Indo-US pact to develop futuristic military tech yet to deliver after 6 years 印-美关于发展未来军事技术的协定在6年后终将生效 NEW DELHI: The much-touted Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) finalised between India and the US six years ago to jointly develop and produce futuristic weapon systems and technologies, as part of their expanding strategic partnership, has failed to deliver any major concrete results till now. 新德里:龙8国际娱乐和美国于六年前敲定了引发热议的防务技术和贸易协定(DTTI),共同研发和生产未来武器系统和技术,作为其不断扩大的战略伙伴关系的一部分,迄今为止尚未取得任何重大的具体成果。 Though the co-production of advanced military helicopters and infantry combat vehicles as well as cooperation in aircraft carrier technologies remain on the table, another big-ticket project to collaborate on fighter jet engines has nosedived. “But a relatively smaller project to co-develop Sealink Advanced Analysis (S2A) systems to track vessels and enhance maritime domain awareness is close to finalisation now,” said an official. The US remains one of the biggest arms supplier to India, having bagged contracts for direct sales worth $17 billion just over the last decade. Several other deals, including the $2.1 billion one for 24 naval multi-role MH-60 ‘Romeo’ helicopters and the $1 billion acquisition of the American National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System-II, are also in the pipeline. 尽管联合生产先进的军用直升机和步兵战车以及航母技术方面的合作仍在商议,但另一个喷气式战斗机发动机方面的大合作项目却陷入了困境。一位官员称:“不过一个规模较小的项目:旨在跟踪船只并提高海域情况掌握情况的Sealink高级分析(S2A)合作开发系统,现在已快最终敲定了。” 美国仍是龙8国际娱乐最大的军火供应国之一,在过去十年中,美国已签订了价值170亿美元的直接销售合同。还有其他几项交易也在实施之中,其中包括21亿美元的24架海军多功能MH-60“罗密欧”直升机和10亿美元的美国全国先进地对空导弹系统II的收购。 But the DTTI’s professed aim to transform the bilateral “buyer-seller” relationship into co-development and production of weapon systems has remained a pipedream, with both Indian and US officials privately admiting “disappointment” with the progress made under the DTTI of 2012. India was very keen on the jet engine project, having failed to develop the indigenous Kaveri engine despite spending Rs 2,839 crore on it since 1989, but it hit an insurmountable roadblock earlier this year. “The US refused to share some key technologies we wanted,” said an Indian official. 但DTTI宣称将两国“服务”的关系转变为共同研发和生产武器系统仍是空中楼阁,龙8国际娱乐和美国官员私下都承认,他们对2012年DTTI至今的进展感到“失望”。 龙8国际娱乐对这一喷气发动机项目非常感兴趣,尽管自1989年以来已在这一项目上投入了283.9亿卢比,但未能开发出国产的Kaveri发动机,今年早些时候遇到了无法逾越的障碍。“美国拒绝分享我们需要的关键技术”一位龙8国际娱乐官员表示。 A US official, however, said, “What we offered India was far more than what we have ever offered to any other country.” The stalemate means India’s indigenous Tejas fighters will continue to be powered by General Electric engines bought directly from the US for the foreseeable future. The Indian Navy, in turn, is interested in the EMALS (electromagnetic aircraft launch systems) technology, developed by General Atomics, for its proposed second indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-II) with CATOBAR (catapult assisted take-off but arrested recovery) configuration to launch fighters as well as heavier aircraft from its deck. 然而,一位美国官员说,“我们向龙8国际娱乐提供的远比我们向其他任何国家提供的要多。”这个僵局意味着在可预见的未来,龙8国际娱乐本土的特哈斯战斗机只能由直接从美国购买的通用电气发动机来提供动力。 龙8国际娱乐海军也对通用原子公司开发的EMALS(电磁飞机发射系统)技术感兴趣,该技术可为其计划中的第二艘本土航空母舰(IAC-II)配置Catobar系统(弹射式起飞与拦阻式降落),以便从甲板上发射战斗机和重型飞机。 