World's longest cross-sea bridge opens in China 世界最长的跨海大桥通车 u=2384089050,2128834166&fm=26&gp=0.jpg youtube用户评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46361.html Mr K China building amazing things from Pakistan 我是巴基斯坦人,中国修了一座令人惊艳的大桥 suck it there are 7 million people in HK and 700,000 HKer living or working in mainland constantly 香港有700人口,有70万在中国大陆生活和工作 amin ghazali
its rellly cool that spent 9 years on it that so amzing like if you aagree
真酷啊。 9年就修起了如此宏伟的一座跨海大桥 Long Long Man Long extending arm of imperialism. 帝国主义的延伸 limbu dilip
Namaste and greetings from Nepal. wow congratulation China. You are the greatest and most powerful country in the world now.
this bridge is symbol of the power as well as peace and propersity as the bridge connects hongkong, macau with the mainland China.
It seems nopthing is impossible for China. Since China is Nepal neigbour, i request China to blow up Mt. Everest with the dynamite and atomic bomb and move all those himalayas mountains so that you can bring railway and build superhighways that will connect Nepal with Chinese cities.
I am looking forward to China making Nepal a great country. I want to see my country connect with China and rest of the world.
Again congrats China. Namaste from Nepal, your best neigbour and friend.
这是来自尼泊尔的问候。 哇塞。祝贺中国。你现在是世界上最强大的国家! 港珠澳大桥不仅是中国实力的象征,而且是和平繁荣的富豪,这座大桥连接了香港、澳门和大陆。 看来,没有中国做不到的。中国是尼泊尔的邻国,恳请中国把珠峰炸掉,把那些大山都搬走,然后修铁路通往尼泊尔。 期待中国把尼泊尔建设成一个伟大的国家。 希望我的祖国能和中国乃至全世界连接上。 再次祝贺中国。我们尼泊尔是你们最友好的邻居和朋友 route55 qatar Congratulations, awesome engineering! 祝贺。不可思议的工程奇迹! MONGOLIAN NEPALI MAGAR
namaste and greetings from Nepal. Congratulations China.
we wish all the best to people of China for opening the world's longest sea bridge.
China is Nepal best friend and neigbour.
Next i i hope China will bring railway and will build superhighways that will connect Nepal with Chinese cities.
Long live Nepal-China friendship
我也来自尼泊尔,祝贺中国 这里给中国人民送上最美好的祝福,祝贺你们开通世界最长的跨海大桥。 中国是尼泊尔最友好的朋友和邻居 希望中国能把铁路和公路修往尼泊尔。 尼泊尔和中国的友谊万岁 Matthew
Made in China
中国制造 Gall Clap
Now, how is China going to protect that bridge during war! Hahaha
如果打起仗来,中国如何保护那座大桥不被轰炸!哈哈哈 S. Gomez
given the quality of china I say I'll give it less then a year
考虑中国货的质量,这么说吧,我猜不出一年就会出事 uNr3al111
But it just passed the strongest typhoon. Whereas, bridges in US are not in good shape. Remember what happened to the bridge in Minnesota in 2007.
大桥已经经受住了最强大的台风,倒是美国大桥不经吹! 还记得2007年,明尼苏达州大桥被吹成什么样了吗 Wy123
S. Gomez if it's last more than 1 year your whole families won't dead peacefully.
要是一年没倒,你全家不得好死 Fi S
when was the last time any bridge in China had issues? What does your country make that is so awesome? Mind share a few?
中国上次大桥出问题是啥时候? Hill Lam
Don't forget that China makes everything, from bottom to top, including the most advanced instruments and electronics in the world.
