Only 10 Indians on list of world’s 4,000 top scientists 全球4000名顶尖科学家,仅10名龙8国际娱乐科学家上榜  3.png India boasts of eminent science and social science institutes like IISc, IITs, TIFR, JNU and Tiss. Yet, only 10 Indians figure among the world’s top 1% highly-cited researchers (HCR) in the two fields. To top it, some of the 10 are not from the country’s leading institutes. The list, comprising over 4,000 of the globe’s most ‘influential’ researchers has been released by firm Clarivate Analytics. 虽然 龙8国际娱乐拥有众多著名的科学和社会科研机构,如龙8国际娱乐科学院、龙8国际娱乐理工学院、塔塔基础研究院、尼赫鲁大学以及塔塔社会科学研究院,然而,只有10名龙8国际娱乐人入围全球排名前1%的高被引学者榜单。而且,这10人中有一些并非来自龙8国际娱乐顶尖学府。由Clarivate Analytics公司发布的这份榜单囊括了全球最具“影响力”的4000多名科研人员。 Eminent scientist and former head of the scientific advisory council to the PM, CNR Rao, figures on the list. More than 80% of the names in the list, which covers over 60 countries, come from only 10 countries. Remarkably, 70% are from just five countries. Among institutions, Harvard University has the highest representation on the list, with 186 names. 著名科学家、前总理科学顾问委员会主席拉奥上榜。在这份涵盖60多个国家的名单中,超过80%出自10个国家。值得注意的是,其中70%上榜者仅来自五个国家。在各机构中,哈佛大学的上榜人数最多,共有186人。 While India’s representation is negligible, China with 482 names is third on the list. The US tops the list with 2,639 names and the UK comes second with 546 names 龙8国际娱乐的排名微不足道,中国以482人排名第三。美国以2639人高居榜首,英国以546人位居第二。 JNU’s Dinesh Mohan, who figures on the list, said that till last year, less than five Indians would be on the list. “This year, they have included an additional category of ‘cross-field’, which took the number to 10,” he said. Rao said India must improve its quality of research, along with quantity to improve citations. “About 15 years ago, China and India were at the same level. But China contributes to 15-16% of science in the world and ours is only about 3-4%,” he said. Ashok Pandey, from CSIR’s Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, is the only HCR from CSIR, which has a network of 5,000 scientists. “It is a matter of concern and needs to be addressed by the government, and stakeholders, including scientists,” he said. IIT-Kanpur professor Avinash Agarwal, who is on the list, said applied research does not get enough respect in a country like India, which is obsessed with fundamental research. “We need to improve our research ecosystem... Predatory journals, where you pay and publish, need to be penalised.” 尼赫鲁大学的迪内什·莫汉也榜上有名,他表示,直到去年,只有不到5名龙8国际娱乐人上榜,“今年,他们又增加了一个‘交叉领域’的类别,使得龙8国际娱乐上榜人数增加到了10人。”拉奥则表示,龙8国际娱乐龙8国际娱乐必须在提高论文引用数量的同时提高研究质量。“大约15年前,中国和龙8国际娱乐处于同一水平。但中国对世界科学的贡献在15-16%,而我们的贡献只有3-4%。” 科学与工业研究理事会(CSIR)下属龙8国际娱乐毒理学研究所的阿肖克·潘迪是CSIR5000名科学家中唯一上榜的,他表示:“这是一个值得关注的问题,需要政府以及包括科学家在内的利益相关者加以解决。”龙8国际娱乐理工学院坎普尔分校的阿维纳什·阿加瓦尔教授也在名单上,他说,在龙8国际娱乐这样一个痴迷于基础研究的国家,应用研究没有得到足够的重视,我们需要改善研究生态系统。 The other Indian names on the list are: Alok and Jyoti Mittal (a married couple; Jyoti is the only woman researcher on the list) from NIT Bhopal; Rajnish Kumar from IIT-Madras; Sanjeeb Sahoo from Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar; Rajeev Varshney from International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics, Hyderabad; Sakthivel Rathinaswamy from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. 其他上榜的龙8国际娱乐科学家为:来自博帕尔国家技术研究所的 Alok和Jyoti Mittal(一对已婚夫妇,Jyoti是唯一上榜的龙8国际娱乐女性学者);龙8国际娱乐理工学院的Rajnish Kumar;布巴内斯瓦尔生命科学研究所的Sanjeeb Sahoo;来自海得拉巴半干旱热带地区国际作物研究所的Rajeev Varshney以及来自哥印拜陀巴拉提亚大学的Sakthivel Rathinaswamy。   龙8国际娱乐时报读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46806.html  译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/only-10-indians-on-list-of-worlds-4000-top-scientists/articleshow/67374084.cms KIRAN NAIR - PUNE - 8 hours ago -Follow Our scientist does not get any recognition in India, so how can we expect them on world ranking 我们的科学家在国内没有得到认可,怎么能指望他们在世界排名上名列前茅呢   Ms - 7 hours ago -Follow Because there is no reservation quota or Vote-bank reservation for global scientists...... 因为全球科学家排名没有预留配额   lmndave - Location - 4 hours ago -Follow We have the best brains in the world but alas. we have the worst political environment which encourages poisonous social fabric. 