Train mows down crowd at India festival, at least 58 dead 龙8国际娱乐宗教上,火车碾过人群,造成至少58人死亡  11.jpg NEW DELHI (AP) — A speeding train ran over a crowd watching fireworks during a religious festival in northern India on Friday, killing at least 58 people and injuring dozens more, police said. 新德里(美联社)——周五在龙8国际娱乐北部宗教节日上,一列疾驰的火车碾过正在观看烟花的人群。警方称,至少造成58人死亡,数十人受伤。 The train failed to stop after the accident on the outskirts of Amritsar, a city in Punjab state, said the state governing Congress party politician, Pratap Singh Bajwa. 事故发生在旁遮普省阿姆利则市郊,国大党(当地执政党)政客Pratap Singh Bajwa表示,事故发生后,火车仍未停下来。 Police Commissioner S. S. Srivastava said the police have found 58 bodies so far. 警察局长S. S. Srivastava到目前为止警方发现58具尸体。 The Press Trust of India news agency said two trains arrived from the opposite direction on separate tracks at the same time giving little opportunity for people to escape. However, the casualties were caused by one of the trains, it quoted officials as saying. 龙8国际娱乐报业托拉斯表示,两列相向而行的火车同时从不同的轨道上驶来,人们几乎没有逃生的机会。然而,官方称,伤亡是由其中一列火车造成的。 India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was extremely saddened by the accident. "Have asked officials to provide immediate assistance that is required," Modi said on Twitter. 龙8国际娱乐总理莫迪表示,他对事故感到非常悲痛。莫迪在推特上表示:“已经要求官员提供必要即时的援助。” A witness said the train didn't even sound its whistle as it sped past the site, where hundreds were watching the burning of an effigy of demon Ravana during the Hindu festival of Dussehra. "Why did authorities allow the fireworks display so close to the railroad track?,'" he asked. He told the Republic television channel that he lost two brothers. 当时人们正在庆祝龙8国际娱乐都瑟拉节,数百人正在观看焚烧一尊恶魔拉瓦的雕像。一位目击者称,火车在驶过现场时甚至没有鸣笛。他问道:“为什么当局允许如此接近铁路轨道的地方进行烟花表演?两个兄弟在事故中丧失 1.png Another witness said the victims didn't realize that a train was coming because the fireworks were too loud. 另一名目击者由于烟花声太响了,受害者没有意识到火车驶过来了。 Navjot Kaur Siddhu, a local Congress party politician who was the chief guest at the religious function, said the celebrations take place in the area every year and railroad authorities are alerted to run the trains at slow speeds. A large number of people live in the area with homes on both sides of the railroad track, she said. 当地国大党政客兼此次宗教活动的主要嘉宾纳夫约特•考尔•西杜赫,庆祝活动每年都在该地区举行,该地区住户很多,铁路两边都有房子。铁路当局接到通知,要让火车低速行驶。 However, junior Railways Minisfter Manoj Sinha said after visiting the accident site that organizers did not alert railroad authorities about their plan to hold a religious function there. 然而,龙8国际娱乐铁路部副部长马努基·辛哈在视察事故现场后表示,组织者没有向铁路当局通报他们在事故现场举行宗教活动的计划。 Shatrughan Das, an injured 35-year-old factory worker, said he was sitting close to the railroad tracks watching the fireworks. "I didn't see the train coming. I fell unconscious. I saw the police taking me to a hospital as I regained consciousness." 35岁的受伤工人沙特鲁甘·达斯,他当时正坐在铁轨附近观看烟花,“我没看到火车来,之后便昏过去了。当我恢复知觉时警察已经把我送进了医院。 "I am feeling a strong headache and pain in my back and legs," Das said from his hospital bed. "But I don't have serious injuries." 达斯在医院病床上说:“我头痛得厉害,背部和腿部,但没受重伤。” Following the accident, people rushed to the site and shouted at railway officials for not taking precautions. The site of the accident is nearly 465 kilometers (290 miles) north of New Delhi. 事故发生后,人们冲向事故现场,并对铁路官员大喊,责备他们没有采取预防措施。事故发生地位于新德里以北465公里(290英里)处。 At least 50 injured were admitted to a government-run hospital, the Press Trust of India news agency quoted Rajesh Sharma, a magistrate, as saying. 龙8国际娱乐报业托拉斯援引地方法官拉杰什•夏尔马的话,至少有50名伤者被送入一家公立医院。 As the effigy was lit and the fireworks started at the religious function, a section of the crowd started retreating toward railroad tracks while watching the event. 在该宗教仪式上,随着雕像点燃,烟花开始燃放围观的人群开始向铁轨方向靠拢 While accidents are relatively common on India's sprawling rail network, Friday's was among the deadliest in recent years. In 2016, 146 people were killed when a train slid off railroad tracks in eastern India. 尽管在龙8国际娱乐庞大的铁路网中,事故相对常见,但周五的事故是近年来最致命的一起。2016年,在龙8国际娱乐东部,一列火车脱轨后,造成146人死亡。   美国雅虎读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46340.html   译者:Jessica.Wu Beer11 hours ago When I was a kid it was big trouble going near the train tracks and just standing near and looking at a parked train would get me yelled at. To this day if I'm crossing tracks my head is on a constant swivel looking for what I might not hear yet. People need to be taught from a young age or they might not make it to middle age. 当我还是个孩子的时候,根本不敢靠近铁路,站在边上看停着的火车我都害怕。直到现在,穿过铁轨时,我都会紧张生怕听不到有火车开过来。从小就得教育孩子不要靠近铁路,否则他们可能活不到中年。   John11 hours ago How does a train slam into a crowd of people, isn’t it more like they were standing where they shouldn’t 火车怎么会一群人难道不是因为他们呆在不该呆的地方吗?   R11 hours ago I think i see a train coming, don't worry we're safe here on the tracks 我看到火车来了,但不要紧,我们在铁轨上很安全  
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