But the defence ministry is yet to even give initial approval for construction of the 65,000-tonne IAC-II despite the Navy junking its plan for it to have nuclear-propulsion to bring down the overall cost to around Rs 45,000 crore. Of the first four modest “pathfinder DTTI projects” announced during the Obama-Modi summit in January 2015, India subsequently rejected the Raven mini-drones and “roll-on, roll-off” intelligence-gathering and reconnaissance modules for C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. 尽管海军放弃了核动力推进系统,将总成本降低到4500亿卢比左右,但是国防部还没有初步批准6.5万吨的IAC-II航母的建造。 在2015年1月奥巴马-莫迪峰会上宣布的前四个 “探路者DTTI项目”中,龙8国际娱乐先后拒绝了乌鸦微型无人机、C-130J超级大力神飞机“滚装”情报收集和侦察模块。 1.png   The other two, mobile generators or electric hybrid power sources and next-generation protective ensemble (chemical-biological warfare protection gear for soldiers) were finalised but are nowhere near being the “unique and transformative military technologies” that India was looking for under the DTTI. India is, of course, evaluating the US offer for a tri-lateral venture with Israel to develop futuristic infantry combat vehicles, as also participation in its “future vertical-lift (FVL) aircraft” programme for five different helicopters, as was first reported by TOI. But there is no concrete progress yet. 另外的两个,移动发电机或电力混合动力源和新一代保护系统(士兵的化学生物战保护装备)已敲定,但和龙8国际娱乐在DTTI下期望获得的“独特和变革性军事技术”还相距甚远。 当然,龙8国际娱乐正在评估美国提出的与以色列合作开发未来步兵战车的三边合资项目,以及龙8国际娱乐时报最先报道的五架不同直升机的“未来垂直升降(FVL)飞机”项目。但目前还没有任何具体进展。 龙8国际娱乐时报网友评论: 译文来源:三泰虎     http://www.santaihu.com/46768.html      译者:Joyceliu  外文链接:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/indo-us-pact-to-develop-futuristic-military-tech-yet-to-deliver-after-6-years/articleshow/67306050.cms tvenak B Don''t be naive to expect transfer of R&D gains from developed countries to India. India has to have its serious R&D which has been neglected and slow to show results or steal the knowledge like Chinese do. Indians unlike Chinese is not disposed to stealing of secrets for their Country. 别天真地期望发达国家把研发成果转移给龙8国际娱乐。龙8国际娱乐必须靠自己认真研发,而这一点被我们忽视了,进展缓慢,迟迟不见成果,不然就像中国人那样窃取知识吧。与中国人不同的是,龙8国际娱乐人不愿意为自己的国家窃取机密。   Stud baker Despite calling itself super power and spe ding billions India has still not been able to produce reliable engines. While several engineers of Indian origin are working in almost all advanced US manufacturers, India lags far behind China, France, Germany, Japan,Russia besides USA in precision and hi-technology. India must invest more in R&D to become self reliant. 尽管龙8国际娱乐自称超级大国,正飞速发展,但仍然无法生产出可靠的发动机。 虽然美国几乎每个顶级制造商中都有龙8国际娱乐工程师的身影,但龙8国际娱乐在精密和高科技方面远远落后于中国、法国、德国、日本、俄罗斯和美国。龙8国际娱乐必须加大研发投入,才能自力更生。   Vjay San It is naive to think that the US will share its most sensitive technologies and mortgage its position as the leading military superpower. Besides, with all the smart Indians in the US you should be able to develop your own niche technologies if only you made available the infrastructure and resources or, you can remain dreaming and opt for handouts 认为美国会分享其最敏感的技术,拿其主要军事超级大国的地位作为抵押的想法,是非常幼稚的。此外,美国境内的所有聪明的龙8国际娱乐人,只要有基础设施和资源,都应该能够开发自己的利基技术,或者你也可以继续做梦,等人施舍。   Rahul Krishna US can't be trusted. We developed Brahmos(the best of its class) with help of Russia. We should prefer Russia or Israel. 不能信任美国。我们靠着俄罗斯的帮助研发出了布拉莫斯导弹。我们应该选择俄罗斯或以色列。   