Divers discover 100-year-old 'time capsule' wreck of a Chinese warship a century after it was lost to the depths of the Yellow sea during the first Sino-Japanese war 100年前的“时间胶囊”:潜水员发现第一次中日战争中沉没于黄海深处的一艘中国军舰的残骸  2.jpg Divers have discovered the wreck a Chinese warship a century after it was lost to the depths of the Yellow sea. 一艘中国军舰沉没于黄海深处一个世纪后,潜水员发现了它的残骸。 Researchers had been hunting for several years before they found the incredible 'time capsule' of a wreck. 在发现令人难以置信的残骸之前,研究人员已经搜寻了好几年。 It was identified thanks to a gold-gilded wooden plaque with Jingyuan written on it. 一块镀金木牌上写着“经远”,这才得以确认残骸的“身份”。 It went down in the Yellow sea during the first Sino-Japanese war in September 1894, with only seven out of 270 crewmen surviving. 1894年9月,在第一次中日战争期间,这艘军舰在黄海沉没,270名船员中只有7人幸存。 Experts managed to pinpoint the site by looking through historical documents and photographs taken by a a Japanese sailor before it sank. 专家们通过查阅历史文件和一名日本水手在沉船前拍摄的照片,确定了沉船地点。 The ship was built in a German shipyard called Vulkan and then incorporated into a Chinese fleet in the late 1880s. 这艘军舰是由德国“伏尔铿”造船厂建造的在19世纪80年代末纳入中国舰队。 Jingyuan was referred to as a 'gunboat' by its German designers but was referred to as a cruiser by the Chinese, despite the fact it had large calibre guns. 德国设计师称“经远号”为“炮艇”,但中国设计师将其称为巡洋舰,尽管它拥有大口径火炮。 Researchers led by China's National Cultural Heritage Administration say that the ship is 39 feet (12 metres) below the surface. 中国国家文物局组织的研究人员称,这艘军舰位于水下39英尺(12米)处。 Experts say that there are more than 500 relics on the ship including old weapons, ceramics and leather goods, writes CNN. 专家称船上有500多件文物,包括旧武器、陶瓷和皮革制品等。 23-result.jpg It went down during a conflict between the Qing Empire which ruled China until 1912 and the Empire of Japan.  The ship is resting upside-down, experts say. 在大清帝国和日本帝国之间的冲突中,这艘军舰沉没。专家称,这艘军舰呈倒扣状态。 'It's like a time capsule sealing history inside,' Jiang Bo, an archaeologist at the National Centre of Underwater Cultural Heritage in China told Pickle. 中国水下文化遗产中心的考古学家姜波说到,这就像一个封闭历史的“时间胶囊”。 Jingyuan, which had a sister ship called Laiyuan, was divided into 66 waterproof compartments that were filled with cork. “经远号”还有一艘姊妹舰称“来远号”,经远号有66个防水舱。 9d9e0d8fgy1fvh2u96hs0j20fa08rt8x.jpg 9d9e0d8fgy1fvh2u8t30vj20f109o74r.jpg The ship's main weapon was a eight-inch (20cm) Krupp cannon with two six-inch (15cm) Krupp guns on either side of the deck. “经远号”的主要武器是一门8英寸(20厘米)口径的克虏伯大炮,在甲板两侧各有两门6英寸(15厘米)口径的克虏伯大炮。 'Even the German navy didn't have a ship with so many cutting-edge technologies', Dr Bo said.'It's a crucial reference for us to better understand the world's naval history.' 姜波称:“在当时就连德国海军也没有一艘拥有如此多尖端技术的军舰。这是一个重要的参考,让我们能更好地了解世界海军历史” The ship also had two 1.8-inch (5cm) long guns, five 1.5 inch (4cm) Hotchkiss guns and two torpedo tubes. “经远号”还有两门1.8英寸(5厘米)口径的速射炮,五门1.5英寸(4厘米)口径的‘哈奇开斯’机关炮和两门鱼雷发射管。 When Jingyuan and Laiyuan arrived in China in 1888 they were assigned to the Beiyang Fleet. 1888年,“经远号”和“来远号”抵达中国,分配到北洋舰队。 Both ships were in the Battle of the Yalu River on 17 September 1894. 1894年9月17日,两艘军舰都参加了“黄海海战”。 Early on in the battle, the captain of Laiyuan moved in agressively against the Japanese squardron but was severely damaged as a result. 战争初期,“来远号”积极向日方进攻,但最终严重受损。 The Japanese flying squadron, led by Admiral Tsuboi Kozo, fired at Jingyuan for more than an hour and at 16:48 the ship burst into flames.After a large explosion it rolled over and sank, reports say. 由Tsuboi Kozo上将的带领的机动舰队下向“经远号”炮击了一个多小时,16时48分“经远号”突然起火,之后爆炸沉没。 The first Sino-Japanese War was between 25 July 1894 and 17th April 1895. 第一次中日战争“甲午战争”发生在1894年7月25日至1895年4月17日期间。 The Qing Empire and the Empire of Japan were mainly fighting for influence over Korea and after more than six months of fighting the Qing government initiated the peace process. 清朝和日本帝国主要是为了争夺对朝鲜的控制,经过六个多月的斗争,清朝政府开启了和平进程。 It was the first time that regional dominance in East Asia was shifted from China to Japan. 这是东亚地区的主导权首次从中国转移到日本。   英国每日邮报读者评论: 来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46164.html   译者:Jessica.Wu
Magolomaniac, York, United Kingdom, 3 hours ago The ship also had two 1.8-inch (5cm) long guns...Wow, bet those really packed a punch 船上还有两门1.8英寸(5厘米)口径的速射炮……哇,我敢打赌这些真的很有杀伤力!
Tanuki, Hamilton, Bermuda, 10 hours ago Tit for tat: can we come in and loot the ship for its ferrous content? 我们能不能加入去抢那艘船上的破铜烂铁?
Cephas, Batanes, Philippines, 10 hours ago Better be quick, before Chinese gangs loot the ship - war grave or not. 最好快点,赶在那帮中国人前面。
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