美媒: 华为即将推出可折叠智能手机, 可取代电脑

Huawei CEO says his upcoming foldable smartphone could replace a computer 华为CEO表示,华为即将推出的可折叠智能手机能取代电脑   Just a few weeks ago, we learned that Huawei is ready to challenge Samsung in the race to launch the world’s first foldable smartphone. Samsung has been teasing its foldable Galaxy F for years, while reports continued to detail its design and features but kept pushing back its launch since development was tricky. More recently, Samsung said that some of the technology behind the foldable phone may be unveiled as soon as November. 就在几周前,我们得知华为准备挑战三星,推出全球首款可折叠智能手机。三星多年来一直在着手其可折叠Galaxy F,而相关报道也在继续详细介绍其设计和功能,但由于开发难度较大,其发布一直在推迟。最近,三星表示,可折叠手机背后的一些技术最早可在11月份公布。 Samsung likely doesn’t want to be outdone by the Chinese smartphone maker, which is already threatening its smartphone market dominance. But while Huawei’s device hasn’t been featured in leaks as much as Samsung’s, Huawei CEO Richard Yu recently teased the phone in a wide-ranging interview with German news site Die Welt. 三星可能不想被华为超越,后者已经威胁到其在智能手机市场的主导地位。不过,尽管华为手机不像三星那样经常出现漏洞,但华为CEO余承东最近在接受德国新闻网站《世界报》采访时调侃了这款手机。 “Why are you still using a computer?” Yu asked while answering a question about future mobile innovations. “Probably because the smartphone display is too small for you. We will change that. It is conceivable that a display can be folded out.” “你为什么还在使用电脑?”余承东在回答有关未来移动创新的问题时问道,“可能是因为智能手机的屏幕太小了。我们将改变这一点,让屏幕可以折叠起来。“ The exec also said that Huawei is working on the phone already, and that you won’t have to wait another year to see it. He did not reveal actual launch details for the phone. But his interview did reveal other features that we’ll probably see on the foldable handset, as well as plenty of other Huawei devices in the year to come, including 5G and better AI features. 余承东还表示,华为已经在研发这款手机,有望在一年内推出。他没有透露这款手机的具体发布细节。但他在采访中确实揭示了可能会在这款可折叠手机以及华为在未来一年推出的许多其他设备上看到的一些功能,包括5G网络支持和更好的AI功能。 In Yu’s opinion, “the smartphone comes after the smartphone,” suggesting we won’t see a replacement soon. “It is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of users,” he said. “There is no device that is more personal. It will be the key, whether at work, in private life, when paying or entertainment. And with Artificial Intelligence it gets even smarter.” 在余承东看来,“智能手机在用户的生活中扮演着越来越重要的角色,而这款可折叠手机是智能手机中的智能手机。这是最具个性的一款产品,不管是工作还是娱乐,这款设备都能有出色表现。且在人工智能的加持下,它将变得更加智能” According to Yu, AI will bring over additional features beyond the camera and images. Yu says that AI will help with AR creation as well as real-time language translation. That’s thanks to powerful new chips that include support for AI features — as a reminder, Huawei just unveiled the Kirin 980 platform. 据余承东的说法,人工智能将带来相机和图像之外的附加功能。余承东表示,人工智能将有助于AR的创建以及实时语言翻译。这要归功于强大的新芯片,其中包括对人工智能功能的支持。在次提醒,华为刚刚发布了麒麟980芯片。 5G will also play a role in the evolution of the smartphone, Yu said. “We’re going to see more of an evolution than a revolution when it comes to the devices. The user will definitely have more fun. We had just talked about real-time translations. They will also be possible because conversations can be sent to the cloud and back at lightning speed with very short response times.” 余承东表示,5G技术也将在智能手机的发展中发挥作用。就设备而言,我们将看到更多的是进化而非革命。用户肯定会有更多的乐趣。我们刚刚讨论了实时翻译,这也将可能实现,因为对话可以在非常短的时间发送到云端,并在处理完后以极快的速度返回。 Huawei will unveil the Mate 20 Pro on October 16th, which would be the perfect time to provide more details about its foldable phone plans, if Huawei wants to beat Samsung’s upcoming announcement. 华为将于10月16日发布Mate 20 Pro,如果华为想要击败三星即将到来的发布,这将是提供其可折叠手机计划更多细节的最佳时机。   美国雅虎读者评论: 来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46059.html   译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://finance.yahoo.com/news/huawei-ceo-says-upcoming-foldable-smartphone-could-replace-020210881.html
rintra21 hours ago Really?! Even 10 inch tablet is too small to do anything interesting. I use dual monitor and even that's not enough for my project. 真的吗? !即使是10英寸的平板电脑也太小了,做不了啥有趣的事儿。就连双显示器我都不觉不够用。   Justin21 hours ago I can do cad designing and gaming on my phone? Might be possible but I doubt it. For most people it can replace a computer however. 我可以在手机上做CAD设计,打游戏吗?这也许是可能的,但我仍对此表示怀疑。然而,对大多数人来说,它确实可以取代电脑。
LIBERTY 121 hours ago Finally Huawei is making fastest and better phone than Apple including watches to match all at fraction of Apple and Samsung price. Rhetoric on spying is all false news published by media owned by big corporations that don't like Chinese competition. 华为正在制造比苹果更快、更好的手机,其中包括手表,其价格与苹果和三星的价格相差无几。那些讨厌中国竞争对手的大公司旗下媒体发表的关于间谍的言论都是虚假新闻。
Denis11 hours ago When the US cannot longer compete with Chinese companies in technology, the US does what it does the best, blocks Chinese products from entering the US market so it does lost its market share. This is all the so-called most advanced and powerful country can do 当美国无法在科技领域与中国企业竞争时,美国就会竭尽全力,阻止中国产品进入美国市场,从而使其失去市场份额。这就是所谓最先进、最强大的国家所能做的。
Someone20 hours ago Over time, I expect phones to essentially turn into portable computers where you can work on the phone itself when needed, but you can also easily (probably with one wire) plug them into workstation that's essentially a desktop type setup, with a real keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Once you do, it'll work essentially like a desktop computer, but you'll be able to easily unplug it and move to another workstation. 随着时间的推移,我估计手机本质上会变成便携式电脑,必要时你可以在手机上工作,但你也可以轻松(可能用一根线)把它们连接到工作站,这本质上是一个台式机装置,有真正的键盘、显示器和鼠标。一旦你这样做了,你的手机基本上就会像一台台式电脑一样工作,但你可以将手机拔出并连接到另一台工作站。
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