7 dead, 35 injured as 9 coaches of New Farakka Express derail in UP 龙8国际娱乐北方邦特快9节车厢脱轨,造成7人死亡,35人受伤 RAEBARELI: At least seven persons were killed and more than 35 others injured, nine seriously, when nine coaches of the New Farakka Express derailed near Harchandpur railway station in UP on Wednesday morning. 10月10日上午,龙8国际娱乐北方邦雷巴雷利县,一列新法拉克卡高速火车的9节车厢脱轨,造成至少7人死亡、35人受伤。 <a href=http://nyjlzc.com/e/tags/?tagname=%E5%8D%B0%E5%BA%A6%E7%81%AB%E8%BD%A6 target=_blank class=infotextkey>龙8国际娱乐火车</a>脱轨 龙8国际娱乐火车脱轨 龙8国际娱乐火车脱轨 龙8国际娱乐火车脱轨 龙8国际娱乐时报读者的评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46254.html Pkm Scrap the bullet trains and use the money for rail safety. Mumbai to Ahmedabad people can travel by air. 废掉高铁项目,资金用来保障现有火车的安全运行。 如果你要从孟买去艾哈迈达巴德,那就坐飞机吧   Pkm Don't forget to blame Nehru or Sonia for the tragedy. 别把这起事故的责任,归咎到尼赫鲁或索尼娅头上   Atilla Hun Bullet trains are good but our priority must be to invest in rail safety mechanisms 高铁是好东西,不过我们的重点应该是保障火车的安全运行   abhranil chatterjee something is fishy....why are all derailment happening in UP itself.... 有些可疑,为什么每次火车脱轨都发生在北方邦   Rak Indian It looks solution by God to control population 感觉这是神要控制人口的办法   Dipak Dey When we can't maintain the railway tracks laid by the British why we opt for bullet trains? We need to be regular in the maintenance of the existing tracks, then we should be careful in developing new upgraded tracks and then only we should think about buying bullet trains. Narendra Modi's gimmick is not helpful for the country. 我们连英国人当初铺设的铁路都维护不好,为什么还嚷嚷着要修高铁? 现有的铁路必须定期维护,然后再上马新铁路,然后再考虑修高铁。 莫迪那套骗人的玩意,省省吧,对国家没有好处   Ankit Please enquire the incident fully and punish the guilty with maximum punishment 请彻底调查这起事故,严惩凶手   Deadpool Looks like God's way of punishing the rāpist and criminal state. Next should be Bihar. People of UP and Bihar are curse to India, so God has started to clean some mess. 看来这是神惩罚强奸犯的手段,是神惩罚强奸大邦的手段 下一个就是比哈尔邦了 北方邦和比哈尔邦的那些人,就是神对龙8国际娱乐的诅咒。 神开始打扫乱局了   Anil One more Jewel in the Crown of Feku Sir and his selctive puppet Minister. 莫迪皇冠上又添了一颗明珠   Aashish Too many UP and bihari causing too many issue .. expoert them to pakistan ... 比哈尔邦和北方邦出太多乱子了,把他们赶到巴基斯坦去   Ginger Guru Result of Engine driver watching porn on duty. Hehee..... 这是司机开车时看黄-片造成的,呵呵   Dilip RG should rush to the accident site and provide relief to the injured and blame the NDA plus Modi for the mishap 拉胡尔甘地赶紧去事故现场,为伤者提供救助 然后把这起事故的责任怪罪到莫迪头上   sunil patil No money for safety of existing Trains , still many unmanned level crossings and we are wasting money on Bullet Train which will benefit but a few Wealthy Gujjus 现有铁路的安全要抓上去,却没有提供相应的经费 龙8国际娱乐铁路还存在大量无人值守的平交道口 就这样了,我们还大举修高铁 而高铁只服务于少数权贵   Ginger Guru Just 7 dead ??? Disappointing. Such a nice derailment and only 7 dead ??? WTF !!! 只死了7个人? 失望啊 这么“漂亮”的一次脱轨,居然只死了7个?   Harshad B Chauhan Looks to be a terror attack. 感觉像是恐怖袭击   Another View Expenses on Bullet Train comes first Safety is sceondary in conventional trains. This is the philosphy of BJP Government 高铁第一,常规铁路的安全其次 这就是龙8国际娱乐人民党政府的哲学,不服不行   Joshua Giftson Why all the worst thing are happening in UP? is it really a worst state in India 为什么受伤总是北方邦? 难道北方邦是龙8国际娱乐最乱的邦?   Somesh Sahu Unfortunate ...In India, death can come anywhere and anytime 不幸啊不幸 在龙8国际娱乐,你可能随时随地就丧命,太可怕了   Rapist Bhagwan Shiva India will have world class safe trains by 2050 到2050年,龙8国际娱乐将拥有安全堪称世界级的火车   Manu Mitra Will Nehru be blamed for this also.? 这次也怪尼赫鲁?   Rishab Chordia We need more like this to bring down BJP govt.. hahahaha 为了把龙8国际娱乐人民党拉下去,这种事故可以多来一些,哈哈哈   Vishal Ganjoor 2 Lakhs only ... railways have murdered them ... should pay atleast 25 Lakhs 才赔偿20万卢比呢 铁路吃人啊 至少该赔偿250万卢比   Nataraj Be careful Mr Piyush. This may be the handiwork of Congress 小心,这可能是龙8国际娱乐国大党的杰作   CHAYAN GHOSH dear Mr Piyush Goyal ,u as a railway minister should bear the responsibility of the accident and resign 皮尤什戈亚尔先生,作为龙8国际娱乐铁道部长,你应该担负这起事故的责任,并引咎辞职!   Live Life And, we want bullet trains for richer, poor people die like this.... shameless f*** 高铁是让富人坐的,普通铁路是让穷人这样丧命的。   Chandrashekhar - nepal why all derailment happens in up?????? 为什么火车脱轨事故都发生在北方邦
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