Why do so many foreigners go to China and think China is good? 为什么有许多外国人去中国,觉得中国很不错? 乌克兰美女 QUORA网站读者评论: Ella Li, former Manager Bcs China is growing better and better, stronger and stronger. She has a big market. 中国变得越来越好,越来越强大。她有很大的市场。   Kophi Chan, Manager at Leadsintec Compare to the rest of the world, I think safety, peasful is one of the reason make foreigners like China. I have been to some countries in the world, eventhough many people there are friendly, but in all did not so safty and peasful as China. 与世界其他地方相比,我认为安全、和平,是外国人喜欢中国的原因之一。我去过世界上的一些国家,虽然那里的很多人都很友好,但总的来说不如中国那么安全和平。   Toren Freyr, Sustainability Advocate. New Era Economy. Convergence. Originally Answered: Why are foreigners interested in China? What does that word ‘foreign’ mean when referring to China? I was raised on the East Coast and I have lived on the West Coast. I have been toe-to-toe with Chinese friends, classmates, coworkers, compatriots since i was a child: it doesn’t seem foreign to me … to say nothing of the constant quest for New York style Chinese food in the Midwest. I love Hunan flavours! I think that China has the largest ‘emerging’ market … the people a fabulous, creative, and stylish. One of the Chinese moms taught us how to make a simple meal and use chopsticks in 2nd grade, so … Well, I might be an unusual case because I learned to read quite early and picked up a book on Tao Te Ching from our coffee table and I still think of myself as a bit of a Taoist, so … China is cool! 最初的提问是:为什么外国人对中国感兴趣? “外国人”指的是什么意思?我在东海岸长大,在西海岸生活过。我从小就和中国朋友、同学、同事、同胞们打得火热,这对我来说并不陌生……更不用说在中西部不断寻找纽约风味的中餐了。我爱湖南菜! 我认为中国拥有最大的“新兴”市场,那里的人非常棒、有创意、很时尚。 二年级有个中国妈妈教我们如何做一顿简单的饭,教我们使用筷子,所以… 嗯,我可能是一个不寻常的例子,我很早就学会了阅读,《道德经》就放在我们的咖啡桌上,我仍然认为自己是一个道教信徒,所以…… 中国很酷! 译文来源:三泰虎        http://www.santaihu.com/46358.html   译者:Joyceliu   Mervyn Locke, Enlightened laowai/Decade-long China resident/Permanent China bull What do you mean with “think” it’s good? It IS good. If you don’t think so, you obviously haven’t been here. I’ve lived in China for more than 10 years now, and this is the place where I’m gonna die. 你说的“认为”很好是什么意思?它是好的。如果你不这么认为,那你肯定没来过。我在中国已经住了10多年了,这是我将要呆一辈子的地方。   Brian Spilsbury I suspect that the most fundamental reason is ‘choice’. A foreigner who chooses go to to China has invested in this decision. Their being in China is a choice that they are free to change. And this makes a huge difference, regardless of the standard of living. I may choose to live in a hole in the ground and be quite happy, since it is my decision to do so. If I were forced to live in a hole in the ground with no option to leave, I would be unhappy about it, even though the conditions are the same. (Of course, China is far more pleasant than a hole in the ground if you have a little money). So, while a Chinese person who feels they have no choice but to live in China might be unhappy, a foreigner who feels they have a choice to leave whenever they like, might be quite happy, even with exactly the same living conditions. It is not the present, but the weight of the future that makes the difference here 我猜最根本的原因是“选择”。 一个选择去中国的外国人已经为这个决定作了投资。 他们在中国是一个可以自由改变的选择。 无论生活水平如何,这都会产生巨大的差异。 我可以选择住在地洞里,并且很快乐,因为这是我的决定。 如果我被迫住在地洞里,不能选择离开,我会很不高兴,即使条件并没有什么不同。 (当然,如果你有钱,中国要比地上的洞舒服得多)。 因此,当一个中国人觉得除了在中国生活之外别无选择时,他可能会感到不快乐,而一个外国人觉得只要想离开就可以选择离开,他可能会很快乐。 关键不在于现在,而在于未来的重量   Jeff Casagrande, Lived in China since 2005. Left in 2017. Similar question posted as Why do so many foreigners like to live in China last few years? The simple answer is they aren’t and they don’t. The number of expats living in China decreases every year. 类似的问题出现过,比如为什么过去几年里,有这么多外国人喜欢在中国生活? 简单的答案是,不是的,也并没有。居住在中国的外籍人士数量每年都在减少。   Matthew Lipton, lives in China (2010-present) I actually have the opposite opinion. The more a foreigner understands the culture the more they will see the problems with China. The ones who think it’s amazing are usually the people who stay one or two years and don’t take it serious - just a travel experience. If you live a long period of time in China (a decade) and speak putonghua to an intelligible level… you will begin to notice the problems more and more. I could name at least 50 off the top of my head but since this topic is about concentrating on what foreigners do think is good about China; Travel, ancient culture, food (I don’t like the food but it’s a personal choice), the money, extra privileges/foreigner prestige. Some of these are not good reasons but they are a lot of the reasons why foreigners like China. 我其实有相反的观点。外国人越了解中国的文化,就越能看到中国的问题。那些认为这很神奇的人通常是那些只待一两年,不太严肃认真的人——只把中国之旅当成一次旅行经历。 如果你在中国生活了很长时间(比如说10年),普通话说得很好,你会发现问题越来越多。 我能说出至少50个我能想到的词,因为这个话题是关于外国人对中国的看法;旅行,古老的文化,食物(我不喜欢食物,但这是一个人的选择),金钱,特权/外国人的威望。 有些不是很好的理由,但却是外国人喜欢中国的理由。   Gwydion Madawc Williams, Read a lot about this Safe and well-organised. Friendly people. Getting steadily more prosperous 安全、组织得当。人们很友好。越来越繁荣   Sarah Price, Lifestyle Reporter I am here for the summer and have enjoyed it a lot so far the night life is fun and I am here for an internship where I have met a lot of good people! 我在这里度过了一个夏天,到目前为止我过得很愉快,夜生活很有趣,我在这里实习,遇到了很多好人!   Tarry Lav, Office Manager at Environmental My son graduated with a Master Degree in Education. He was offered great opportunitys in China he couldn't find in the US. He feels appreciated in his job and lives a great life in Shanghai with his wife who is from China. They tried the US for awhile but was too expensive for them to continue to live here. 我儿子毕业了,获得了教育学硕士学位。他在中国获得了在美国找不到的机会。他对自己的工作充满感激,和来自中国的妻子一起在上海过着美好的生活。他们在美国住了一段时间,但对他们来说,在美国生活成本太高了。
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