英媒: 美国纪录片模拟MH370坠机画面,飞机“死亡螺旋”后一头扎进海

Doomed MH370's DEATH SPIRAL: Terrifying final moments of missing flight are reconstructed in documentary claiming it plunged uncontrollably into the sea when it ran out of fuel MH370的“死亡螺旋”:纪录片重现失踪航班的可怕时刻,飞机在耗尽燃料后失控坠入大海 1.jpg The last moments of flight MH370 have been reconstructed for a TV documentary which shows the plane spiralling out of control and smashing into the sea. 电视纪录片重现MH370航班的最后时刻,显示飞机急剧失控后坠入大海。 Investigators have said the plane almost certainly ran out of fuel after flying in the wrong direction over the Indian Ocean for six hours on March 8, 2014. 调查人员表示,2014年3月8日,这架飞机在龙8国际娱乐洋上空朝错误方向飞行了6个小时后,几乎可以肯定燃料耗尽。 Now, in a bid to recreate the flight's final moments, National Geographic show Drain The Oceans has simulated what happens when a Boeing 777 runs out of fuel. 为了重现飞行的最后时刻,《国家地理》节目展示了一架波音777耗尽燃料后的情景。 Engineers on the show said the right engine would have capitulated first, meaning the autopilot would have lurched the plane to the left to compensate. 参加节目的工程师表示,右边的引擎会先失灵,这意味着自动驾驶仪会让飞机向左倾斜以做出补偿。 Then the left engine would have stopped working two minutes later and, once the autopilot failed, the plane would have plunged into a 'death spiral' before a high-impact smash would have killed all 249 on board. 两分钟后,左边的引擎就会停止工作,一旦自动驾驶仪失灵,飞机就会陷入“死亡螺旋”,然后发生高冲击力的撞击,导致机上249人全部遇难。 1-board.jpg The disappearance of MH370, which went massively off course while heading to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur, is one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. MH370在从吉隆坡飞往北京的途中严重偏离航线,其失踪是航空史上最大的谜团之一。 Although some debris from the plane has been found off the coast of Africa, no part of the main body has been discovered despite a 46,000-square mile search of the Indian Ocean. 虽然在非洲海岸附近发现了一些飞机残骸,但尽管对龙8国际娱乐洋展开了4.6万平方英里的搜索,仍未发现飞机的主体部分。 The documentary, which airs on Thursday, highlights how nobody knows why the plane disappeared. 周四播出的这部纪录片强调了没有人知道飞机为何会失踪。 Captain John Cox, CEO of Washington-based aviation body Safety Operating Systems, says on the show: 'Initially, when the plane made a turn without talking to air traffic control in my mind all bets were off. 'It could be a terrorist event, it could be a deliberate act by a crew member, it could be a mass failure in the electrical system.' 位于华盛顿的航空机构-安全操作系统顾问公司的CEO约翰·考克斯机长在节目中表示:“最初,当飞机在没有与空中交通管制沟通的情况下转弯时,我以为一切都完了。这可能是一起恐怖事件,也可能是机组人员的蓄意行为,也可能是电力系统的大规模故障。” In July 2015, a wing part known as a flaperon was found on Reunion Island, east of Madagascar. Since then, 27 pieces of debris have been found. 2015年7月,在马达加斯加东部的留尼汪岛发现了一块襟副翼。至那以后,已经找到了27块碎片。 One of the pieces was a TV monitor, found by amateur wreckage hunter Blaine Gibson. He says on the show: 'This is the one find that brought tears to my eyes. 'This is perhaps the last thing that somebody saw, this is what anyone who flies on a plane would recognise.' 其中一块是业余残骸搜寻家布莱恩·吉布森发现的电视监视器。他在节目中说:“这个发现让我热泪盈眶。这可能是人们看到的最后一件东西,任何做过飞机的人都能认出的东西。” Last month, Malaysia's civil aviation chief quit after a report found failings in air traffic control - as victims' relatives claimed officials were covering up what really happened to the plane. 上月,马来西亚民航局局长辞职,原因是一份报告显示空中交通管制方面的失误——遇难者亲属称,官员掩盖了飞机失事的真实情况。 Voice 370, a group of victims' families, accused Boeing and the Malaysia Government of withholding flight data and criticised the report for ruling out murder suicide by the chief pilot, Captain Zaharie Shah. 受害者家属组织“Voice 370”,指控波音公司和马来西亚政府隐瞒飞行数据,并抨击这份报告排除了机长扎哈里·沙阿的谋杀和自杀行为。 Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director-general of the Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation, resigned after investigators found numerous lapses by air traffic controllers in both Malaysia and Vietnam. 在调查人员发现马来西亚和越南的空中交通管制人员有许多失误后,马来西亚民航局局长阿兹哈鲁丁•阿卜杜勒•拉赫曼辞职。 These included failing to initiate 'emergency phases' as required after the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing vanished from radar displays. 失误包括,在从吉隆坡飞往北京的航班从雷达显示屏上消失后,未能按照要求启动“紧急状态”。 Rahman said the long-awaited, 400-page report released on July 30 found that the air traffic control did not comply with standard operating procedures. 拉赫曼表示,7月30日公布的这份期待已久的长达400页的报告发现,空中交通管制没有遵守标准的操作程序。 'Therefore, it is with regret and after much thought and contemplation that I have decided to resign as the chairman of Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia effective fourteen (14) days from the date of the resignation notice which I have served today,' he said in a statement. 他在一份声明中表示:“非常遗憾,经过深思熟虑后,我已决定辞去马来西亚民航局主席一职,我今天发出辞职通知之日起14天内生效。” In the report, investigators said they still do not know why the plane vanished. 