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Which is better, Huawei or Samsung? 华为VS三星,谁更好? main-qimg-a9d8b764763d456f771f99e772ae79c1-c.jpg quora读者评论: 来源:三泰虎 译者:Joyceliu 外文链接:https://www.quora.com/Which-is-better-Huawei-or-Samsung Zeeshan Shahid, Digital Media Enthusiast Samsung is best but now huawei is gradually improve their mobiles quality. i Like both now 三星是最好的,但现在华为正在逐步提高手机质量。现在我两个都喜欢 Shameem Adhikarath, former Blogger Based on features and price, here I suggest Huawei 基于功能和价格,我建议选华为 Naveen Kumar, ECE Mobile Technology & Mobile Phones, Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology (2019) Samsung is a leading company in smartphone market however huawei is also one of the best companies around the world. So your decision should be based on your pricing and specifications. 三星是智能手机市场的领头羊,而华为也是世界上最好的公司之一。所以你应该根据你的预算和要求来决定。 Abhishek Sasidharan, Bachelor of Technology Instrumentation Engineering, University of Calicut (2015) I prefer Samsung if you need premium a experience. For this premium experience you have to choose a phone above 20000inr. Below this price range you will not get a long lasting powerful device( most of the cheap phone use mediatech processor) 如果你需要一流的体验,我更建议选三星。你必须选择价格超过20000卢比的手机才能享受到这种一流体验。低于这个价格范围,你到手的设备没法用太久(大多数廉价手机使用的是mediatech处理器) I prefer a snapdragon samsung device. 我喜欢三星手机。 Zayne Seah, Technology Writer Samsung tends to have a more user friendly operating system and better materials. It's also faster usually. However, they are usually overpriced. 三星拥有更友好的操作系统和更好的材质。这通常会让手机运行速度更快。然而,它们通常定价过高。 Huawei tends to have cheaper phones that are good too, but they have processors that are slightly slower, though not by much. Price wise they are more value for money per se. 华为拥有价格更便宜、质量也不错的手机,但它们的处理器速度略慢一些,不过差别没有那么大。就价格而言,它们本身更物有所值。 Emily Walker It is hard to say, which manufacturer has better smartphones, as there are always advantages and disadvantages for each existing smartphone. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone and you can’t choose between Samsung or Huawei, it’s better to decide, which aspects are important for you. A budget device, but still looking like a premium smartphone? I would give my vote to Huawei here. For example, the Huawei P20 smartphone looks similar to iPhone X by featuring the notch on the top, but costs a lot cheaper than the iPhone. You want a device with the unique technology features? In this case I would give a point to Samsung. For example, the upcoming Galaxy S10 will have in-display fingerprint sensing technology, which lets users to touch any point on the display to authenticate with a fingerprint. For each person the winner between these two brands will be different as each of us has different needs while choosing a smartphone 很难说哪家制造商的智能手机更好,因为现有的每款智能手机都各有优缺点。如果你打算买一部新的智能手机,在三星或华为之间纠结,你最好想想哪些方面对你来来说更重要。价格便宜,但看起来仍像高级货的智能手机?我会投票给华为。例如,华为P20智能手机的顶部有一个凹槽,看起来和iPhone X很像,但价格却比iPhone便宜得多。你想要一个拥有独特技术特征的设备吗?在这种情况下,我会给三星加一分。例如,即将推出的Galaxy S10将采用内置指纹传感技术,用户可以触摸显示屏上的任何点,用指纹进行身份验证。对于每个人来说,这两个品牌谁是赢家,不一而定,因为我们每个人在选择智能手机时都有不同的诉求。 Vishal, Keen interest in Indian smarphones Huawei… 华为…… I would've said SAMSUNG but it isn't a company that looks India the same way it looks at other countries. For USA, S9+ launched with Snapdragon 845 chipset but for India Exynos 9810, which is a bit underpowered in comparison to SD 我应该说三星的,但它对龙8国际娱乐与对其他国家并不一致。对于美国来说,S9+与Snapdragon 845芯片组一起推出,而对于龙8国际娱乐则是Exynos 9810,与Snapdragon相比,它的运行速度有点慢 Jabir Al Saidi, Communication Engineer at Huawei (2015-present) I was use samsung S, S3, Note 4, and recently use mate 9. Samsung is better in the modification of android OS, but poor poor battery if you are hard mobile user and like to play in your phone l, install apps, root, etc. Also poor in design by plastic all the time . In mate 9 I feel the different in battery life, good hardware and design. 