If you think China's quality is bad, you should think about why you have no money and always buy cheap products
别忘了,各种商品都是中国产,最先进的电子产品也是中国制造哦 别老是认为中国货的质量不行,要怪就怪自己兜里没钱,老是买便宜货! नेपाली कान्छा China is a powerful country of the world. Well done and congratulation china. Love from Nepal. 我是尼泊尔人 中国是世界强国。 干得漂亮,祝贺祝贺。 Louis
I am Chinese, I had a trip to Nepal last month. Oh my god, what a peaceful and gorgeous country. I really love it. Actually, I went to India last month, as well. India is really ......... I think they should learn from you.
我是中国人,上个月去了一趟尼泊尔 哦天啊,多么宁静美丽的国家。真的很喜欢。 上个月也去了龙8国际娱乐。说实在,龙8国际娱乐太... 他们该向你们尼泊尔人学习 Ema Hagos
We need a bridge to united people....we don't need wall....
我们需要一座大桥把大家团结起来,而不是一堵墙把彼此隔开来 巫溪
this century,we Chinese will rebuild the world!
本世纪,我们中国人将重建世界 D Tango前
When was last time Us built something, wow were really loosing in innovation to China.
我们上次搞大工程还是啥时候? 哇塞,在这场创新竞赛中,我们居然输给中国 SSMART
We built a brand new pedestrian bridge and collapsed the next day and 6 people died.
我们修建了一座全新的人行天桥,第二天就塌掉了,造成6人死亡 SSMART
3 trains crashed within 2 months.
两个月内撞了3列火车 Nightcor EDM
moon landing was faked btw. sad
我们登月也是假的,哎,伤心 Peter-john De Jong
China is techno master
中国是技术专家 Biochem Wang
No, china is techno monster.
不,中国是技术怪物 santosh singh
Eight wonder of the world. No other country can beat china in science and technology
世界第八大奇迹。世界上没有哪个国家的科技比中国更先进 DrCrazyAzz
不可思议! mareko masondo
trucks should not travel here
别让货车通过 KK Singh
And here Donald trump couldn’t eve build a wall and in China they built this in u see a year..wow I’m happy to be in hk
特朗普连一堵墙都修不好,中国却修起了如此壮观的大桥。 哇塞,我很高兴呆在香港 Niranjan Das
Congrats ..
祝贺祝贺! Manny Mann
中国最好老实修桥去,别来惹美国,否则我们会炸毁你们的桥! cooper cooper
oh my god
哦天啊 Kittipath China built the Great Wall, and now this. What's next? Props to China! 中国曾经修建了万里长城,现在也修了港珠澳大桥。下一个呢? SSMART
A bullet train goes from China to America?
下一个要修的是从中国通往美国的高铁? Anjum Munir
祝贺! Gage Cabani
This is Chinese government propaganda
这是中国的宣传 savecityofheroes savecityofheroes
China got the worst safety in there record. Hears one example. china love to build a bridge then a truck drives over the bridge. Guess what went wrong? THE BRIDGE FALLS TO PIECES
中国的安全标准是最低的。 有一个例子,中国修了一座桥,一辆货车从上面经过,猜猜怎么了? 那座桥塌成稀巴烂 ResponseAspire 4 Galaxy-2YOU
WOW! HATS OFF TO CHINESE ENGINEERS! 55 KILOMETERS! THATS 34-35 MILES!?! It will probably take you 45 minutes to drive across that,
哇塞,我佩服中国工程师! 55公里长啊!也就是34英里长! 开车从大桥经过,可能需要45分钟呢 Trina Holman Like it or not, agree or not, all of China's huge infrastructure projects mean one major thing. Full employment for the workers of China. 不管喜不喜欢,中国庞大的基础设施还真是那么一回事。 让工人有活干 fahim siddique
Critics are great!
Whenever they smell flowers,they search for coffins instead of gardens..
那些批评者也真是。闻到了鲜花的味道,他们不是去找花园,而是找棺材 Brother Ares
A very impressive feat of engineering. I think China is currently leading the way in great engineering projects at the moment. Nobody else is really doing anything.
