Introducing Russia's 'New' T-72 Tank (Thanks To Some Deadly Upgrades) 俄罗斯新T-72坦克介绍(一些致命的升级)  c216c2e8129155120a8b68d8dd1fe52c.jpg Charlie Gao Security, Europe And it could be a big sales success. 这款坦克可能会大卖。 Russia’s T-72B3 tank is one of the most lethal versions of the T-72 in production. A modernization of the T-72B from the 1980s, it provides Russia with an effective frontline tank at a cheaper cost than the T-90 or upgrades versions of the T-80. 俄罗斯T-72B3坦克是T-72中最致命的型号之一。T-72B从1980年开始现代化,比T-90或T-80升级版的成本更低,为俄罗斯提供了有效的前线坦克。 Logically, such an upgrade to the T-72 would be popular worldwide, given the massive number of countries that operate T-72s. 从逻辑上讲,鉴于使用T-72的国家数量很多,对T-72进行升级将在全球范围内受到欢迎。 But the T-72B3 is only used by Russia and its close neighbor, Belarus. A variety of T-72 upgrades and configurations have been developed by Russian and even Ukrainian for export, but none have found major success. 但是T-72B3只有俄罗斯及其近邻白俄罗斯使用。各种T-72升级和配置已经被俄罗斯甚至乌克兰开发用于出口,但没有一个取得重大成功。 However, the T-72B1MS “White Eagle” may prove to be a change in this trend. Utilizing technology taken from the T-72B3, this export tank may give customers a lot of the advantages of the T-72B3 in an export-ready package. 然而,T-72B1MS“白鹰”可能会改变这种趋势。利用来自T-72B3的技术,这种出口坦克可以给客户带来许多T-72B3的优势。 Like the T-72B3, the primary upgrade of the T-72B1MS is Sosna-U thermal imager. The sight modernizes the fire control system and provides thermal vision to the tank gunner. 和T-72B3一样,T-72B1MS的主要升级是Sona - U热成像仪。瞄准具使火控系统现代化,并为坦克炮手提供热视觉。 Unlike the basic T-72B3, the T-72B1MS also features a thermal commander sight. Called the “Eagle’s eye,” the PAN sight also uses thermal matrices and provides a similar capability to the American CITV and German REVI commander thermal sights. 与基本的T-72B3不同,T-72B1MS还具有指挥官热瞄准具。称为“鹰眼”的PAN瞄准具也使用热矩阵,并提供类似于美国CITV和德国REVI指挥官热瞄准具的能力。 This gives the T-72B1MS superior battlefield awareness compared to the T-72B3, but overall the project is more modern than the B3 upgrade so more modern functionality should be expected. Similar sights have been installed on the Russian T-90M tanks. 与T-72B相比,这给了T-72B1MS更好的战场感知能力,但是总体来说,这比B3升级更现代,所以应该期待更多的现代功能。俄罗斯T-90M坦克上也安装了类似的瞄准具。 But the T-72B1MS falls behind the T-72B3 in other metrics. The armor is notably worse, with the T-72B1MS using lighter ERA than the Kontakt-5 of the T-72B3 or Relikt ERA of more modern Russian tanks. This lighter ERA probably provides decent performance against most HEAT projectiles but is unlikely to have the same performance against kinetic energy tank rounds. 但是T-72B1MS在其他指标上落后于T-72B3。装甲显然更差,T-72B1MS使用比T-72B3的Kontakt-5或更现代俄罗斯坦克的Relikt更轻的爆炸反应装甲。较轻的爆炸反应装甲也许能提供了良好的性能,以对抗大多数热弹,但不太可能对动能坦克弹药有同样的性能。 The reason for this may be the intended market of the T-72B1MS. Originally developed for a Nicaraguan contract, the tank has also been exported to Uruguay. In the close jungle and mountain environments of South and Central America, thermal imagers provide an important capability. Other nations in the region don’t have very advanced tanks or tank rounds, so lighter ERA may have been chosen to keep costs and weight down, increasing strategic and tactical mobility. 