Khanh Vu, Project Engineer (2017-present) My best decision I have made till now is… Fake called sick for a day of my part time work 4 years ago. So I was in 2nd year uni then. I was working part time as a cleaner/baker in a muffin baking factory. I would have to travel abt 1.5 hr on train to sydney for work from 2pm to midnight. That particular day in August 2014, we had a “Asian party” in one of the night club here in wollongong. My housemate then was asking me to call sick off work and go with him to the party. “there will be a lot of hot girls there”. Being silly and young as I was, of course I said yes. So I called sick, and go to the party. The party was alright, but what special is I met a really cute girl there. She dared me to guess which part of vietnam she is from and if I got it wrong I had to buy her a drink. I got it wrong because I was never good at geography and I then proceed to buy her a drink and have more chit chat with her. Then the night finished and she went home with her housemates and I only then realised I did not get her name nor her number. What a fool right? 到目前为止,我做过的最好决定是…4年前我称病请了一天的假,没去兼职。 那时我正读大学二年级。我在一家松饼烘焙厂兼职做清洁工/面包师。我得坐差不多1.5小时的火车去悉尼上班,从下午2点干到半夜。2014年8月的那天,我们在卧龙岗的一个夜总会举办了“亚洲派对”。我当时的室友让我请病假翘班,和他一起去参加聚会。“那里会有很多辣妹。”当时我还是个年轻的傻小子,我当然答应了。所以我打电话请病假,去参加聚会。 聚会本身中规中矩,但我在那里遇到了一个特别可爱的女孩。她让我猜她来自越南的哪个地区,如果我猜错了,我就得给她买杯饮料。我答错了,因为我地理并不好,我只好给她买了杯饮料,和她又聊了会儿。当夜幕降临,她和室友们回家时,我才意识到我没有找她问名字和电话号码。我真是个大傻瓜吧! Luckily, I then come across her randomly on facebook and added her as a friend (lol). We then joined a vietnamese group together performing music and dance at our uni international festival. Shortly after that, I asked her out and we became a couple then. We spent a good 4 years together full of joy and laughter. I loved her very much and still so. Then come the hard time when things got so stressed and pressurised for both of us. We fought a lot. There was time when we wanted to give it all up… Eventhough we have had bad periods when we fight and cry (yes men cry too sometimes) a lot, but I never regret meeting that girl and pursued her to be my girlfriend. Because now… She is my wife! We got married just last month Oh.. And that housemate who asked me to ditch work for the party,he was my best man in the wedding 幸运的是,后来我在facebook上偶然发现了她,并加了好友(哈哈)。随后,我们加入了一个越南社团,一起在联合国际音乐节上表演音乐和舞蹈。在那之后不久,我约她出去,然后我们成了男女朋友。我们共度了4年的美好时光,总是充满欢乐和笑声。我非常爱她,至今仍然如此。后来我们彼此都经历了一段艰难的日子,倍感压力。我们吵了很多次架。我们曾一度想过就这么算了吧…… 虽然我们曾经经历过很难熬的时期,我们一直吵架、流泪(是的,男人有时也会哭),但我从不后悔遇见那个女孩,追求她,把她变成我的女朋友。因为现在……她是我的妻子!我们上个月刚刚结婚。 哦。。还有那个叫我翘班去参加晚会的室友,他是我婚礼上的伴郎。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyooo1ts62j20gq0biqh0.jpg a3de6398f263eb828cf229f6c7b0685e.png 9d9e0d8fgy1fyooo0ywdyj20gq0bials.jpg
Me and my ex-housemate/bestman Edit 1: wow guys this is my 1st ever answer and so much love and upvote! Thanks guys for reading and I am sure my wife will be very happy as well eventhough she does not know I post this. It's a secret Edit 2: WOW 1.7k upvote for my 1st answer ever on Quora!! I am ecstatic guys :D Reading all the kind comments I realised yes universe works in a really mysterious way. Like how I would never met my wife if I did not call sick that day or if I would not come across her facebook and meet her again after let her leave without knowing her name or number. Or how we would never met if she has not decided to go to that party with her housemates when they asked her to go (she did not want to go at the beginning). 译文来源:三泰虎  译者:Joyceliu 我和我的前室友/伴郎 编辑1:哇,伙计们,这是我第一次回答,这么多的赞和投票!谢谢大家的阅读,我相信我的妻子也会非常高兴,虽然她不知道我回了这个贴。这是一个秘密。 编辑2:哇,1700人给我在Quora上的第一个答案投了票!我欣喜若狂 读着大家善意的评论,我意识到,是的,宇宙就是这么玄妙。就像如果我那天不称病翘班,或者我不知道她的姓名和电话,在她离开后,没有发现她的facebook,跟她再次见面,我永远也不会遇到我太太。又或者,如果当她的室友邀请她去参加聚会时,她没有去(一开始她不想去的),我们是不是就永远不会有交集呢? Saying all that, I realised it is also equally important that two people in a relationship have to put in a tremendous amount of hard work and effort into it in able to make it to the end. We would not be married now if we have not pushed together through all the challenges and tough time. We would not marry if we have not overcome all the stress and pressure in life for us. I am forever grateful that I had enough courage and determination and support from my wife in our long journey together. I hope that our courage and effort in our marriage life continue for a long long time so that we can have a happy life together Have a good night everyone and have a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for reading 说了这么多,我意识到,还有件也很重要,恋爱中的两个人必须付出极大的努力才能走到最后。