What things can you do in China that you cannot do in the USA? 什么事在中国能做,在美国却不能做?  QUORA网站读者评论: Damien Defranco, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Consultant & Mentor When it comes to China, it’s really the opposite of the USA. There is a ridiculous amount of things you can do in China freely that you couldn’t possibly do in the USA (and even Canada.) Having been in and out of China myself since 2010, more times than I can count. Being in an our of China since 2010, I own factories, warehouses, retail stores, farm land/rural land and much more. So I’ve experienced/seen everything. 说到中国,可是跟美国完全不同的。有很多事你在中国可以随便做,但在美国(或加拿大)是不可能的。 自2010年以来,我在中国出入的次数多得我自己都数不清了。从2010年开始我就在中国,我拥有工厂,仓库,零售商店,农场/农村土地等等。所以我什么都经历过了。 译文来源:三泰虎   http://www.santaihu.com/46378.html        译者:Joyceliu As an authority on this topic I’ve put together this list. Based on my experiences, my friends experiences, my staff/employees in China, my business partners in China. This list views as the majority of China - this is a generalized list. While some areas it doesn’t apply to, it applies to most of China (China is very big). 作为这个话题的权威,我整理了这个清单。这个清单是根据我和我朋友,我在中国的员工,我在中国的商业伙伴的经验拟定的。这个列表针对大多数人中国—这是一个普遍的清单。虽然有些地方不适用,但中国大部分地区都适用(中国很大)。
  • Break/overlook rules, and bend laws. China is very flexible when it comes to laws. Money and relationships can solve everything. There is NOTHING in China that cannot be solved with money. Money solves everything. US is pretty strict, you can’t pay your way out of things, and often relationships may not be enough.
  • Drive the way you want. In the US, you’ll get traffic violations/tickets for not following the rules. In China, you can make your own rules in many areas. As I have said for the last 8 years about China; Green means go, yellow means go, red means go. Want to drive on the other side of the road? go ahead. Want to drive on the sidewalk? go ahead. This is true for almost all cities/rural areas except the big ones (tier 1, tier 2).
  • 违背/藐视规章制度、徇私枉法。中国在法律方面非常灵活。金钱和人际关系可以解决一切问题。在中国,没有钱解决不了的问题。钱可以解决一切。美国的法律是相当严格的,你没办法花钱摆平,而且通常关系可能还不够。
  • 驾驶时随心所欲。在美国,你会因为不遵守交通规则而被罚款。在中国很多地方,你可以随心所欲。正如我对过去8年在中国的经历所总结的:绿灯行,黄灯行,红灯还是行。想在马路对向开车吗?尽管开。想在人行道上开车吗?没事。几乎所有的城市/农村地区都是如此,除了那些(1、2线)大城市以外。
  • Open/start any business anywhere. It’s relatively easy to start a business and begin making money in China. You don’t have all that red tape like the US has to get registered, accounts created, and government filings right away.
  • Walk around at night. China is very safe, especially in tourist areas. My apartment in China I could leave, and walk for an hour and always have a police in my sights at his station/post no matter where I went, no matter the time. US can be dangerous at night.
  • Easy travel between cities. China is the king of transportation. Buses, subways, trains, they are everywhere. You really don’t need a car, there is more rail systems and buses in China then the rest of the world combined. US you pretty much need a car if you travel far.
  • 在各地做生意。在中国创业赚钱相对容易。不像美国有那么多的审批,可以马上注册、创建账户和提交政府文件。
  • 晚上在外头散步。中国非常安全,旅游地区尤其如此。我可以从我在中国的处所离开,步行一小时,无论我去哪里,无论何时,总能在视线范围内发现站岗的警察。在美国,晚上很危险。
  • 旅游城市之间的交通极为便利。中国是交通之王。公共汽车,地铁,火车,无处不在。你真的不需要拥有汽车,中国的铁路系统和公共汽车比世界其他地方加起来的总和还要多。如果你在美国要出个远门,就非常需要有辆车。
  • Drinking. You can buy drink, and drink at any age. I always had a beer at 6am with my breakfast. I gained a lot of weight, but it was a great time. And I still do it every time I am there. No ID. I’ve seen 8 year old’s get beer for family/parents. Most minors in China don’t drink, China is responsible overall. US has age restrictions (21?) and ID requirements.
  • 喝酒。不管你几岁,都能买到酒。我总是在早上6点吃早餐的时候喝啤酒。我长胖了不少,但那是一段美好的时光。每次我在中国,我就会这么做。无需身份证明,我看到过8岁孩子给家人/父母买啤酒。在中国,大多数未成年人都不喝酒,整体而言中国是负责任的。美国有年龄限制(21岁?)和证件要求。
  • Open carry drinks. Expanding on the drinking, you can take your drink with you public. Walk to the mall, take a taxi, drinking wine, beer, whatever. While you can do this in China, many people don’t. Can’t do this in US.
  • Smoking. Same as drinking. You can smoke anywhere pretty much. I used to carry 1–2 packs of smokes with me at all times, and I’ve never smoked in my life. They’re great for business meetings, or buying expensive stuff. It’s a social thing. Gifting cigarettes are good if you want to lower cost of items when buying. US has a lot of smoking restrictions.
  • Buy anything you want. You can buy anything you want, including replicas and knockoffs and never get into any trouble. US has a lot of restrictions on this too.
  • 带着酒水到处走。关于酒多说一句,你还可以把你的饮料带到公共场合。走路去购物中心的路上,坐出租车的时候,喝葡萄酒,喝啤酒,什么都可以。虽然在中国你可以这么做,但很少有人这样。在美国,这样做是不行的。
  • 抽烟。跟喝酒一样。你几乎可以在任何地方吸烟。我过去总是随身携带1-2包烟,但从来没有抽过烟。香烟非常适合商务会议或购买昂贵物品的时候。这是种社交手段。如果你买东西时想要砍价格,给对方递上香烟是不错的办法。美国有许多吸烟的限制规定。
  • 可以买到任何你想要的东西。你可以买任何你想要的东西,包括冒牌货和仿制品,而且绝不会遇到任何麻烦。美国对此也有很多限制。
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