英媒: 西方的统治时代是否正让位于中国和龙8国际娱乐

Is the West's era of dominance slipping away to China and India? 西方的统治时代是否正让位于中国和龙8国际娱乐   Brace for a shattering shock. Westerners will discover within a generation that the fleeting 200-year era of Euro-American dominance is over. 准备好遭受毁灭性的打击。西方人在一代人的时间内就会发现,欧美主导世界的短暂200年的时代已经结束。 “The Asians are coming back and the chemistry of the 21st century will be completely different. You will have to make choices,” said Kishore Mahbubani, the prophet of Eastern ascendancy and Singapore’s former UN ambassador. The rules of the world order will be set in the East. International law will mutate. The financial institutions and global trading structure will be run by China and India. Westerners will have to adapt, nolens volens, to the Confucian-Hindu way of doing things. 东方崛起的预言家和新加坡驻联合国前大使马凯硕称:“亚洲人正在回归舞台,21世纪将完全不同。你将不得不做出选择。”世界秩序的规则将由东方制定。国际法将发生变异。金融机构和全球贸易结构将由中国和龙8国际娱乐管理。西方人不论是否同意,将不得不适应,接受儒家和龙8国际娱乐教的做事方式。 9d9e0d8fgy1fvdlilnj2zj21hc0xch19.jpg 英国每日电讯报网站读者评论: 来源:三泰虎      http://www.santaihu.com/46079.html     译者:Joyceliu   Chris Hindle 12 Sep 2018 3:04PM Is the West's era of dominance slipping away to China and India? Yes! And it is all self-inflicted too!!! Good old neo-liberalism !! It is neither new,  nor is it liberal (unless you are a member of the 1% ) 西方的统治时代是否正让位于中国和龙8国际娱乐? 是的! 这都是自己造成的!!! 新自由主义!!它既不新,也不自由(除非你是那1%的人之一)   richard baker 11 Sep 2018 10:06PM Where have you been Ambrose, that happened about the same time the Indians took over the Royal Enfield factory. 你哪儿去了?Ambrose,龙8国际娱乐人接管皇家恩菲尔德工厂时就已经发生了。   T Thirkell 11 Sep 2018 2:55PM Rather too many threads of thought knit together here Ambrose.  Your caricature of Brexit as a beacon of democracy is odd as the vote has split the country and the Tory party, and was an abnegation of our parliamentary democracy.  I agree though that China may do a Japan and stick where it is now for decades. Singapore is a bad example as it is indeed a tiny city state, not a great country like Britain.  Ambrose while brilliant is has become over verbose of late; and pumps rather eccentric opinions! Ambrose,很多思绪在这里交织。你把英国退欧描绘成皿煮的灯塔,这很奇怪,因为公投分裂了英国和保守党,是对我们议会皿煮的否定。尽管如此,我同意中国可能会成为日本,并坚持几十年。新加坡是一个糟糕的例子,因为它确实是一个小城市国家,而不是像英国那样的大国。Ambrose虽然才华横溢,但近来却变得过于啰嗦,总是提出相当古怪的意见!   Greg Heys 11 Sep 2018 6:44AM I'm more persuaded by theories of global collapse than I am of global Chinese hegemony. The Chinese are taking too long and pumping out too much CO2 to win before the collapse overtakes the world. 我更相信全球崩溃的理论,而不是中国霸权的理论。 中国花费的时间太长,排放的二氧化碳太多,要想在世界经济崩溃之前取得胜利是不可能的。   Frank Yeo 12 Sep 2018 2:45AM Mystified. What are you blighter ING on about? If you are railing about the yellow threat forget it. It is breathing its last breath. Rip. China never sailed anywhere near any of your lily White countries. But Japan has but you are ready to forget that. 我很迷惑。你在说什么?如果你在抱怨黄种人威胁,那就忘了它吧。它已经苟延残喘了。安息吧。中国从来没有逼近过你们任何一个纯白种人的国家。但日本人这样干过,只是你们都已经忘记了。   Rg Rg 11 Sep 2018 3:15AM Don't be ridiculous, by staying in the EU will will be immune from risky global currents and be able to prosper like a liebe dorf in der nahe vom Germania. 别傻了,留在欧盟就能免受全球危机的影响,就能繁荣昌盛。   Frank Yeo 11 Sep 2018 12:03AM I'm astounded at how you all hallucinate about china. It seems all your troubles stemmed from China. I can't for crissakes understand why you took all that trouble to go to China for. Sounds like you would have been better off staying home. All that trading in opium brought you nothing. 你们都对中国产生了幻觉,我很惊讶。看来你所有的麻烦都来自中国。看在上帝的份上,我不明白你这么费劲巴拉地去中国干嘛。听起来你最好呆在家里。鸦片交易没给你们带来过什么。   You AndtheHorseyourodeinon 11 Sep 2018 12:55AM @Frank Yeo  "The fact is China was about half of the world gdp up till the coming of Macartney and has always been ahead of the west for all of History leaving out a couple hundred years. Who can that it won't be again in the next hundred years." But aside from the polticial poison and shipping their knock-offs to us, what have they done for us lately? @Frank Yeo“事实上,在Macartney出现之前,中国的GDP约占世界GDP的一半,在整个历史长河中,除了其中几百年时间外,中国一直领先于西方。谁能保证这种情况不会在未来一百年里再次出现? 但是,除了政治毒物和把他们的仿制品卖给我们之外,他们最近还为我们做了什么呢?  
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