Duck Good Proud of India''s cost effective efforts in space technology...Americans are way ahead in research but cost and waste way too much..Americans spent 12 million on research for ball point pens for their astronauts where as Russians gave pencils to their cosmonauts. 我为龙8国际娱乐在空间技术方面的高回报努力感到自豪……美国人在研究方面遥遥领先,但成本和浪费太高了……美国人花了1200万美元为他们的宇航员研究圆珠笔,而俄罗斯人让他们的宇航员使用铅笔。   Freedom & Progress Vertical Lift Aircraft I think is a technologically difficult project. You may spend a lot of time and money on the project and not have any good outcome. 我认为垂直升降飞机是一个技术难度很高的项目。你可能会在项目上花费大量的时间和金钱,但得不到好的结果。   Jumla Expert Lazy DRDO expects free stuff. Do Something worthwhile and then you can collaborate with US like Israel does in AWACS and Gabriel Missile and LITENING targeting pod. 懒惰的国防研究与发展组织只会肖想天上掉馅饼的事。做点有价值的事情,然后你才可能像以色列那样,在预警机、加布里埃尔导弹和Litening瞄准吊舱等项目中和美国合作。   Duck Good We must start building our own, instead of blaming previous Governments, enough of blame game. What Modi has done in 4 years?... sooner or later we must instead of begging and waiting.. Never depend on USA.. 我们必须开始自力更生,不要责怪以前的政府,这种推卸责任的戏码已经够了。莫迪4年来做了什么?……我们不能乞求和等待,早晚都得自力更生……永远不要依赖美国。   Jnknws First of all, the agreement is flawed and stupid. For any agreement to work, there has to be some give and some take. So what is India giving? How can we expect a supplier country that is heavily invested in to selling arms to India at a humongous profit expected to part with a technology that will reduce its own arms sale and kill the golden goose? From the word go, this agreement was never expected to work. Instead, try some specific framework agreement where both can co develop and market together with equal investment, with either country allowed to use the offshoot technologies of that venture elsewhere too. That might work. Our babus probably think everyone is naive like them 首先,这个协议是有问题、愚蠢的。要想达成任何协议,就一定要有所付出,有所收获。那么龙8国际娱乐能给对方什么呢?我们怎么可能指望一个在向龙8国际娱乐出售军火方面投入巨资、获得巨大的利润的供应国,放弃会减少军火销售额、扼杀金鹅的技术呢?从一开始,这项协议就注定是行不通的。相反,尝试签订一些具体的框架协议,在协议中双方可以平等投资,共同开发技术和市场,双方都可以在其他地方使用该企业的衍生技术。那倒是有可能实现的。我们的老爷们可能以为每个人都像他们一样天真吧。   Sanjoy Pandey USA will not disclose it''s expertise for sure. India will have to develop itself. 美国不可能透漏它的专业知识的。龙8国际娱乐必须自己研发。   Chela Close down DRDO and HAL. Lay off all employees. Buy necessary weapons from US Russia France and Israel. Indians cant make anything on their own. Even computer programing jobs, thanks to invention of desk top computers by USA. Which generated thousands of jobs for Indians. Otherwise Indians cant do anything on their own. Basically Indians are followers not leaders. 国防研究与发展组织和龙8国际娱乐斯坦航空公司可以关门大吉、解雇所有员工了。从美国、俄罗斯、法国和以色列购买必要的武器。龙8国际娱乐人无法靠自己做成任何事。就连计算机编程的工作,也得多亏美国发明的台式电脑,它为龙8国际娱乐人创造了数千个工作岗位。否则龙8国际娱乐人自己什么也干不成。基本而言,龙8国际娱乐人只能是追随者,不是领导者。   Punjabi But if you ask BJP, they will come up with a story n fake numbers to show that it delivered or they will ( as usual) blame previous govt. rather than taking ownership. I wonder what they say when their wife tells then that she is pregnant( oh its previous govt fault) 但如果你问人民党,他们会编一个假数字来证明它这个协议已经实施,或者他们会(像以前一样)指责以前的政府。我很想知道,他们的妻子跟他们说她怀孕时,他们会说什么(哦,这也是以前政府的过错)。   Dhruba Gogoi No US please. All they know is a hard bargain for their influence on others. 不,这可是美国啊。这只是为了向别国施加压力的条件苛刻的协议。  
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