我用过三星S, S3, Note 4,最近用的是mate 9。三星在安卓操作系统的修改上做的比较好,但是如果你是重度手机玩家,喜欢在手机上玩游戏,安装app, root等等,那么三星的电池很差,同样差的还有它设计的塑料感。我感觉mate 9的电池寿命、硬件和设计都有所不同了。 Sudipto Roy, studied at Jahangirnagar University Both are best in their own uniqueness,but which will be better for you it depends on your demands. Ram,internal storage, processor, Chip set which you target to buy a smartphone that matters for choosing the best. 两者都有其独特之处,但哪一个对你更有利取决于你的需求。随机存取存储器,内部存储,处理器或是芯片设置,看哪个是吸引你购买智能手机的目标,重要的是选择最好的。 Amar Kumar Both companies provides great phones but huawei provides the best value for money phones. While most mid range phones from sumsung are not value for money, huawei is doing a great job here. 两家公司都有很棒的手机,但华为提供的是性价比最高的手机。虽然三星的大多数中档手机都不划算,华为在中档手机领域成绩不错。 If you have enough budget around 45k–60k and a true flagship killer phone fan then sumsung is there for you while huawei will done the same job for you without making an enough hole in your pocket. 如果你有足够的预算,达到45k-60k左右,是一个真正的旗舰杀手级手机粉丝,那么你就选三星,虽然华为也一样出色,还不那么烧钱。 In short, Samsung=only highend phones like note8, s8 简而言之, 三星=只有像note8, s8这样的高端手机值得买 Huawei=mid range as well as highend like p series and mate series. 华为=中档和高端,如p系列和mate系列。 There is no place for samsung's mid range phone except A8+. 除了A8+,三星的中档手机没有市场。 But you have a lot of choices from huawei. 但华为有很多选择。 Sudeep P H Hi.which phone is the best phone for you depends on you. 嗨。哪个手机最适合你,这取决于你自己。 Budget:- New and popular samsung phones are usually costly but if you are ready to pay,its worth it.Huawei phones comes in different rates,so depending upon ur budget and the specs you need you can buy the phone you want. 预算:新上市、时髦的三星手机通常很昂贵,但如果你准备好掏钱购买,它是值得的。华为手机有不同的等级,所以根据你的预算和规格,你来决定要买哪种手机。 OS:- If you compare both company phones depending on OS,i think Samsung is better.It will get updates more frequently than huawei phones. As fas as I know it has a few features including game launcher.On the other hand,huawei phoneshave more features and customisations.They also allow you to theme the phones so even if you dont like the huawei skin,you can theme it too make it look good.You get plenty of themes on play store . 2.操作系统:如果你根据操作系统比较两款公司的手机,我认为三星更好。这是因为它比华为手机的更新频率更高。据我所知,它有一些功能,包括游戏启动器。另一方面,华为手机有更多的功能和定制功能。它们还允许你为手机设定主题,所以即使你不喜欢华为的外壳,你也可以为它设定主题,让它看起来更漂亮。游戏商店里有很多主题。 Performance:-As Samsung phones are light skinned they are a bit faster than huawei phones with the same specs.Huawei phones wont be too bad though. So depending on what type of user you are you can choose which phone is better for you based on performance. 3.性能:由于三星手机的外壳很薄,它们的速度比华为手机快一些。不过,华为手机也并非太糟糕。因此,根据你是哪种类型的用户,你可以根据性能选择哪种手机更适合你。 4.Substratum theming:- Substratum theming and rooting samsung phones are far more difficult than huawei (or any other) phones.You can theme without root in huawei phones. 4.基础主题:三星手机的基础主题和根目录比华为(或任何其他)手机要难操作得多。在华为手机中,你可以不用root用户就可以进行主题设计。 So these are all the factors that you can use to see which phone is better for you. 这些都是你可以用来判断哪种手机更适合你的因素。 (I would buy a Huawei phone) (我会买华为手机) Jeff Obunga, Pricing & Commercial Expense Finance Analyst at Vauxhall Motors (2017-present) They are both decent manufacturers: 它们都是不错的制造商: If you want great build quality, premium materials, timely updates, customised OS, better camera and display, better battery life but all at a more premium price, then I suggest Samsung (i.e. Samsung Galaxy s7/edge, or wait for the upcoming s8/edge). 如果你想要高质量的机身,优质的材料,及时的更新,定制的操作系统,更好的摄像头和显示屏,更好的电池寿命,能接受更高的价格,那么我建议三星(即三星Galaxy s7/edge,或等待即将上市的s8/edge)。 If you want better value for money, good build quality, less bloatware, more simple design, more practical design, less features, then I suggest Huawei (i.e. Huawei P10). 如果你想要更物有所值,更好的构建质量,更少的臃肿软件,更简单的设计,更实用的设计,更少的功能,那么我建议华为(华为P10)。 