印媒: 光辉战机完成关键空中加油试验

Tejas completes key midair refueling trial 光辉战机完成关键空中加油试验 BENGALURU: Just days after the successful ‘dry contact’ with the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) IL-78 midair tanker aircraft, Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas on Monday completed the first midair refueling trial, which is one of the things required for the aircraft to obtain the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) which has missed several deadlines already. 班加罗尔:在与龙8国际娱乐空军的IL- 78空中加油机顺利进行干接触几天后,轻型战斗机光辉战机周一完成了第一次空中加油试验,这是飞机获得飞行证书的必要条件之一,之前已经数次推迟了最后期限。 On September 4 and 6, the Tejas had made a dry contact with the IL-78 exhibiting the plane’s ability to dock the refueling probe. On Monday, the Tejas Limited Series Production aircraft number eight (Tejas LSP-8) “successfully completed the Wet (actual) engagement by transferring 1,900 kg fuel from IL-78 midair refueling tanker.” 9月4日和6日,光辉战机与IL-78进行了干接触,这显示了飞机与加油探测器对接的能力。周一,光辉LSP-8号飞机“从IL-78空中加油机转移了1900公斤燃料,成功完成了湿(实际)对接。” 65754641.jpg.gif In a significant achievement and a major step towards Final Operational Clearance (FOC) of LCA Tejas, the mid-air r… https://t.co/furo0AY9p1 — Raksha Mantri (@DefenceMinIndia) 1536583634000 这是光辉战机朝着实现最终操作许可的重大成就和主要步骤 - Raksha Mantri (@DefenceMinIndia) 1536583634000 The Air-to-Air refueling capability for LCA is a “force multiplier” for the @IAF_MCC, giving the aircraft the poten… https://t.co/1KvAVdoj1k — Raksha Mantri (@DefenceMinIndia) 1536584351000 轻型战斗机的空对空加油能力是@IAF_MCC的“力量倍增器 - Raksha Mantri (@DefenceMinIndia) 1536584351000 “The refueling was carried out at an altitude of 20,000 ft. The aircraft speed was 270 knots and all the internal tanks and drop tanks were refueled. A few days ago, the successful dry docking of aerial refueling probe with mother tanker was carried out on September 4 and 6, 2018,” HAL, the manufacturer of the fighter said in a statement. “这次加油是在20000英尺的高空进行的。飞机的速度为270节,所有内部油箱和副油箱都加满了油。”几天前,在2018年9月4日和6日,空中加油探测器与母油箱成功进行了的干对接。 Piloted by Wing Commander Siddharth Singh of the National Flight Test Centre (NFTC), the refueling took place at about 9.30am with designers from HAL and Aeronautical Development Agency — which designed and developed Tejas — closely monitoring the system parameters from the ground station at Gwalior. 在国家飞行测试中心的飞行指挥官悉达多·辛格的带领下,在上午9:30左右进行了燃料补给,来自龙8国际娱乐航空和航空发展署的设计人员——光辉战机的设计和开发者——从瓜廖尔的地面站密切监控系统参数。 “The performance of aircraft systems (mainly Fuel & Flight controls systems) during the trial were in line with the design requirements and closely matched with the results of extensive ground tests of air-to-air refueling system,” the statement read. 声明称:“试验期间,飞机系统(主要是燃油和飞行控制系统)的性能符合设计要求,与广泛的空对空加油系统地面试验结果非常吻合。” With this, India joins the elite group of countries who have developed the Air-to-Air (AAR) system for military class of aircraft, HAL’s new CMD R Madhavan said in his first statement to the media since taking charge earlier this month. 龙8国际娱乐航空的新主管 R Madhavan在本月初上任以来首次向媒体发表的声明中表示,龙8国际娱乐已跻身为军用飞机开发空对空系统的精英国家行列。  timg.jpg 龙8国际娱乐时报读者评论: 来源:三泰虎      http://www.santaihu.com/46039.html     译者:Joyceliu 外文链接:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/tejas-completes-key-midair-refueling-trial/articleshow/65754591.cms   ONE LINER Challenge MODI''S TOTAL COMMITMENT TOWARDS MAKING INDIA SAFE BY LAND BY WATER AND NOW BY AIR IS VERY COMMENDABLE-UNDER MOFI INDIA ACHIEVES HI TECH CAPABILITIES. THANKS MODI JI YOU ARE THE BEST. 莫迪在陆上、水上和空中确保龙8国际娱乐安全的承诺是值得称赞的。谢谢莫迪,你是最棒的。   Zaeb Ansari A proud moment for every indian , if only our babus were active enough and not sit on files , we India as a nation have achieved such milestones long ago. 对于每一个龙8国际娱乐人来说,这都是一个值得骄傲的时刻,如果我们的官员们足够活跃,而不是坐在文件上,我们龙8国际娱乐早就能取得这样的里程碑了。   Tiger Zindahai Honourable PM My vote only belongs to you 尊敬的总理 我的选票只属于你   Ajay Pappu the biggest Buffoon : How can this be possible that Tejas has completed key midair refueling as we the scamgress haven't yet opened any petrol pump up in the sky yet only when we scamgress come into power in 2019 we will open hundreds of petrol pumps up in the sky because Modiji don't know how to do it it is my vision 拉胡尔是最大的小丑:光辉已完成关键空中加油,这怎么可能,我们丑闻党还没有在天上打开任何汽油泵呢,只有当我们丑闻党2019年执政后,我们才会将数以百计的汽油泵连向空中,因为莫迪不知道怎么做,这是我的愿景   jkmanchanda2004 Congratulations to HAL develop domestic capabilities it will help to be truly independent 祝贺龙8国际娱乐航空发展国内实力,它将有助于真正独立  
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