Elon Musk thinks California's high-speed train is ludicrous: Larry Ellison 美国Oracle公司的合伙创始人拉里·埃里森:伊隆·马斯克认为加州高铁是荒唐的 加州高铁 美国雅虎读者的评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46372.html gary
Totally agree with this one. I'm no Elon Musk fan but he's right on this one
完全同意,我不是伊隆·马斯克的粉丝,不过他这次说的是对的   Disgruntled CA Resident
Hey finally someone said the truth. Yes the train is a waste of money
终于有人说真话了。 没错,火车就是浪费钱的玩意   Joshua
As much as I want high speed rail in this country, the current high-speed rail project in California is a joke. From the get go they purposely underestimated the amount of money necessary for the project, literally ensuring that it would eventually be delayed and over budget. Now add in bureaucracy, political infighting, incompetence, labor laws, and frankly the thing will never be done
加州的高铁就是让世人耻笑的。 从一开始就故意低估工程造价,延期和超出预算是肯定的 又加上官僚主义、政治斗争、劳动法的约束等等,坦白说,加州高铁永远不会完工的   dan 1) Underestimated the construction cost (by a factor of 5). 2) Overstated the ridership, when in reality it won't be enough to sustain itself 3) At the time the proposition passed, 1/2 of the money was going to come from federal grants. That is not on the table anymore. 低估施工成本、高估乘坐率。实际上,加州高铁是没法自负盈亏的。 提议获得通过后,一半的资金来自联邦补助金。   Catch a wave
Even if it is even completed some decade(s) from now, the ridership won't begin to pay the operating costs. Airfare will be cheaper, and quicker.
即便几十年后,这条高铁通车了,就那么点乘坐率,营收是不足以维持高铁本身的运营的。 坐飞机更便宜,速度也更快   squib The International Space Station cost $100 Billion to build. This TRAIN is costing over $60 Billion. I'd say that's pretty ridiculous. 建造国际空间站,我们花了1000亿美元。 这条高铁就要600多亿美元来修。这也太荒唐了吧   John
The International Space Station isn't 600 miles long. That's a lot of steel.
国际空间站没有600英里长吧, 只是一堆钢铁而已   Jon E. Holiday
High speed trains are the biggest money pit in the history of civilization. People like high speed rail because it is in vogue and stylish. From an operational perspective it’s a joke.
在人类文明史中,高铁是最大的钱坑。 人们喜欢坐高铁是冲着时尚去的。从运营角度来看,就是个笑话。   Yahoo Bill
CA's high speed train is completely absurd.
加州的高铁完全是荒谬的   ANDY L
Well China built their HSR network 20,000 miles in a decade.
中国十年内就修了2万英里高铁 SEAN A And we have more than 250k miles of freeways across the country and China less than 15k. 我们有25万公里的高速公路,中国高速公路不到1.5万公里 dan
True. Because they have a command economy.
中国是修了那么多高铁,因为人家是中央管制经济 CHUCK
How many airports and airplanes in China? How many people can afford the airfare? Still 3rd world....
中国有多少座机场,有多少架飞机?有多少人坐得起飞机? 中国还是第三世界国家呢 john
China Railways is heavily subsidized and between 600-700 billion in debt
中国铁路获得国家大量补贴,负债6000-7000亿元   K
Hi speed trains are being used all over the world to transport people efficiently and comfortably. I've been on a few in my travels. Once people try I doubt that they will prefer air travel if they have a choice. Even if air travel time is technically faster, it's likely to be negated by long airport waits, delays, even the long wait to pick up be baggage. Elon Musk is just business guy trying to sell his hyperloop idea
在世界范围内,高铁是用来快速运送乘客的安全有效舒适的方法。 在国外旅行,我乘坐过一些高铁。如果有选择,我怀疑人们是否会选择坐飞机。 表面上看,坐飞机速度更快,不过加上你在机场的漫长候机时间,加上飞机晚点,加上提取行李的时间,其实没快多少 伊隆·马斯克是一个生意人,他是在向大家推销他的超级高铁   Vausch
Elon Musk also wants to make a vacuum tube that shoots people at near the speed of sound or make a series of underground tunnels to do the same.
High speed rail works very well in most countries that have it like Japan and Scandinavian countries so why wouldn't it work for California? I'd love to be able to visit a friend in SanFran, LA and San Diego within the same weekend 伊隆·马斯克也想造一条真空管道,把乘客以接近音速的速度射出去,或者在低地下铺设一条真空管道来实现 高铁在很多国家运营效果不错,比如日本、比如北欧国家。 为什么偏偏在加州会不行?   Bargain
Japan currently working on a bullet train that'll go 350 miles in 45 minutes. That ride currently, Tokyo to Nagoya, take 2 hours and 45 minutes. But it makes more sense for Japan than the U.S
日本有一种高铁能在45分钟内跑完350英里。 从东京到名古屋,只要2小时45分钟。   RONNIE
The price IS ludicrous.
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