'm never going back to Samsung or Apple. Huawei phones are awesome!
我爱我的华为Mate 10 Pro!三年前我在迪拜买了我的第一部手机(Mate 7),从那以后我就一直是华为的忠实客户。我再也不会再用三星或苹果了。华为手机太棒了!
Stick with Apple....
Safest phone in the world because they endured decade long scrutiny by several US spy agencies: NSA, FBI, CIA etc.
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