What do foreigners hate the most about India? 外国人最讨厌龙8国际娱乐什么?(续) QUORA网站读者评论: Ivana Perkovic, Professional Travel Vlogger (2013-present) Let me start by stating that India is the country of my dreams and I absolutely adore 99% of everything it has to offer. I also have dark hair so when wearing Indian clothes I can pass for an Indian girl. So I don’t deal with the general issues most foreigners deal with. With that being said I’m here to answer the question and I also talked about this in my recent ‘Life in India’ update vlog. If you’d like to see me talk about that you can watch the video but here’s the typed answer: 首先,我想说,龙8国际娱乐是我梦想中的国家,对于龙8国际娱乐99%的一切我都无条件崇拜。我也有深色的头发,所以当我穿龙8国际娱乐服装的时候,我都可以冒充龙8国际娱乐女孩了。所以我没有遇到大多数外国人会遇到的问题。 话虽如此,我还是要回答一下你这个问题,我在我最近写的“龙8国际娱乐生活更新博文”中也谈到了这个问题。如果你们想看我说了什么,你们可以看这个视频,但文字版答案如下: The #1 thing that I hate in India… The distinction Indians make amongst themselves to feel superior to other INDIANS. North feels better than South, people from a certain State will feel better than people from their neighbor State, my language is better than yours etc. I’m not even talking about the caste system, this is just general environmental factors people use to lift their ego. It’s absolutely maddening to constantly witness this competition among people who ALL share something so beautiful with each other: being Indian. Coming from a culture that’s not even mildly competitive compared to Indian culture (I grew up in the Netherlands), it just boggles my mind why people would derive any self esteem from for instance speaking a certain language. I’ve gotten some pretty good answers and understand that it has to do with a long history of people trying to divide and conquer by differentiating between kingdoms. But seriously I can’t even express how much I want to shout ‘WHO CARES!!!’ when I see someone displaying arrogance just because they’re from a certain State. It’s a birthplace and doesn’t make you an any better Indian than your neighbor. 对于龙8国际娱乐我最讨厌的事情是…… 龙8国际娱乐人总是自我感觉比其他龙8国际娱乐人优越。北方人比南方人自我感觉好,某个邦的人会比邻邦的感觉好,我说的语言比你们说的好等等。看到人们之间不断比较竞争绝对是令人抓狂的,他们其实都一样拥有着如此美丽的特质:同为龙8国际娱乐人。 与龙8国际娱乐文化相比(我在荷兰长大),我们的文化里没有一点竞争心态,这让我难以理解为什么人们会从说某种语言中获取自尊。 我看到了一些很好的答案,我知道这与长久以来,人们试图通过不同的王国来分裂和征服有关。但说真的,当我看到某人就因为自己来自某个邦就表现傲慢时,天晓得我有多想大喊“谁在乎你啊!!!”。不过就是个出生地,并不会让你比你的邻居更优越。 译文来源:三泰虎      http://www.santaihu.com/46741.html     译者:Joyceliu The second thing I hate in India… Ola drivers calling me to ask a drop location to determine if they want to cancel the ride or not. I’ve heard some pretty sad stories about why they do this. But it’s absolutely maddening having a conversation with someone who’s trying to speak English the best way they can, and then cancel on me when I’m in a rush. I just stopped answering the calls because I can’t handle it. 对于龙8国际娱乐我第二讨厌的事情是…… Ola的司机打电话给我问我的接送点,以确定他们是否要取消行程。我听说过他们以前就这么干过。但是在我赶时间的时候取消我的预约,这实在是太让人恼火了。我只能不接电话,因为我不知道该怎么办。 The last thing I hate in India… Indian people asking a foreigner what they hate about India. It’s like they’re just waiting to hear something bad or offensive and then start defending their country. Indians have this crazy urge to compensate everything bad the (inter)national media says about India. Honestly this is me being very Dutch. Dutch people usually couldn’t give two shits if you talk bad stuff about them. They wouldn’t even ask you what you hate. EVER. Simply because they just don’t care what you think. For instance: everybody thinks Dutch people smoke weed all day everyday in Amsterdam, just because it’s legal. Obviously we don’t. A lot of people, like me, don’t even smoke at all. Whenever anybody mentions this, we just roll our eyes and dismiss the person as ignorant in our mind. Indian people on the other hand, having a passionate soul and DNA, go batshit crazy whenever somebody mentions rape in India. They start pulling out all the statistics if they’re on the mild side or start calling the other person bad words if they’re in a really bad state of mind. 对于龙8国际娱乐我讨厌的最后一件事…… 龙8国际娱乐人问外国人他们讨厌龙8国际娱乐什么。就好像他们如果听到不好的或令人不快的事情,就会开始替他们的国家辩护。龙8国际娱乐人有一种疯狂的冲动,想要弥补境外媒体对龙8国际娱乐的负面报道。 