Isro to build 3 sets of rockets, crew modules for Gaganyaan Isro为Gaganyaan3组火箭船员舱  1.png BENGALURU: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), which got a shot in its arm with the approval of Rs 10,000-crore budget for the human space mission on Friday, has a long way before executing the mission, with crucial human-rating of systems, including the rocket, yet to be achieved. 班加罗尔: 上周五,龙8国际娱乐空间研究组织获批1000亿卢比载人航天任务预算,为其注入了一剂强心剂。在执行这项任务之前,该组织还有很长的路要走,包括火箭在内的关键系统尚未达到载人等级。 Human-rating says the system is capable of safely transporting humans. It also means it has adequate technology that efficiently protects crew in the event of any failure. 达到载人等级意味着该系统能够安全地运送人类,这也意味着在发生任何故障时该系统能有效地保护航天员。 Chairman Sivan K told TOI: “There is a lot of work ahead of us. We could not have gone ahead without money being approved as the mission needs a lot of new testing and development that is cost sensitive.” ISRO主席Sivan K告诉龙8国际娱乐时报:“我们还有很多工作要做。如果没有获批资金,我们的工作无法继续进行,因为该任务涉及很多高成本的新测试和开发。 At least 50% of the Rs 10,000 crore will go into human-rating, while a new launch pad that can accommodate entry of astronauts will cost a fair bit. 1000亿卢比的预算中至少有50%将用于实现载人等级,而且一个能够容纳宇航员的新发射台也将花费不菲。 “We have to build three sets of rockets, crew and service module. Although I don’t have the exact break-up of figures at this moment, building three GSLV-MK III launch vehicles and the other modules and conducting various human-rating tests will definitely use about 50% of the budget,” Sivan said. Sivan称:“我们必须建造三套火箭、船员舱。虽然我现在还没有确切的数据,但是建造三组GSLV-MK III运载火箭和其他模块,以及进行各种载人等级测试,肯定会花费预算的50%。”   龙8国际娱乐时报读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46769.html  译者:Jessica.Wu Rai Saheb - 8 hours ago -Follow What a great news!! ISRO is doing well under leadership of Karmyogi and Yug Purush Modi Ji and BJP!! Modi Ji is inspiring all Indians to do their best without any discrimination. We are worried if Muslims, and Congressi followers succeeded in bringing back Muslim Party Congress into power then that would be end of India. Same old things will return 真是个好消息!在莫迪和人民党领导下,ISRO表现相当不错!!莫迪激励所有龙8国际娱乐人做到最好,没有任何歧视。如果国大党重新掌权,那将是龙8国际娱乐的末日还有一些老把戏将卷土重来   Hum Hindustani - India - 8 hours ago -Follow After Independence only one PM we can trust is PM Modiji.. Under his successful leadership only this dream of isro came true.. India won''t get another Modiji in decades also, so please dont lose him.. Let vote again for one and only lion Modiji 独立后我们唯一可以信任的总理就是莫迪。只有在他成功的领导下,Isro的梦想才能实现。未来几十年不会再出一个莫迪,所以我们不能失去让我们再次投票给唯一的领袖-莫迪   Joe - 7 hours ago -Follow My nomination is for Pappu the clown and Sonia who can assist with acting as a professional barmaid as the 1st 2 crew members. 我提议让小丑拉胡尔和专业酒吧女侍索尼娅担任其中2名宇航员。   Tiger Zindahai - 8 hours ago -Follow Proud of you IsRO Dont worry about money part we have modi and bjp till 2024 not congress 为你骄傲,ISRO 有莫迪和人民党,不要担心资金问题,国大党将连续执政到2024年,不会让大党有机可乘。   ExSecular Rises - streets - 3 hours ago -Follow I strongly believe in ISRO and wish them good luck in all their endeavors. Its one of the few government organizations that are not contaminated by reservation pool. ISRO很有信心,祝愿他们一切顺利。ISRO是少数几个没有被预留制污染的政府组织之一。   Diepak Paul - 4 hours ago -Follow Salute to ISRO, and the founder Vikram Sarabhai. 向ISRO及其创始人维克拉姆•萨拉巴伊致敬。   ExSecular Rises - streets - 3 hours ago -Follow Lot of work ahead!! ISRO will always have full support of Indians for a successful mission 还有很多工作要做!!龙8国际娱乐人将永远支持ISRO圆满完成任务.   Birendra - 3 hours ago -Follow Gaganyan is set to be another feather in India's cap. Jay Hind. Bharat Mata ki Jay. Gaganyan任务将成为龙8国际娱乐的又一项卓越成就   Pradeep - 2 hours ago -Follow We Indians are very happy and proud of amazing advances and rapid developments made by ISRO, so consistently, in the space technology. 我们龙8国际娱乐人对ISRO在空间技术方面取得的惊人进展展感到非常高兴、无比自豪。   Manu - New Delhi - 5 hours ago -Follow At the ISRO Satish Dhawan launch site in Chennai, there's a South Indian dhaba that serves amazing idli sambhar. 1 plate only for 20 rupees with 3 idlis. Plus the idlis are real nice and soft. A must try for anyone who happens to visit the launch site. 在金奈的 Satish Dhawan发射场,有一个南龙8国际娱乐人在那卖蒸米浆糕,一盘3个只要20卢比,又软又好发射场参观的一定要去试试   Naty Naty - 5 hours ago -Follow India needs more patriotic rich guys to contribute funds for Scientific developements. Unfortunatly guys like Ambanis, Adanis never open up even for humanaterian needs. Some guys donate to overseas universities! Remaing guys take bank money with them and settle in overseas! Very few good people are still there Tatas ... If PM create Funds for Scientific Developement, many overseas NRIs will pitch in! 龙8国际娱乐需要更多爱国的富人为科学发展捐款。不幸的是,像安巴尼,阿达尼这样的富豪从未慷慨解囊其中一些富豪向海外大学捐款,其余的带着钱海外定居! 连总理都在为科学发展筹集资金,海外龙8国际娱乐裔也应该出一份力!   Sanjoy Pandey - 5 hours ago -Follow Best wiishes for successful implementation of the ambitious project by the ISRO. 祝愿ISRO成功实施这个雄心勃勃的项目。   Swaroop - 3 hours ago -Follow ISRO is giving a lot of tension NASA now. Great Work . 干得好,ISRO现在给NASA造成了不小的压力。   Chandrashekhar - nepal - 1 hour ago -Follow don 't weast money on this ,, give some to Congress,sonia ,pappu, maya,akiluddin,pawar, they desperately need. 别在这上面乱花钱了,给国大党,索尼亚,拉胡尔等人发一些吧,他们迫切需要。   ONE LINER Challenge - 7 hours ago -Follow A 10k Cr TICKET INTO SPACE FOR 3 IDIOTS/STOOGES- WHILE INDIAN POOR WALK BARE FEET TO WORK? THAT IS INDIA FOR YOU IN A NUTSHELL 龙8国际娱乐穷人光着脚去干活,居然花1000亿卢比送3个人上太空。这就是龙8国际娱乐的现状。  
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