如果我们不共同面对所有的挑战和艰难时刻,我们现在不可能结婚。如果我们没有克服生活中的所有压力,我们也不可能结婚。我永远感激在共同走过的漫长旅途中,我妻子给了我足够的勇气、决心和支持。我希望我们在婚姻生活中的勇气和努力能持续很长时间,这样我们就能在一起过上幸福的生活。 祝大家晚安,并度过美好的一周。谢谢你们来看我写的文字。   Dang Nguyen So the first time I ever met my girlfriend's parents was to tell them their 17 year old daughter was going to give birth in one week. That's a pretty good punch line, yes? ;) It's true though, so let me tell you the backstory. I was 19 at the time, she was 17. We were young, immature and SO not ready to have a baby. I wanted to play computer games and talk with friends about the meaning of life. Not change dirty diapers and actually bring a human being into this life. We were paralyzed with fear. Literally. To the point that we did nothing about it for several months. 我第一次见我女朋友的父母时,我告诉他们,他们17岁的女儿将在一周内分娩。 这挺搞笑的,对吗? 但这确实是真的,我跟你们说说都发生了什么吧。 那时我19岁,她17岁。 我们还很年轻,幼稚,还没有准备好要孩子。 我想玩电脑游戏,和朋友谈论人生的意义。 而不是给婴儿换尿布,在自己的生活中增加一个小生命。 我们吓得瘫了。真的。 以至于我们在几个月内都无所适从。 We hid the pregnancy from everyone including our closest friends and family. It was our best, and worst kept secret. Nobody could find out or we knew it would all be over. Whatever that it was. I'm ashamed to admit that we considered abortion as an option, but it was already too late so our only alternative at that time was adoption. We called the local adoption center and met with a very kind woman who would end up helping us through the ordeal. We had several meetings over the next few weeks. We learned more about the people who would eventually be the responsible, loving parents that we were supposed to be. The day finally came for us to sign the documents. 我们对每个人,包括我们最亲密的朋友和家人隐瞒了怀孕的事。 这是我们隐瞒过的最美好的,也最不堪的秘密。 没有人会发现,我们知道一切都会结束。不管是什么。 我很惭愧地承认我们考虑过堕胎,但当时已经太晚了,所以我们当时唯一的选择就是领养。 我们给当地的领养中心打电话,遇到了一位非常善良的女人,她会帮助我们度过难关。 我们在接下来的几个星期里见了几次面。我们对那些负责、有爱的父母进行了更深入的了解。 终于,到了我们要签署文件的那天。 Documents that would soon mean we would have to hand off our precious unborn son to some strangers. They would be happy parents. And we would not be parents. I remember having mixed feelings about the situation. Relief, that's for damn sure. And also a feeling of regret, even though nothing was official at that point. Before heading to the adoption center, my girlfriend had an appointment with her obstetrician. As a result of us hiding the pregnancy and not going to regular doctor visits, the baby was very small and likely to be premature. The OB was very concerned. I remember that day like yesterday. I was in the car waiting. My girlfriend came out of the doctor's office shaking and in absolute tears. This was not good. 这些文件很快就意味着我们将不得不把我们尚未出生的宝贝儿子交给陌生人。 他们会是幸福的父母。 而我们不会。 我记得当时我的心情忧喜参半。感到解脱,那是肯定的。但也有一丝悔意,即使当时还没有尘埃落定。 在去收养中心之前,我女朋友去找她的产科医生检查。 因为我们隐瞒怀孕事实,没有定期去看医生,所以婴儿非常小,很可能早产。产科医生非常担心。 在我脑海里,那天就好像昨天一样。 我在车里等。我女友从医生的办公室出来,浑身发抖,眼泪汪汪。这可不太对劲。 Very concerned and even more afraid of the answer, I asked, “What happened!??” She was mini hyperventilating and unable to answer for a moment, finally she said, “The doctor told me I have to stay in the hospital until I give birth.” Silence. In one single moment, all of those months we spent scheming and lying to everyone…it all didn't matter. Our secret would be out. The decision was made for us. We ended up having to spill the beans, or in this case, spill the baby. The baby was born 3 weeks premature. This is one of the first images I have of him, at 10 days old. 我很担心,更害怕会听到什么回答,我问女友:“发生了什么!???“ 她有点喘不过气来,一时说不出话来,最后她说:“医生告诉我,必须住院直到分娩。” 我沉默了。 在一瞬间,这几个月来我们策划、欺骗了每个人……这些都无关紧要了。我们的秘密就要曝光了。 这个决定是我们作的。 我们最后不得不说出这个秘密,或者说,向大家坦白宝宝的存在。 这个婴儿早产了三个星期。这是我第一次给他拍的照片中的一张,他那时出生10天了。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyooo0hs8xj20gq0agwk3.jpg
And I took this picture with my son, Brenden, this morning. A now 16 year old who I love with all of my heart. 今天早上我和儿子布伦登合影了。我儿子现在16岁了,我全心全意地爱着他。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyoonzwd03j20gq0pngzr.jpg
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