I suggest you have a look at Oneplus.. By far one of the best mobile companies out there. Best value for money at the moment - Oneplus 3T. 我建议你看看Oneplus。到目前为止,这是最好的移动公司之一。目前性价比最高的产品就是—Oneplus 3T。 Aadhi, Content Creator at YouTube (2017-present) Samsung was among the first manufacturers and huawei is the company that recently got its name for the mobile phones they make. In terms of displays go Samsung is the king because they make the best display on any smartphone right now. Huawei devices are not much known on the past and with the Huawei mate 10 Pro and mate 10 the company got name among the premium smartphone market and right now they are making some really interesting phones. The p20 pro and p20 has the best DXO Mark score ever given to a smartphone. 三星是最早的手机制造商之一,而华为是最近因生产手机而得名的公司。就显示器而言,三星是王者,因为他们目前在所有智能手机上的显示器都是最好的。华为的设备在过去不太为人所知,而随着华为mate 10 Pro和mate 10的推出,该公司已经跻身高端智能手机市场,目前他们正在生产一些非常有趣的手机。p20 pro和p20的DXO评分是智能手机中最高的。 But I will only stick to Samsung devices only because the quality of the device and I love Samsung displays. 但我只会坚持使用三星的设备,因为它的质量好,而且我更喜欢三星的显示屏。 The recent huwaei phones comes with the notch and its not my taste. But all say its the future, but i love notchless screen. 最近的华为手机带有凹口,不符合我的品位。但都说这是未来趋势,但我更喜欢没有凹口的屏幕。 If you are if you are on the premium market I will say to go for Samsung or it will comes to personal preference the belief in brand. 如果你喜欢高端市场的手机,我会建议选择三星,这可能出于个人偏好,或对品牌的信念。 if you are on a budget, you have different options. Huawei phones provide more specs for the less money and Samsung provides more quality for the money you pay 如果你预算有限,你有不同的选择。华为手机以更低的成本提供更高的规格,而三星手机会为你支付的费用提供更高的质量 Atreya Viswanathan, Technology + Badminton + Mathematics Although I am slightly biased, I prefer Huawei over Samsung, and I always have. For example, if we take a look at the S8, it was unnaturally expensive back when it was just released, and now it has been reduced by over $300 over time. By doing this, Samsung is taking advantage of that initial hype to just get your hands on it, no matter how much it costs. Huawei does not do this, and although prices do go down after a while, it's never this drastic. 虽然我有一点偏见,但我更喜欢华为而不是三星,而且我一直都是这样。例如,如果我们看一下S8,它在刚发布的时候是非常昂贵的,而现在随着时间的推移,它已经降价300多美元了。三星通过这种做法进行刚上市的炒作,让你不管成本有多高,你都要拥有它。华为不会这样做,虽然价格确实会在一段时间后下降,但也没有这么明显。 Moreover, I prefer Huawei over Samsung in terms of user interface, camera, positioning of fingerprint scanner (of course) and battery experience. 此外,在用户界面、摄像头、指纹扫描仪的定位(当然)和电池体验方面,我更喜欢华为而不是三星。 I've always found Samsung's TouchWiz a bit cartoony, unlike the much more professional Emotion UI 8.0 on the Huawei Mate 10 pro. 我一直觉得三星的TouchWiz有点卡通,不像华为Mate 10 pro上装配的ui8.0那么专业。 The dual camera setup on the Mate 10 pro is impressive, after partnering with Leica, and offers several other fun features along with it. 在与徕卡合作之后,Mate 10 pro上的双摄像头设置令人印象深刻,同时还提供了其他一些有趣的功能。 The fingerprint scanner is positioned perfectly, and works so much faster and more accurately than that of the S8. Any Huawei phone with a fingerprint scanner also supports those helpful gestures for a nicer one handed user experience. 指纹扫描仪定位完美,比S8更快更准确。任何带有指纹扫描仪的华为手机都支持这些手势以获得更好的用户体验。 The Mate 10 pro packs a massive 4000mah battery inside, that'll easily provide you with a day of heavy usage. Not to mention quick charging works extremely fast, giving you a full charge within 1 hour and 30 minutes. Mate 10 pro内置了一个4000mah的大电池,可以很轻松地为你提供一天的频繁使用。更不用说快速充电了,它能在1小时30分钟内充满电。 Hope you agree with me! 希望你认同我的看法! Gregg Thomas I've have owned several of Samsung's flagship phones (and several HTC's). But for a change I've just bought my first Huawei (mate 10 pro). Here are my thoughts - 我已经拥有了三星的几款旗舰手机(以及HTC的几款手机)。但为了换个口味,我刚刚买了我的第一个华为(mate 10 pro)。