What is wrong with the Indian society of today? 当今的龙8国际娱乐社会怎么了?  QUORA网站读者评论:  译文来源:三泰虎     http://www.santaihu.com/46412.html      译者:Joyceliu  外文链接:https://www.quora.com/What-is-wrong-with-the-Indian-society-of-today Anonymous So much is wrong with our society but nobody cares. Scenario 1- Old parents whose only son is in US, he got married to an american and has taken up american citizenship. His parents did so much for him, sacrificed so much to make him what he is. He barely comes to visit them every few years. Scenario 2- One woman with 2 adult sons lost her husband in an accident, after fathers death, both sons started fighting and have come to the point that they cannot stand each others presence. The mother alternately supports one son while degrading the other. Finally, the elder son moves out because his mother abused his wife nastily. 我们的社会有这么多问题,但没人关心。 场景1 - 老夫妻的独生子在美国,他和一个美国人结婚并成为美国公民。他的父母为他做了那么多,牺牲了那么多,才成就了他。他每隔几年才回来看望他们一次。 场景2 - 一名有两个成年儿子的妇女在一次事故中失去了丈夫,父亲去世后,两个儿子开始不和,甚至到了不愿意见面的程度。母亲支持一个儿子,贬低另一个。最后,大儿子搬了出去,因为他的母亲恶狠狠地虐待他的妻子。 Scenario 3- A couple have 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. The mother made sure that her daughters are well settled and made sure they have a nuclear family seperate from their in-laws. When the son got married, the mother got so insecure that she would harass her DIL so much that the DIL had to complain to the police. The son only supports his mother throughout and never takes a stand for his wife. The DIL is staying in an abusive marriage because her parents dont want her to divorce and she has a daughter who needs the presence of her father to be considered as respectable by the society. Scenario 4- A single, divorced mother of an only son. But when he gets married against her wishes, she starts hating the DIL and emotionally blackmails her son into leaving his wife and small child to take of his mother. 场景3 - 一对夫妇有三个孩子,两个女儿和一个儿子。这位母亲给她的女儿们找了好婆家,确保她们跟婆家不用住在一起。儿子结婚后,母亲变得很没有安全感,经常骚扰媳妇,媳妇不得不向警方投诉。儿子自始至终只支持他的母亲,从不替他的妻子说话。媳妇的父母不希望女儿离婚,她有一个女儿,她需要父亲的陪伴,才能被社会认可。 场景4 - 一个单亲,离异的独生子母亲。但当他违背她的意愿结婚时,她开始憎恨媳妇,并逼迫她的儿子离开他的妻子和孩子去照顾他的母亲。 Scenario 5- A couple with 3 daughters and 1 son, the first daughter gets cheated in marriage and comes back to live with her parents while pregnant and never goes back and dies young, 2nd daughter doesnt get married, 3rd daughter in the only happily married one. The son ends up having a love marriage and gets kicked out of his house by his mother. The father wants to give the house to his son and wants his wife to send his grandson(son of 1st daughter) to his own father who never saw the childs face. After a confrontation between wife and husband- husband leaves and goes to his son. Scenario 6- An old lady with 3 daughter and 5 sons, her husband died many years back and she single handedly brought up all her children. The sons got well-settled and stopped caring for their mother, the daughters are the only ones who take turns taking care of their mother. Now, the sons have filed a case in court for property. 场景5 - 一对夫妻有3个女儿和1个儿子,第一个女儿婚后被骗,大着肚子回来和父母住在一起,不回丈夫家,年轻轻轻地就去世了,第二个女儿没有结婚,第三个女儿是唯一一个拥有幸福婚姻的。儿子最终和心爱的人结了婚,被母亲赶出家门。父亲想把房子给他的儿子,并希望他的妻子把外孙(大女儿的儿子)送回去给生父,他的父亲从未见过孩子。夫妻俩发生冲突后,丈夫离家去投靠他的儿子。 场景6 - 一位有3个女儿和5个儿子的老太太,她的丈夫多年前去世了,她一手拉扯了所有的孩子。儿子们安居乐业,却不再照顾母亲,女儿们是唯一轮流照顾母亲的人。现在,儿子们向法院提起了财产诉讼。 Scenario 7- A highly abusive husband who harasses his wife over minor things. The wife continues to live with him because she is married to him and has children with him. All these are taken from families i see around me. One of the stories(not 7) is mine. From these scenarios, there are all kinds of people, sons who take care of their mother to the detriment of their own family life to sons who donot care about their parents existence, wives who do not leave their husbands no matter how dire the situation is, mothers who wont let go of their children to mothers who get abused by their children. 场景7 - 一个虐待狂丈夫,为小事打妻子。妻子继续和他住在一起,因为她和他结了婚,有了孩子。 所有这些事情都来自我周围的家庭。其中一个故事(不是第7个)就是我的家庭情况。 这些事例中,能看到各种各样的人,儿子照顾母亲,损害了自己的家庭生活;儿子不关心他们的父母;妻子无论在多么可怕的情况都不敢离开她们的丈夫;不曾放弃过自己的孩子的母亲到头来被孩子虐待。   