英媒: 中国一大楼与生殖器相似,遭网民嘲讽

Chinese skyscraper which 'looks like a penis and testicles' is mocked online before it opens – with one suggestive viral video showing fake fireworks erupting from the roof 中国一摩天大楼“看起来像阴茎和睾丸”,开放前在网上遭到嘲讽。一段有暗示性 的伪造视频在网上疯传,显示“假烟花”从楼顶喷出 A controversial building in China, which has been slammed by locals for 'looking like a penis', has become the unlikely star of a fake viral video purporting to show fireworks firing out of its roof. 在中国,一座有争议的建筑因“看起来像阴茎”而遭到当地人的猛烈抨击。在一段疯传视频中,这座建筑却出人意料地成了明星,视频显示楼顶在喷放烟花。 The Guangxi New Media Centre, located in the autonomous region of Guangxi in south-eastern China, has taken nearly two years to build. 这座大楼是“广西新媒体中心”,位于中国东南部的广西自治区,历时近两年才建成。 But locals in the Chinese province, on the border with Vietnam, have been less than impressed with the design of the structure. 但在这个与越南接壤的中国省份,当地人对这座建筑的设计并不满意。 One social media user in China was so outraged by the design, they released a heavily edited video showing a bright spray of fireworks being shot from the top. 中国一位社交媒体用户对这一设计感到非常愤怒,于是发布了一段经过大量编辑的视频,显示从楼顶喷射出了耀眼的烟花。 In the video footage, which was posted by a user two days ago onto Douyin, a popular video sharing platform in China, aerial shots of the illuminated building at night clearly show its resemblance to male genitalia. 两天前,一名用户将这段视频上传到了中国颇受欢迎的视频分享平台——抖音。在视频中,从空中拍摄到的这幢大楼夜间灯火通明,清晰地显示出它与男性生殖器的相似之处。 The clip shows the building lit up with pulsating pink colours which turn blue as heart shapes explode in the night sky. 在这段视频中,大楼被闪烁着的粉色亮光所点亮,当心形焰火在夜空中爆炸时则变成了蓝色。 In the post, the user named ‘He Er Bu Tong’ said that the building looked ‘ridiculous’ when it was accompanied by the fireworks and the background music. 这位网名为“和而不同”的用户称,在烟花和背景音乐的衬托下,这栋建筑看起来“很可笑”。 The 14-second clip quickly went viral on various Chinese social media platforms and across the globe - attracting even more ridicule over the design. 这段时长14秒的视频在中国各大社交媒体平台上迅速走红,并在全球传播。 One user wrote on Douyin: ‘The building will surely become famous.’ And another said: 'How creative!' 一位抖音用户写道:“这座建筑肯定会出名”。另一位用户写到:“太有创意了!” 1-creative.jpg Commenting on the viral firework video, a spokesperson from the Guangxi Broadcasting and Television Network Company confirmed the video was fake. 广西广播电视公司的一名发言人在评论这段广为流传的烟花视频时证实,这段视频是伪造的。 The spokesperson told Chinese viral video website Pear Video that the firework scene was computer generated and it had been done by web users. 这位发言人告诉中国热门视频网站-梨视频,烟花是网民用电脑制作的。 ‘We turned on the lights on the façade of the building and it showed the image of a moon. Some (web users) photo-shopped extra lights, others photo-shopped fireworks and fountains onto it. All sorts of things.’ “我们只是打开了建筑外立面的灯,显示了月亮图像。一些(网络用户)在上面P了其它灯光,另一些人则在上面P了喷涌而出的烟花。” The spokesperson said fireworks were not allowed on top of the building, adding that the structure was still under construction. 这位发言人说,建筑顶部不允许燃放烟花,并补充说该建筑仍在施工中。 Although the phallic structure has been widely mocked, reports said that the architects' intention was to base it on the terraced landscapes that the provinces of Guangxi and Yunnan are famous for. 尽管“阳具”造型受到了广泛的嘲笑,但有报道称,建筑师的的设计灵感来源于广西和云南省有名的梯田景观。 It is not the first building to be erected in China which has been likened to a phallus - however. A structure in Beijing, used as the headquarters of newspaper People's Daily, received the Golden award in an architecture competition. But it was widely criticised by locals during its construction as scaffolding appearing near the top of the building appeared to be very awkwardly placed. The 33-storey tower was completed in 2015 after four years of construction and eventually ended up looking 然而,它并不是中国第一座被比作阴茎的建筑。位于北京的人民日报总部,在一次建筑竞赛中获得了金奖。但在建造过程中,它受到了当地人的广泛批评,因为出现在建筑顶部附近的脚手架似乎放置得非常尴尬。经过4年的建设,这座33层的大厦于2015年竣工。 英国每日邮报读者评论: 来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46144.html   译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6206413/Chinese-skyscraper-looks-like-penis-mocked-online-opens-viral-video.html
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