非常震撼! 我觉得中国现在修工程可是独步全球啊!无人能敌! MD FAYSAL SHAHAD
China is just brilliant. 40 years ago it was just a poor country with farmers and fishermen. Now whole world depends on China and sees it as a role model to other country. Astonishing to see how much China has progressed in terms of their economy, military power, global influence, technology, political and social stability.
中国好厉害啊。40年前,中国还是个贫穷的农业大国! 如今全世界依靠中国过日子,中国成为了世界各国的模范! 中国经济进步太大了,令人惊讶不已! 不管是军事实力,全球影响力,还是技术和社会政治,中国都取得了飞跃式进步。 Miloš
I have so much respect for the Chinese hardworking and peace-loving people :)
我非常佩服勤劳吃苦和爱好和平的中国人民! 对你们肃然起敬 Peggy C
If miracle has a color, it must be in Red. Applause for China
如果奇迹是有颜色,那肯定是红色!为中国鼓掌 Dennis Shih
BBC and Western media in general is always acting like a sour grape when it comes to China.
每次中国出了一些成就,西方媒体就一个劲地酸 ants161984
Would have never happened under British rule of Hong Kong
香港要是一直英国统治,这座桥是永远修不起来的 Hector Morones
Makes me want to travel to Hong Kong
看得我都想去香港走一走了 zoe fofo
I'm happy china is fighting for its interests. J
很高兴看到中国在为自己的利益在战斗 501st Legion
BBC is rubbish. Always jealous of China, and make negative comments about China within its every single video.
BBC就是垃圾,总是嫉妒中国的成就,每次都给出负面评论 Ksp Ksp
Is Hong Kong celebrating this ?
香港有在庆祝吗? Shane W
When will the British return the Falkland Islands to Argentina?
英国什么时候把福克兰群岛归还给阿根廷? BluesCreation09
What a marvellous feat and piece of engineering by the Chinese. Long Live China! Congratulations!
多么了不起的工程啊。祝贺祝贺 dhowser2008
This goes to show just how lazy Canadian's and American's are. If we were to build something like this it would take 7 years to debate it, by then all the money would be gone, and even if by some miracle we were to build this, it would only be finished by our grand kids. China doesn't waste time in debating new projects, they debate for a year or two and then get the project going.
对比下,感觉加拿大人和美国人好懒惰啊。 我们要是修建如此一座大桥,可能要先花上7年来争论一番 即便真修建了,也是我们的孙辈修好的。 中国修工程可是争分夺秒,从来不浪费时间。 讨论个一两年就立马开工 Varun Gupta
future is china
未来在中国啊 penny json
The industrious Chinese are such great builders. I only got to know that it was the Chinese who dug the trenches during WWI ! Why no mention of that by the historians? It should be part of the history.
中国人太勤劳了,他们是伟大的建设者! 一战的战壕都是中国人挖的 历史学家为什么没有提? 这个应该写入历史啊 Hot Sauce
China: We don't use boats, we gonna build a bridge.
中国:我们不坐船,我们修桥 CW Wong
Marvelous China. Bravo keep the good job.
了不起的中国,再接再厉 Rej
Guinness World Records...
吉尼斯世界纪录 Shohaib Ahamed
realy nice..china is great
非常好,中国是伟大的 Alex P.
Very cool
好酷好酷 Tai Banh
Made in China lol. Will break in a year or two
中国制造,哈哈。一两年就会塌掉的 Khondker Rifat Hossain Wow...this is for real??
Love to China from India
哇塞,这是真的吗,我来自龙8国际娱乐 Ayub Njau
I was in China once and it’s impressive
曾经去过中国,非常震撼 wonderful
How china going to defend these if war monger come
要是打仗,如何保护大桥不被轰炸 John Stark
Wouldn't trust anything built by China or Chinese workers.
中国修建的大桥,不靠谱 Channarith Mok
If Chinese is so good why there are thousand of Chinese try go live over sea?
中国要真如说的那么好,为什么成千上万的中国人移民海外? Kian Siong
What if your car broke down ?
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