What things can you do in China that you cannot do in the USA? 什么事在中国能做,在美国却不能做? QUORA网站读者评论: Michelle Zhou In China….
  • You can become a Panda-Nanny.
  • 你可以当熊猫的保姆
  • You can avoid paying taxes if your income is below average and still get free social benefits with pension.
  • You can go back in time, experience ancient China.
  • You can sue your children for not taking care of you.
  • For new mommies, you can have paid time off for a minimum of 100 days to a much longer time. (My mom got 3 years when working for the state department)
  • You can ALWAYS find a place to hangout, 24/7.
  • You can graduate from College with no more than $1,000 student debt.
  • You can be a Shaolin Monk, learn martial art from where it began.
  • 如果你的收入低于平均水平,你无需交税,但还是能免费享受社会福利与养老。
  • 可以回到过去,体验古代中国的风情。
  • 如果你的孩子不照顾你,可以起诉他。
  • 新生儿的母亲,可以享受至少100天的带薪产假。(我妈妈在国务院工作时,休息了3年)
  • 你总是可以找到一个地方聚会,7*24小时随时可以。
  • 可以仅仅背负不到1000美元的学生贷款,就能从大学毕业。
  • 你可以去当少林和尚,学习武术。
  Sean Mullen, living in Beijing * Feel safe. Beijing is the only large city I've been to (and I've been to many!) where I feel safe enough to let my 14 year old daughter travel around the city on public transport and walk/bike from the subway station by herself even after dark (which is, granted, half the day in winter). I certainly wouldn't let her do that in L.A. * Fireworks. Set off enough fireworks on every street corner of your neighbourhood on Chinese NY Eve to leave it looking like a war zone. None of this having to watch from a mile away stuff. *安全感。北京是我去过的唯一一个(我去过许多城市!)能令我放心让我14岁的女儿独自一人乘坐公共交通四处游览,或从地铁站步行/骑自行车回家的大城市。要是在洛杉矶,我肯定不敢放手让她那样做。 *烟花。在中国的新年除夕,家附近的每个街角都会放好多烟花,像战场一样充满了硝烟。一英里以外都能看得到。   Kevin Samuels, expatriate math teacher 1.Walk down the street drinking a beer. 2.Pay for things with your phone. (I’ve been away for a few years and the USA may have started to adopt this, but it’s a lot more widespread in China) 3.Eat Sichuan flavor food. (This may exist somewhere in the USA, but I never had it) 4.Sleep on trains for reasonable prices. 5.Buy international edition textbooks off the shelf in bookstores. 6.Be invited to restaurants by total strangers. 7.Deal with friendly, unarmed local police. (Yes, seriously.) 8.Know that wherever you go, no matter how remote, there will always be food for sale. 9.Have your picture taken by total strangers, if you don’t look East Asian. 10.As a white male, be stereotyped as being bad at math. 译文来源:三泰虎    http://www.santaihu.com/46385.html       译者:Joyceliu 1。在街上一边走一边喝啤酒。 2。用手机支付。(我离开美国几年了,美国可能也已经开始采用手机支付了,但在中国这种做法更为普遍) 3。吃四川风味的食物。(美国可能有些地方也能吃得到,但我从未遇到过) 4。可以支付合理的价格在火车上睡觉。 5。可以从书店的书架上买到国际版的教科书。 6。可能会被完全陌生的人邀请去餐厅吃饭。 7。和友善、手无寸铁的当地警察打交道。(是的,我是说真的。) 8。要知道,无论你走到哪里,无论多远,总能买到吃的东西。 9。如果你看起来不像东亚人,陌生人会把你拍进照片。 10。作为一名白人男性,大家默认我数学不好。   Richard Seeto, because of my interest in its history and the way it has been exploited & rubbis Chinese women and girls who work late at night can walk home alone in all hours without fear of assaults, robbery or sexual molestation. Black people are accepted and live without fear of harm in all parts of China. Chinese people love Americans but the reverse is not always true in America. Traffic offences such as doing u-turns on double yellow lines; not letting pedestrians cross zebra crossings. 中国妇女和女孩就算工作到深夜也能独自步行回家,不用担心受到袭击、抢劫或性骚扰。 在中国的所有地方,黑人都被旁人所接受,不用担心会在生活中受到伤害。 中国人喜欢美国人,但反过来在美国,情况并不总是如此。 违反交通法则,比如在双黄线上掉头;即使交警就在前头,也不礼让行人。   