Who is more technologically advanced The USA or China? 谁在技术上更先进,美国还是中国? Quora评论翻译: Damien Defranco, Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Consultant & Mentor China is, and by far. The gap between China and USA when it comes to everything (except military tech) is very huge, and overall China has the lead. 就目前来看,中国更先进。中美各方面差距非常大(除了军事技术),总体来说中国领先。 If you only talk about military tech, Korea is first in the world, and USA behind them, then followed by China. 军事科技方面,韩国是世界第一,美国紧随其后,然后是中国。 But ignoring military, China is so much further than USA in technology and science/research. And that gap keeps growing. 如果不考虑军事科技,中国技术和科学研究远远超过美国。而且这个差距还在扩大。 China makes more millionaires, and billionaires each year than any other country in the world combined. China also has more current female billionaires in China then all the rest of the world combined. 中国每年产生的百万富翁和亿万富翁人数比世界上其他国家加起来都多。中国女性亿万富翁的数量也超过了其他国家的总和。 If you’ve ever been to all US major cities, and all major and second tier cities in China. You’ll notice one thing. The most technological advanced cities in USA are like 2nd and 3rd tier cities in China. Most Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in China blow USA out of the water. 如果你去过美国大城市,也去过中国大城市和二线城市你会发现美国科技最发达的城市就相当于中国的二三线城市。中国的大多数一二线城市将美国城市甩在了身后。 It may not look like that from the outside, especially if you’ve never been to China because China is a very big country, and has a lot of rural and undeveloped areas still. But the areas that are fully developed, are massively ahead in tech. 如果你从未去过中国,那视角就不一样了,中国是一个非常大的国家,还有很多农村和欠发达地区。但是,那些已经完全开发的地区,技术领先。 Overall when you compare the two, China is much more ahead then USA. 总的来说,当你拿这两个国家相比时,中国比美国领先得多。 China is on track to be the worlds most superpower. 中国成为世界上最强大的超级大国。 USA spends between 95–105 billion on Tech & research per year. With a 2% increase per year. 美国每年在技术和研究上的花费在950 - 1050亿美元之间每年增2%。 China spends between 280–290 billion on Tech & research per year. With a 14% increase per year. 中国每年在科技研究方面的支出在2800亿至2900亿美元之间每年增14%。 So fast forward 12 years, by 2030 if they maintain the same growth rates: USA will be spending around 130–140 billion per year in 2030. China will be spending around 1.2–1.3 trillion per year in 2030. China has surpassed USA in tech since around 2012–2013. 再过12年,到2030年,如果他们保持增长率不变: 到2030年,美国花费将达到1300 - 1400亿美元左右 到2030年,中国年花费将达到1.2-1.3万亿美元左右 2012-2013年,中国科技已经超过美国。 AI - Artificial Intelligence. China is in 1st place, USA in 2nd, and Japan in 3rd. From 2011–2015, China published 41,000 AI papers. USA did 25,500. In 2016, 2017. China’s AI industry is almost twice the overall size as USA’s. Even though USA has more individual companies. China’s are bigger, more advanced, and has almost 5x more budget allocated to it. By 2030, China’s AI is expected to be over 10x that of USA’s. 人工智能 中国排名第一,美国第二,日本第三。 2011-2015年,中国发表人工智能论文4.1万美国2.55万篇2016-2017年中国的人工智能产业规模几乎是美国的两倍。尽管美国有更多的私营企业,而中国企业的规模更大、更先进,预算也是美国企业的5倍 到2030年,中国的人工智能预计将超出美国10倍以上 Space - Tech USA may have more current space technology completed today, with over 30% of it belonging to the USA. China however has a budget of over 4x more then the USA on space research and development. With China’s larger budget, and better quality, China is actually in the lead vs USA if you don’t count outdated tech. China creates far more superior tech in the space industry, and newer space programs are way more advanced in China than USA. All because of a larger budget. 空间科技 美国可能开发了更多的空间技术,其中超过30%的空间技术属于美国。 然而,中国空间研发的预算比美国多4倍。 如果不考虑过时的技术,中国实际上比美国领先。中国航天工业技术远比美国先进,新太空项目,中国比美国先进得多。这归功于中国有充足的预算。 Websites When you compare the top 50 sites, China has the most, and more overall traffic. China has 1.4 billion people. USA has 330 million. 网站 排名前50位的网站,数量最多的是中国网站,总流量也更大比较中国人口14亿美国人口3.3亿。 Biotech China may appear to be behind in biotech, with out dated charts from 2012–2016 showing China in 10–15th place based on companies. USA to to outspend other countries 8–1 (second place). But that has changed a lot. However, as of 2017, China is actually in 3rd place. And is estimated to be in first place by 4th quarter of 2018/1st quarter of 2019. This is all thanks to the massive growth China has done in the last two years. It’s only going to keep growing too as China R&D budget is just too big for other countries to compare to. 生物技术 中国生物技术可能落后于其他国家2012-2016年统计数据显示,按公司计算,中国排名第10 - 15位。美国排名第二。但情况改变了很多,截至2017年,中国排位上升到第三。预计到2018 -4季度或2019年第1季度,中国排名将上升到第一。这都要归功于中国过去两年的飞速发展。中国将继续发展研发预算太庞大了。 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46387.html    译者:Jessica.Wu Manufacturing Tech China & USA have always been neck to neck in manufacturing tech. However, China’s R&D in this space is really high, way bigger right now than USA. After 2021, China will start to grow a big gap between themselves and USA, and USA will eventually fall in 4th and 5th place by 2028 as other countries surpass. 制造技术 中国和美国的制造技术一直并驾齐驱。2021年后,中国与美国的差距将开始拉大,到2028年,随着其他国家的超越,美国最终将下滑至第四第五位。   Jack Noel, Retired executive The question is, Who is more technologically advanced The USA or China? Right now it’s the United States by a length. Some in the scientific community however have noted that we are not raising our children to become more interested in Science than some other countries including China. We are becoming dependent in fact upon “importing” brains and talent from such countries as China and India. 目前是美国领先。然而,科学界的一些人士指出,与一些其他国家(包括中国)相比我们没有培养孩子对科学的兴趣,正变得依赖于从中国和龙8国际娱乐等国“引进”人才。 In addition, recent polls seem to indicate an increased belief in the supernatural (aka, religion) in the US and we don’t have to be told about the centuries old antipathy of religion peddlers toward Science. 此外,最近的民调显示,美国人对超自然(又名宗教)的信仰有所增加,我们也知道宗教传播者对科学的反感已经持续了几个世纪。  
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