Chinese firms offer subsidies on Huawei phones, ask workers to shun Apple products 中国公司为华为手机提供补贴,要求员工避开苹果产品  3.png SHANGHAI: Chinese firms are encouraging staff to buy Huawei smartphones 上海:中国企业鼓励员工购买华为智能手机 Several companies are offering employees subsidies for Huawei phone purchases, while others have even warned staff against buying Apple products. 有一些公司为员工购买华为手机提供补贴,还有一些公司甚至警告员工不要购买苹果产品。 In eastern China, Fuchun Technology said "nearly sixty" out of its 200 employees have taken advantage of 100 to 500 yuan ($15 to $29) Huawei phone subsidies as of Saturday. 在中国东部,富春科技表示,截至上周六,该公司200名员工中“近60人”享受了100至500元(合15至29美元)的华为手机补贴。 Another tech firm, Chengdu RYD Information Technology, has offered 15 per cent subsidies, though it declined to disclose how many employees have actually taken advantage of the benefits. 另一家科技公司成都软易达信息技术有限公司提供了15%的补贴,但拒绝透露实际有多少员工享受了这些补贴。 "We are supportive of good China-made brands," a spokeswoman told AFP, adding that the subsidies are part of employee benefits and were not "guided by the government." “我们支持优质的中国品牌,”一名女发言人告诉法新社,并补充说,这些补贴是员工福利的一部分,并非“由政府指导”。 One company has even threatened to fine employees who buy iPhones, charging them 100 per cent of the smartphone's market price. 一家公司甚至威胁要对购买iphone的员工处以罚款,按其市场价格的100%收取罚款。 "Stop buying US brands for company equipment," Shenzhen-based Menpad said in an internal notice, confirmed by AFP. 法新社证实,总部位于深圳的Menpad在一份内部通知中表示:“公司设备不再购买美国品牌。” The internal notices announcing the Huawei subsidies started circulating on China's Twitter-like Weibo earlier this month, and have split Chinese internet opinion. 本月早些时候,有关华为补贴的内部通知开始在微博这一中国版twitter上流传,并在中国互联网上引发了意见分歧。 Some users were in favour of buying phones in the name of patriotism, while others questioned whether or not Chinese firms were simply leveraging Huawei's case as a marketing strategy or branding opportunity. 一些用户支持以爱国主义的名义购买手机,而另一些人则质疑中国企业是否只是在利用华为的案例作为营销策略或品牌推广的机会。 "Those companies are conscientious for standing by Huawei's side," praised one Weibo user, using a thumb's up emoji. "The government should also publish an official document to support domestic brands." 一位微博用户称赞道:“这些公司真心支持华为。政府也应该发布一份支持国内品牌的官方文件。” But another user, who said they supported Huawei, criticised the practise of punishing staff who purchase Apple products. To win respect, domestic tech brands should "keep fighting despite setbacks and adopt an attitude of not accepting defeat," they said. 但另一位表示支持华为的用户却批评了惩罚购买苹果产品的员工的做法。他们表示,为了赢得尊重,国内科技品牌应该“不顾挫折,继续战斗,永不言弃”。   龙8国际娱乐时报读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46770.html  译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/ Anand - New Delhi - 9 hours ago -Follow "Make in Bharat" or "Made in India". I myself stop buying and promoting China Products. Try to boycott china product on store and discourse seller to sell these china products. Exclusion are always there in terms of specialities and uniqueness.. Avoid China... 我们应该支持“龙8国际娱乐制造”抵制中国货   Nishith Joshi - 11 hours ago -Follow Look this people. Chinese are very loyal to their companies and don''t want them to get defeated by global brands. We Indians should also support our indian brands to strengthen our economy. 看人家,中国人对自己的品牌非常忠诚,不希望国货被外国货打败。我们龙8国际娱乐人也应该支持本土品牌,以此来增强经济实力。   Anonymous - 12 hours ago -Follow All countries should also boycott Chinese goods and services and promote home made local products 号召各国抵制中国货,支持本土产品   Malaikallan N - Malappuram - 6 hours ago -Follow Boycott all chinese products. It is a snooping device. You are financing them to have more exercises with Pakistan. 抵制中国货购买中国货,等于资助他们巴基斯坦举行演习。   Sabu - Hyderabad - 13 hours ago -Follow good strategy. canadian nd maverick Trump can't bully every one 好策略。加拿大人和特立独行的特朗普不能见谁都欺负。   Baljeet Singh - 6 hours ago -Follow Bhai kaunsa ohone india mein banta hai even apple is made in china 就连苹果都是中国制造的   Miss yamini - 16 hours ago -Follow chinese companies offers the subsidies on there phones to reduce the sales of apple products 中国公司对本国手机提供补贴,以降低苹果产品的销量   Ashmit - 4 hours ago -Follow Good we should stop Chinese brands also. 很好,我们也应该抵制中国货   Baljeet Singh - 6 hours ago -Follow When Yogi like illiteres are CM of big states in India India has no chance of compteting with China. 约吉·阿迪亚纳斯(北方邦首席部长)这样的文盲都能成为龙8国际娱乐大邦的首席部长时,龙8国际娱乐根本没有机会中国竞争。   Anonymous - bangalore - 40 mins ago -Follow Why not China and make the product and sell anywhere in the world but we cannot sell in china ... 为什么龙8国际娱乐货在世界都有销路,唯独在中国卖不出去……   Murali - 2 hours ago -Follow What about Huawei phone operating system android which is owned by Google is a USA company Chinese don't have a capability to create own software to run mobiles and PC which can replace USA based OS 那华为手机操作系统安卓呢?谷歌是一家美国公司,中国没有能力开发手机和电脑的国产操作系统   Bala Srinivasan - saginaw USA - 4 hours ago -Follow HUAWEI the chinese electronic giant is NOT GOOD FOR INDIA totally. 中国电子巨头华为对龙8国际娱乐完全没好处。。   Bambam - 12 hours ago -Follow i never buy chinese ching fung li products. but i have seen my colleagues purchasing chinese products. sic 我从不买中国货倒是看到同事们有在买   Jj - hyderabad - 17 hours ago -Follow Good move by China. Indian's should also do the same 中国干得龙8国际娱乐人也应该这样做
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