原因可能在于T-72B1MS的预定市场,最初是为了尼加拉瓜的合同而开发的,但这款坦克也出口到乌拉圭。在南美洲和中美洲的丛林和山地环境中,热成像仪提供了一种重要的能力。该地区的其他国家没有非常先进的坦克或坦克弹药,因此可能选择较轻的爆炸反应装甲来降低成本和重量,增加战略和战术机动性。 While the T-72B1MS isn’t really something the militaries of Europe or the US should be worried about, it’s an interesting take on the T-72 for the South American market that could prove uniquely lethal in its intended theater. 虽然T-72B1MS并不是欧洲或美国军方真正应该担心的东西,但对于南美市场来说,这款T-72在其计划投放的战场上可能被证明具有独特的致命性。 Acquisitions of the tank could drive a minor arms race, as the tank significantly outclasses the Brazilian Leopard 1A5 and Argentine TAM tanks in armor and firepower. Only Chile fields a comparable tank in the Leopard 2A4. 购买该坦克可能会引发一场小规模的军备竞赛,因为该坦克在装甲和火力上明显超过巴西Leopard 1A5和阿根廷TAM坦克。只有智利部署的Leopard 2A4可以与之匹敌。 Image: Wikimedia Commons. 图片来源:维基共享 美国雅虎读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46729.html  译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://news.yahoo.com LoveTheRain805 hours ago ever notice when it comes to russia the national interest speaks so positively about their military.....but not America. 有没有发现,只要谈到俄罗斯,《国家利益对他们的军事实力就特别积极乐观。对美国就不这么看  
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The GDP of Russia is roughly equal to that of the state of New York. 俄罗斯的GDP大致相当于纽约州的GDP。   Harry Doyle5 hours ago Soviets have a rather simple nomenclature. T stands for tank and the # indicates the year of development and production. This tank has been around since 1972. 苏联的命名方法相当简单,T代表坦克数字代表开发生产年份这种坦克1972年就了。   Ken6 hours ago A-10 eye candy! 华而不实!   Brian Griffithyesterday The US Abrams M1A2 main battle tank is still better. 美国艾布拉姆斯M1A2主战坦克更先进。   Top Secret2 days ago Tanks: The wave of the future. 坦克未来的潮流。   Hahahha5 hours ago Lol the t90 is the most advanced tank the Russians make. There’s a video of it losing to a 1970 tow missile. They still to this day can’t beat any US tech from the 1970s. But good effort. 哈哈,T90是俄罗斯制造的最先进坦克。有一段视频显示它给了一枚1970年陶氏导弹。   D.4 hours ago I've read that Russia has 50,000 tanks. That's a lot of tanks if it's true, and large numbers have a quality all their own. It would be a real challenge to stop that many tanks from overrunning Europe in short order without the use of tactical nukes with neutron warheads... 我听说俄罗斯有5万辆坦克。如果这是真的,那真是相当多。在不使用中子弹战术核武器的情况下,在短时间内挡住这么多坦克,不让其占领欧洲,那将是一个真正的挑战……   William5 hours ago Obsolete 40 years ago. 40年前就过时了。   Mladen5 hours ago It is much lighter and cheaper then Abrams and does not spill depleted uranium on home soil when hit. Sounds like good cost-effective solution for Third World. 它比艾布拉姆斯要轻得多,也便宜得多,而且被击中时不会将贫铀倾倒在自家的土壤上。对于第三世界来说,这是一个很划算的解决方案。   Carey4 hours ago Tank warfare is an antiquity, just another soft target now days. 坦克战已经过时了当今坦克只不过活靶子。   Steven Wood5 hours ago Looks cool. Breaks down at 1000 km mark, though. Sad. 看起来很酷开个1000公里就,悲哀。  
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