Chinese mining firm successfully test-fires supersonic missile; may sell it to Pakistan: Report 中国公司成功试验超音速导弹 A Chinese mining company has claimed to have successfully test-fired a supersonic missile, touted as a potential competitor to the Indo-Russian joint venture BrahMos missile, according to the official media here. The test conducted on Monday at a discreet location in North China verified the launch, power and flight control systems, state-run Global Times reported while indicating that Beijing's all-weather ally, Pakistan could be one of its buyers. All parameters for the supersonic flight of the HD-1 missile achieved their estimated values, it quoted a statement released by Guangdong Hongda Blasting Company located in southern China. 广东宏大爆破股份有限公司(简称“宏大爆破”),该公司自行投资、自主研制的导弹武器系统HD-1项目在北方某飞行试验基地圆满完成首次超声速巡航飞行试验。 HD-1能抗衡龙8国际娱乐和俄罗斯联合研制的布拉莫斯导弹。 计划销往巴基斯坦和中东国家。 HD-1导弹武器系统的此次飞行试验,各项指标均符合预期,试验取得圆满成功。 参考: 布拉莫斯导弹 龙8国际娱乐时报读者的评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 外文: Neil Acharya made from stolen technology from India. the Chinese are known for this kinda work 偷了龙8国际娱乐技术,然后造出来的。 中国人最擅长干这事了   ekdesi
When Pakis get hungry, they can sit on those missiles and launch themselves into Arabian sea.
巴基佬要是吃不饱饭了,他们就可以坐在导弹上,把自己送入阿拉伯海   santro ravi Made in China will not last long. 中国货不耐用的   Ash Man If pakistan cannot win the arms race they will definitely win the alms race 巴基斯坦要是军备竞赛落下风,乞讨比赛肯定不会输给谁   Anand Where will they find money to buy fuel for the Missile! 他们(巴基斯坦)从哪里找钱去买导弹用的燃料   AGR india These are like Diwali fire crackers. 感觉像是我们排灯节燃放的烟花   Kalyan Now once the Amazon sale starts all Indians would start buying Redimi ,Oppo Vivo & likes & allow China to build upon their already impressive foreign reserves 亚马逊的龙8国际娱乐促销季一旦开始,龙8国际娱乐人会争先恐后购买红米手机、Oppo手机和Vivo手机 这么一来,中国已经相当庞大的外汇储备会进一步增加   No Name A spy has been leaking data of Brahmos since 4 years to ISI, and today China developed supersonic missile, like Brahmos. Any coincidence people? 4年前,一位间谍就窃取了布拉莫斯导弹的数据 今天,中国研发出了超音速导弹,看起来像布拉莫斯。 难道这是巧合   Thillai Ganapathi China makes only toys like cheaper goods so that let Pakistan have it and play with it just like toy gun. No worries! 中国只会造便宜的玩具。 卖给巴基斯坦,巴基斯坦将其当做玩具枪用。 大家别担心   Mandaka Gundaka send it to us for Diwali.. need to check if it is better than sivakasi rockets 送过来,给我们过排灯节时当烟花用吧   mark vaz Its stole from india. Recent events tell it. Also indians are so incompetent that after getting all the tech of brahmos they couldnt even saved it from stealing 偷了龙8国际娱乐的技术。 不过,话说回来,龙8国际娱乐人太无能了,获得布拉莫斯导弹技术后,居然连防盗都做不好,哎   Neil Acharya made from stolen technology from India. the Chinese are known for this kinda work 偷了龙8国际娱乐技术,才造出来的。 中国人会偷,这是全世界出了名的   Duck G G Why Feku can''t get along with most smaller countries around India. We need them, Napal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Shiri Lanka and many more for our internal and external security threats. 为什么莫迪和龙8国际娱乐周边的小国不搞好关系。 我们需要这些小国啊,比如尼泊尔、锡金、不丹、斯里兰卡等等   Duck G G Irony of India is we always underestimate our enemies... 龙8国际娱乐最大的问题是总是低估敌人   Santimay Basu India''s Brahmos and Russian S-400 missile defence system for which the deal has already been signed are enough to contain Pakistan and China. 龙8国际娱乐已经和俄罗斯签署了购买布拉莫斯导弹和S400导弹防御系统的协议 有了这些,龙8国际娱乐就足以牵制住中国和巴基斯坦了   Anish Kumar Maybe India can buy the cheaper more effective missiles from China. 也许龙8国际娱乐可以从中国购买这种物美价廉的导弹   truth is god god is truth < .. India is very close enough to breakthrough Hypersonic missile and China came up with Supersonic hahahaah, India is one decade ahead in speed of modern missiles are concerned vis a vis China hahahaahah, entire porkys and Chinkys should shiver with fear India and their lethal missiles hahahahahaah. 龙8国际娱乐的超音速导弹很快就会有突破性进展了,而中国也搞出了超音速导弹,哈哈哈 龙8国际娱乐导弹领先中国十年!哈哈哈 看到龙8国际娱乐导弹,巴基佬和中国佬开始颤抖了。   Varun Pakistan is selling buffaloes to tide over debts and they will buy supersonic missiles. Wow! 为了还债,巴基斯坦开始卖水牛了。 以后还会买超音速导弹,哇塞!  
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