调查人员在报告中说,他们仍然不知道飞机为何会消失。 They did, however, raise the possibility that the jet may have been hijacked even though there was no conclusive evidence of why the plane went off course and flew for over seven hours after severing communications. 然而,他们确实提出了飞机可能被劫持的可能性,尽管没有确凿的证据证明飞机在切断通信后偏离航线飞行了7个多小时。 They said the course of the Malaysia Airlines aircraft had been changed manually, and refused to rule out that someone other than the pilots had diverted the jet. 调查人员称,MH370的航线是人工更改的,并不排除飞行员以外的其他人更改了飞机的航线。 The investigative report, prepared by a 19-member international team, said the cause of the disappearance cannot be determined until the wreckage and the plane's black boxes are found. 这份由19人组成的国际调查小组撰写的调查报告称,在找到飞机残骸和黑匣子之前,无法确定飞机失踪的原因。 Transport Minister Anthony Loke insisted last month that 'the aspiration to locate MH370 has not been abandoned and vowed to 'take action' against any misconduct committed based on the findings. 上月马来西亚交通部长安东尼•洛克坚称,并未放弃搜寻MH370航班的意愿,誓言将根据调查结果对任何不当行为采取行动。 The report said there was insufficient information to determine if the aircraft broke up in the air or during impact with the ocean. 报告称,没有足够的信息来确定飞机是在空中,还是在撞向大海的过程中。 Scattered pieces of debris that washed ashore on African beaches and Indian Ocean islands indicated a distant remote stretch of the ocean where the plane likely crashed. 散落在非洲海滩和龙8国际娱乐洋岛屿上的碎片表明,飞机可能在遥远的海域坠毁。 But a government search by Australia, Malaysia and China failed to pinpoint a location. 但澳大利亚、马来西亚和中国的政府搜索未能确定地点。 And a second, private search by US company Ocean Infinity that finished at the end of May also found no sign of a possible crash site. 美国公司Ocean Infinity在5月底进行的第二次私人搜索也没有发现坠机地点的迹象。 Malaysia's government has said it will resume search if credible evidence on the plane's location emerges. 马来西亚政府表示,如果找到有关飞机位置的可靠证据,将继续搜寻。 Doomed flight MH370: A timeline 失联航班MH370时间轴 March 8, 2014: MH370 disappears from the radar 40 minutes into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board 2014年3月8日:MH370从吉隆坡飞往北京,40分钟后从雷达上消失,机上共有227名乘客和12名机组人员 April 8, 2014: An Australian ship hears two signals consistent with MH370's flight recorders in waters west of Australia. 'I'm now optimistic that we will find the aircraft, or what is left of the aircraft, in the not-too-distant future,' search coordinator Angus Houston says 2014年4月8日:在澳大利亚西部海域,一艘澳大利亚补给舰两次探测与MH370黑匣子一致的信号。搜索协调员安格斯·休斯顿称,我现在乐观地认为,在不远的将来,我们将找到飞机或者飞机的残骸。 April 28, 2014: The air search ends after failing to see a single piece of debris in 4.6 million square km of ocean. 2014年4月28日:在460万平方公里的海域展开搜索后,没有发现任何一块残骸后,空中搜索结束。 Jan 29, 2015: Malaysia formally declares MH370 an accident and says all 239 people on board are presumed dead 2015年1月29日:马来西亚正式宣布MH370航班失事,机上239人全部遇难。 March 8, 2015: Australia's then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott doubles the area of the underwater search to 120,000 square km 2015年3月8日:澳大利亚时任总理托尼·阿博特将水下搜索面积扩大一倍,达到12万平方公里 July 29, 2015: A wing part known as a flaperon found on Reunion Island, east of Madagascar, is the first piece of the plane to be recovered. Since then, 27 pieces have been found 2015年7月29日:在马达加斯加东部留尼汪岛发现的一块襟副翼,这是首块被发现的飞机残骸。至那以后,陆续共找到27块残骸。 July 28, 2016: Data from flight captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's home simulator shows it was used to plot a course to the southern Indian Ocean, bolstering speculation he ditched the plane in a premeditated plot 2016年7月28日:航班机长扎哈里·艾哈迈德·沙阿的家用模拟器数据显示,曾绘制南龙8国际娱乐洋航线,这进一步证实了他蓄意坠机的猜测。 Dec 20, 2016: The Australian Transport Safety Bureau says MH370 is unlikely to be in the 120,000 sq km search area is more likely in an area immediately to the north. 2016年12月20日:澳大利亚运输安全局表示,在先前指定的12万平方公里的水下搜索区域不太可能有飞机残骸,而在搜索区域北部发现飞机残骸可能性更高。 Jan 17, 2017: Search is called off 2017年1月17日:搜索中止 Jan 19, 2017: Malaysia offers cash rewards to private parties for 'substantial information or evidence' about the location of the wreckage 2017年1月19日:马来西亚向私人机构提供现金奖励,以获取有关残骸位置的“实质信息或证据” April 21, 2017: The CSIRO releases a report saying the most likely location of the jet is a new 25,000 sq km area, north of the original 120,000 sq km search area 2017年4月21日:澳大利亚联邦科学与工业研究组织发布了一份报告,称这架飞机最可能位于最初12万平方公里搜索区域以北2.5万平方公里的区域。 January 3, 2018: The search resumes after Malaysia enters into a 'no find, no fee' arrangement with US company Ocean Infinity, with up to $70 million offered if the wreckage is found 2018年1月3日:在马来西亚与美国海底探测公司“海洋无限”达成“找不到、不收费”协议后,搜寻工作重新开始。如果找到残骸,马来西亚将支付至多7000万美元的报酬。
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