Joseph W. Hatch, My wife and "In-Laws" are from Mainland China. I travel there frequently. In Qingdao, you can buy beer by the kilogram. You walk to the store, take a plastic bag off of the beer tap, pour the beer in the plastic bag, weigh the bag and pay accordingly. You can go explore palaces, temples and neiborhoods that centuries old. You can go and have a 3 hour lunch in a private dining room with family and friends as many as 12-15 people without making a reservation in advance. You can view traffic and parking laws as suggestions, not hard fast rules. You can buy a new tailor-made suit and have it completed and ready to wear in 2-3 hours. You can make going to the market an adventure and an all-day event. 在青岛,你可以按公斤买啤酒。你到商店里,从啤酒龙头上取下一个塑料袋,把啤酒灌进塑料袋,称一下袋子,然后付钱。你可以去探索几世纪前的宫殿、庙宇和住宅区。你可以不用提前预订,就能和12-15个亲朋好友在私人餐厅共进3个小时的午餐。你可以把交通和停车规定看作是建议,而非硬性规定。你可以量身定做一套新西装,2-3个小时内就能做好上身。你可以把去市场当成一场冒险和一整天的活动。 9d9e0d8fgy1fwox86qod1j20gq0ckgyx.jpg
  Hasan Gönen Demirler, marketing specialist at Sunar Grup, Adana, Turkey When I was in China, I could just go to any Family Mart (or any other convenience store) and buy any drink I wanted, and drink it anywhere I wanted, including inside the store or on the street. Without being asked for my ID at all. After drinking it, I could eat the best noodles in the world for a moderate price, at any time of the day. You can ride a bicycle all day, park it in front of your hotel without any lock or other protecive gadget, and find it at the morning. You can leave your wallet or other belongings and turn your back to order a coffee at Starbucks. Nobody will steal them. 我在中国的时候,可以去随便一家全家超市(或其他便利店)买我想喝的任何饮料,爱在哪儿喝就在哪儿喝,在商店里或大街上都可以。根本没有人跟我身份证明。喝完饮料,我可以在一天中的任何时候以适中的价格吃到世界上最好吃的面条。你可以一天到晚都骑着自行车,把它停在酒店门口,不用锁,也不用其他保护装置,早上还能找到它。你可以把钱包或其他东西放在一边,转身在星巴克点杯咖啡。没有人会偷走它们。   Jason Lv, In-house interpreter in a Chinese Financial SOE Be a really wealthy civil servant by taking grey incomes. Many of them earn a salary close to the minimum wage, but live a life of a upper middle class. And people allow that! Grey income is widespread in China. Oftentimes they are offered by patients to doctors, and parents to teachers. Peolple curse it, but can't help doing it. 他们中的许多人的工资接近最低工资,但却过着中产阶级上层的生活。 人们觉得这样没问题! 灰色收入在中国很普遍。通常病人会塞钱给医生,父母塞钱给老师。人们虽然不满,却身不由己。   Anonymous Shouting to sell things. In the USA, this is illegal. many city laws prohibit anyone using loudspeakers or other noisy musical instruments or loud noise in the streets for disturbing public order of commercial propaganda. However, in China, small traders on the streets can be chaos crying, "selling scissors ,selling the kitchen knife", "selling peanuts", "selling watermelon", "selling sunglasses", it is very common in China, including villages and big cities. 大声吆喝卖东西。 在美国,这是违法的。许多城市都明文禁止任何人在街上使用扩音器、其他嘈杂的乐器或大声喧哗来扰乱商业宣传的公共秩序。 然而,在中国,小商人在街上可以大声吆喝,“卖剪刀,卖菜刀”,“卖花生”,“卖西瓜”,“卖太阳镜”,这在中国很常见,在农村和大城市都能看到。   Kristen Harriet, Travel Writer. Entrepreneur. Spit on the sidewalk without being judged. Pee on the sidewalk without being judged (must be 5 and under). Eat real Chinese food. Learn about one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Be surrounded by millions of people who look like you (if you look like me). 在人行道上吐痰,不会受到惩罚。 在人行道上小便,不会受到惩罚(必须是5岁以下)。 能吃到真正的中餐。 能了解到世界上最古老的文明之一。 被数以百万计看起来像你的人包围(如果你看起来像我)。   Solace Henry, Conversationally fluent in spoken and written Chinese. In Taiwan: walk into a health clinic with no appointment or health insurance and get - seen by a physician (10 USD) - an x ray (<20 USD) - prescribed 3 different types of medicine (altogether <3 USD) And walk out the door less than an hour after checking in. 在台湾:在没有预约或没有医保的情况下,走进一家诊所,你可以 -看医生(10美元) -拍X光片(20美元以内) -开三种不同类型的药(共计不到3美元) 而且不到一个小时就能结束离开。  
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