Heli Shah, Learner It was the time of weekend. My mom was doing oil massage on my head and we had good time after a busy week. I was telling my mom how my work is going on and some funny stories. Suddenly one lady came out of her house(She lives beside our house) let’s call her X who starts talking to the lady who lives in front of her, let’s call her Y. And this is how their conversation went. Person X: Meri bhanji ko beta hua. Translation: My niece gave birth to the baby boy. 当时是周末。我妈妈帮我在头部做油按摩,在忙碌了一周之后我们好好放松了下。我告诉我妈妈我的工作进展,还说了一些有趣的事。突然,一位女士从她的房子里走出来(她住在我家隔壁),我们叫她X,她开始和住在她前面的女士说话,我们叫她Y。 人X: Meri bhanji ko beta hua。 X:我侄女生了一个男孩。 I didn’t pay that much attention to their talk. Me and my mom continued our talk. But here is the reply of another lady which caught my and my mom’s attention. Person Y: Are waah! Badhai ho. Acha hai. Abhi dusra baccha lane ki zanzat hi khatam, beta jo ho gaya. Translation: Wow! Congratulations. Now no need to bring another child as she gave birth to the baby boy. Person X: Han wohi. Abhi shanti usko. Translation: Yeah true that. Now she need not to worry at all. Then they both ended conversation. 我没有太注意他们的谈话。我和妈妈继续我们自己的谈话。但另一位女士回答的话引起了我和我妈妈的注意。 Y:(翻译)哇!祝贺你。她生下一个男孩,就不用再生了。 X:对,没错。现在她完全不用担心了。 然后她们结束了谈话。 After listening to this conversation I lost my temper. I wanted to tell them In Which century are you living? I stood up. But my mom stopped me as Person Y is already aged. So she thought I should not talk to her unmannerly. 听到她们的谈话,我火冒三丈。我很想问问你们生活在哪个世纪?我站起来。但是我妈妈阻止了我,因为Y已经老了,她认为我不该对她无礼地说话。 I am not saying sons are bad. Not generalizing them. My point is the mentality of some people. Still In India Some families and couples want son badly. As they think Who will run their next generation, if they won’t have son. I would like to end up my answer by saying “In which century are you living people?” P.S.: I am not generalizing all the families. I’m blessed to have a family who does not differentiate between a son and a daughter. I hope every family in India understand this thing. 我不是说儿子不好。不能一概而论。 我想说的是某些人的心态。在龙8国际娱乐,有些家庭和夫妇仍然非常想要儿子。就像他们想的那样,如果他们没有儿子,就无后了。在结束我的回答前,我想问一句:“你们生活在几世纪?” 注:我并不是说所有的家庭都这样。我很幸运生在一个对儿子和女儿一样好的家庭。我希望龙8国际娱乐的每个家庭都明白这一点。   Aamrapali Bhogle, Indian
  • We are a nation of Billions. We have so many genius minds amongst us. There are so many successes of local achievers that deserve and are waiting to be celebrated right here, right now.
  • Yet we tend to over-enthusiastically and somehow strenuously pull out an Indian connection to any overseas achiever who bears a remote root to our land.
  • That person may have migrated abroad several generations back, and in all probability would never to return to India again.
  • All of their lifestyle, family, friends and colleagues may be starkly non-Indian.
  • That person may be openly identifying themselves as a Proud US citizen or a Patriotic European. And they will remain so until their last breath.
  • They also raise their children as non-Indian.
  • That person may be serving the Government, Defence or National Teams of another country.
  • 我们是一个拥有十多亿人口的国家。我们中有很多天才。各地都有许许多多成功者值得庆祝。
  • 我们过于热衷于,某种程度上拼尽全力想要砍断和龙8国际娱乐的关系,去往任何遥远的海外。
  • 那个人可能几代前就移居海外了,基本上不会再次回到龙8国际娱乐。
  • 他们所有的生活方式,家庭,朋友和同事可能完全跟龙8国际娱乐没有关联了。
  • 那个人可能公开标榜自己是自豪的美国公民或爱国的欧洲人。他们会一直这样,直到生命尽头。
  • 他们也会把他们的孩子当成非龙8国际娱乐人来培养。
  • 那个人可能会在政府、国防部门或其他国家的国家队服务。
But to us, he/she is an INDIAN. WHY ??
  • We will cheesily photoshop their original pictures, replacing the US flag with Indian tricolour waving in the background.
  • We will hail and popularise them on social media and the internet.
  • Indian Media will find out their village of origin and hold interviews with their distant cousins still alive on the land, and ask them all how they feel about the success of their kin who they have never seen in a lifetime.
但对我们来说,他/她是一个龙8国际娱乐人。 为什么? ?
  • 我们会把他们原来图片背景里的美国国旗修改成龙8国际娱乐三色旗。
  • 我们会在社交媒体和互联网高盛赞颂他们。
  • 龙8国际娱乐媒体会探查出他们出生的村庄,采访他们还在世的远房表亲,并采访他们如何看待他们一辈子没见过面的亲戚取得的成功。
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