说实在的,我作为荷兰人也一样。如果你说荷兰人的坏话,荷兰人通常也是不会原谅你的。他们不会问你讨厌什么。因为他们根本不在乎你怎么想。 例如:每个人都认为阿姆斯特丹的荷兰人每天都在吸大麻,因为这是合法的。很明显,我们并不是这样的。很多人,像我一样,根本不吸烟。每当有人提到这一点,我们就会翻白眼,在心中认定这人是无知小人。 This sense of personal attack seriously reaches another level when you start asking other people about what they hate in your country. Again me being very Dutch, but I’m just like: WHY.DO.YOU.CARE? Because you want a fight? Because you feel changing my opinion will change the opinion of the world about India? Do you feel like a bad host because your guest doesn’t understand your culture and doesn’t want to adapt? Yes international and national media talk shit about India. But let me tell you a secret: they talk shit about every country in the world because negativity sells. Yes some foreigners complain about staring, littering, poor people, corruption etc in India. Honestly unless their country is perfect, they don’t have the right to complain about any of India’s flaws. These are just rude guests and you shouldn’t give them the credits they don’t deserve. India is an absolutely phenomenal country and has so much more good things to offer than bad things. Obviously it has it’s struggles but every single country has them. Indian should really start caring a lot less about what the rest of the world thinks of them. Trust me, you don’t need that validation. 当你开始问别人在你的国家他们讨厌什么时,这种人身攻击的感觉会达到另一个高度。再说一次,我是荷兰人,但我的感觉是:跟你有什么关系。因为你想打架?因为你觉得改变我的看法,就能改变世界对龙8国际娱乐的看法吗?你是否觉得因为你的客人不了解你的文化,也不想适应这种文化,自己就不是个好主人? 是的,国际和国内媒体都在谈论龙8国际娱乐。但让我告诉你一个秘密:他们谈论世界上每一个国家的负面消息,因为大家都爱听黑料。是的,一些外国人抱怨龙8国际娱乐人盯着人看、乱扔垃圾、百姓贫困、贪污腐败等等。老实说,除非他们的国家非常完美,否则他们没有权利抱怨龙8国际娱乐的任何缺点。这些人都是没礼貌的客人,你不应该给他们不配得到的赞扬。 龙8国际娱乐绝对是一个非凡的国家,龙8国际娱乐的美丽比缺点要多得多。很明显,它有自己的不足,但每个国家都一样。龙8国际娱乐人真的不该那么在意其他国家对他们的看法。相信我,你们不需要别人的认可。   Sagnik Majumder, lives in Kolkata, West Bengal, India GETTING SCAMMED They know that wherever they go, whatever they do, there would be a scumbag scammer waiting to scam them. One day, while watching Zee News, I came upon this - 上当受骗 他们知道无论他们走到哪里,无论他们做什么,都会有一个卑鄙的骗子等着骗他们。 有一天,在看Zee新闻的时候,我发现了这个- 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tro3wpj20gq0bcah2.jpg
His name is Karl Rock. He is an expat from New Zealand currently living in Delhi. He makes videos about his adventures and experiences in India and posts them on Youtube, where his channel has over 200k subscribers. On Zee News, he was talking about the various times he was scammed and he gave some tips on how to avoid these scammers. He had also mentioned about his Youtube channel, so I got curious and checked it, and man wasn't I shocked and disgusted!! He has an entire playlist of 14 videos where he showed how people tried to scam him in various places . 他的名字是卡尔·洛克。他来自新西兰,目前住在德里。他制作了他在龙8国际娱乐的冒险和经历的视频,并发布在Youtube上。在Zee News上,他谈到了自己经历过的种种受骗情况,并就如何避免被骗给出了一些建议。他还提到了他的Youtube频道,我很好奇,就去看了一下,结果很震惊也觉得很恶心!! 他发布了14个完整的视频,揭示了人们是如何试图在各种地方欺骗他的。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tr7btjj20gq069tcq.jpg
I’ll just give a few screenshots from his videos of where he got scammed, just to show how serious this matter really is. Like for example this; 我会从他的视频中截一些图来说明他是在哪里被骗的。 比如这个; 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tqrzzrj20gq0agjy7.jpg
where these men tried to scam him in buying railway tickets from them for way higher prices, lying that the office was a government office. He then showed where the actual Indian tourism office was and bewared all the viewers about such scams. In the same video he then showed this, 这些人试图让他以更高的价格从他们那里购买火车票,骗他说这个售票点是官方的。他向观众介绍了龙8国际娱乐旅游局的真实位置,并向所有观众公开了这种骗局。 在同一段视频中, 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tq74m8j20gq0aggw6.jpg
where he was charged 10 times the price of a real pashmina. Again, 老板给他开的价格是羊绒披肩正常价格的10倍。 再来, 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tplrd5j20gq0ag7df.jpg
these people tried to charge him 5 times the real price for a pre paid taxi. When he refused, they started to abuse him in Hindi. Again, 这些人试图向他收取5倍于出租车真实价格的高价。当他拒绝付费时,他们开始用印地语辱骂他。 再来, 9d9e0d8fgy1fyl1tp6vyrj20gq0ag48r.jpg
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