以下是我的感受 Samsung phones are overpriced with a better reputation than they deserve. They are in no way bad phones, but they have always come across as average in my opinion, (particularly with the user interface). They appear far more glitchy than other premium manufacturers and seem to suffer some slow down at an earlier point. I've also found that their phones look like they're 2 years old after 6 months. 三星手机定价过高,其声誉也超出了应有水平。在我看来,它们绝不是糟糕的手机,但在我看来,它们总是表现得很普通(尤其是在用户界面方面)。与其他高端制造商相比,它们总爱出点小故障,似乎更快出现速度变慢的情况。我还发现他们的手机6个月后看起来就像已经用了2年那么久。 Now then, I've had my Huawei mate 10 pro for about a month. And it's a very impressive phone and probably more practical in everyday use compared to Samsung's. It also has a trick up it's sleeve that prevents slow down that happens over a period of time. And as for the battery life, it blows Samsung out of the water. Camera set up is a major plus for Huawei as they team up with Leica to give you a photography experience that's more like a dedicated digital camera compared to other smartphone manufacturers. 现在,我的华为mate 10 pro已经使用了1个月了。这是一款令人印象深刻的手机,可能比三星的更实用。它还有一个防止手机在一段时间内慢下来的功能。至于电池续航时间,它远胜三星。对华为来说,相机的设置是一个重要的加分点,因为他们与徕卡合作,为你提供了一种与其他智能手机制造商相比更像是专用数码相机的摄影体验。 Huawei phones are also priced way more reasonably than Samsung's. 华为手机的定价也比三星手机合理得多。 So as you see, in my opinion Huawei is the better choice. They're tougher phones that seem to work better in everyday use - along with better customer support and better pricing, I'd be picking Huawei over Samsung all day long !! 所以正如你看到的,在我看来华为是更好的选择。它们是更皮实的手机,似乎在日常使用中更好用——加上更好的客户支持和合理的定价,我以后都会挑选华为而非三星!! Hristo Samandjiev, works at Serpact - SEO Agency Until now, I have used Huawei and Samsung, but Huaayi's impressions are better. 到目前为止,我用过华为和三星,但华为给我的印象更好。 Rajeeva HN, Team Leader at Mylan Pharmaceuticals Ltd (2014-present) I have used Samsung On max and now I am using Huawei Honor 7x and I feel Huawei is best than Samsung in all aspects. 我用过三星On max,现在用的是华为Honor 7x,我觉得华为在各个方面都比三星出色。 Carson Pennington, former Cook/cashier at Taco Bell (2017) I wouldn’t say one brand is better the the other, it depends on what devices you are comparing. 我不会说一个品牌比另一个更好,这取决于你在比较什么设备。 Mehmood Memon, Software Engineer at Contour Software Ltd (2017-present) Overall, Samsung is better. Specially upper mid-range and high-end phones. But if you go for budget or mid-range phones, huawei has better phones than samsung. 总的来说,三星是更好。特别是在中高档手机领域。但如果你买的是经济型或中档手机,华为的手机要比三星好。 Poonam Pandey Observing to rating of previous years of mobile world Congress Samsung is better than Huawei. It is worth better than apple or Microsoft. 观察前几年的世界移动通信大会,三星的评分比华为好。它比苹果或微软更有价值。 M JaRrar Haider Hell huaweis the best in every aspect. I've been using them over and over. I had a5 which irritated me a lot. After that u was recommended huawei. It changed my life. A lot more in budget. More convenient in sensors camera user interface every thing I've just become a fan and do a mistake of buying Samsung they had just got famous for the brand name nothing else 华为在每个方面都是最棒的。我一直用的就是华为。我用过a5,这让我很恼火。后来我经人推荐换用华为。它改变了我的生活。价格便宜很多。更方便的传感器、摄像头、用户界面,所有的一切都把我变成了粉丝。我买三星就是个错误,他们只是因为这个品牌比较出名而已,其他啥都不是 Talhah Peerbhai Samsung is more expensive and seen as more premium. My take is Samsung. This is personal preference though and it depends on how you would like your phone. 三星更贵,也被视为更高级。我用的是三星。这是我个人的喜好,这取决于你想要什么样的手机。 Alan Spicer, Owner (2003-present) I don't think you can get a Huawei in the U.S. I think their routers don't have the bands the U.S. ones have. Made for Euro / Asian market. I never had a Samsung phone but a lot of friends have them and seem to be happy with them. I have 2 TV / Monitors Samsung ... few years old and still going strong. 我不认为在美国可以买到华为,我认为他们的路由器没有美国的频带。只适用于欧洲/亚洲市场。我从未用过三星手机,但很多朋友都用过,而且似乎对它们很满意。我有2台电视/显示器三星…用了好几年了,还很好呢。
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