我们有世界上最聪明的头脑,但是我们的政治环境是糟糕的   Anthony Morais - 4 hours ago -Follow As I have said before India punches well below its weight in all matters. China is 3 times the size of India but its number of top scientists is 48 times higher, its GDP is 4 times higher, its defence budget is 8 times higher. It does much better at the Asian Games and Olympics. Why? Because India is obsessed with politics, caste and religious strife, 正如我以前说过的,龙8国际娱乐方方面面的实力都太弱了。中国的面积是龙8国际娱乐的3倍,但顶尖科学家的数量是龙8国际娱乐的48倍,GDP是龙8国际娱乐的4倍,国防预算是龙8国际娱乐的8倍。中国在亚运会和奥运会上表现出色。这是为什么?因为龙8国际娱乐沉迷于政治、种姓制度和宗教冲突   Modipanics - 3 hours ago -Follow How can we get world-class scientist when 72% of seats are reserved by caste classification in admissions and jobs 在招生和工作招聘72%的名额是按种姓预留的,这样怎么能培养出世界级的科学家。   Ganesh Vishvas - Bangalore - 6 hours ago -Follow In India meritorious students are selectively targeted and suppressed. 在龙8国际娱乐,成绩优异的学生反而加以压制。   Kinjal Datta - Chicago - 7 hours ago -Follow As expected we there are only Hindu scientists which shows that Hindus prioritizes education 不出所料都是龙8国际娱乐科学家都是龙8国际娱乐教,这表明只有龙8国际娱乐教徒重视教育   Rajesh - 4 hours ago -Follow we are busy in boasting how India was around 5000 years back. 我们正忙着吹嘘五千年前的龙8国际娱乐。   Gsn Murthy - Rajamahendravaram - 5 hours ago -Follow Scientists are the products of society. If the society is rich in academic charecter and inquisitive learning and experimentation , it will naturally churn out quality luminaries and scientists. The encouragement and grants by government though will help cannot ensure . 科学家是社会的产物。如果这个社会有良好的学术研究氛围,自然培养出高素质的杰出人士和科学家。   Jumla Expert - 6 hours ago -Follow India''s national hobby and sport is Raping women and Shyting on the streets. 龙8国际娱乐的国民爱好是强奸妇女和露天排便   Rai Saheb - 5 hours ago -Follow India won only Nobel Prize in Science before 1947. After Independence, Hindu hater Nehru made Mualana Abul Kalam Azaad our 1st education ministe 在1947年之前,龙8国际娱乐才获得过诺贝尔科学奖。独立后,仇视龙8国际娱乐教的尼赫鲁任命Mualana为龙8国际娱乐首任教育部长   Varun - Bangalore - 4 hours ago -Follow With half the seats in education are given on quota system, what can we expect from India? We are only making cyber coolies 龙8国际娱乐一半的招生名额都预留的,我们还能指望什么?   Excabar Poseidon - Kolkata - 4 hours ago -Follow Coz we have moron bhakts will dont want to use science they are happy with building atatues from chinas help 因为有一些人不想发展科学,喜欢让中国帮忙修雕像   India best - India - 7 hours ago Unfair report. Most of those scientists in the US and UK are Indians. So Indians are still the best in the world. 不公平美国和英国的科学家大多是龙8国际娱乐人龙8国际娱乐人仍然是最棒的   India talents - USA - 8 hours ago Indians should realize their endless boasts that India has most talents in science and engineering are nothing but pure garbage. Indians are always eager to congratulate themselves but others do not agree. None of India''s IITs IIS is ranked in the too 100 in the world by any rating scheme. Indians always accuse China of stealing technology, copycat, but China has 482 recognized scientists vs 10 in India. BIG mouth can never match truth and facts. 龙8国际娱乐人应该意识到,他们无休止地吹嘘自己拥有最多的科学和工程人才,这纯粹是胡扯。龙8国际娱乐人总是急于祝贺自己,但其他人都不以为然。龙8国际娱乐的理工学院没有一被任何评级体系列入全球100强。龙8国际娱乐人总是指责中国窃取技术,抄袭技术,但中国有482名公认的科学家,而龙8国际娱乐只有10名。吹牛永远抵不过事实   Gentleman - India - 3 hours ago -Follow Our school systems and colleges are horrible, mostly teachers have no creativity or imagination. They teach students to mug up text books rather than create interest in subjects. No wonder people don't grow up to become scientists. 我们学校体制很糟糕,大部分老师没有创造力和想象力他们教学生死记硬背课本,而不培养他们学科的兴趣难怪龙8国际娱乐人成为不了科学家。   lagoon94086 - Location - 5 hours ago -Follow We''re busy with politics, recently started religious clashes, caste clashes.. No funding for scientific studies but 5000 crores for statues..One more we can''t steal scientific papers outside India like China to publish that many papers..We only steal or backstab our own scientists in India ... 我们忙于政治上的勾心斗角,宗教冲突,种姓冲突…没有科研经费,却花了500亿卢建雕像   Duck Good - Canada - 4 hours ago -Follow Most them at least 30 of them live abroad, left India 50 years ago. 他们中至少有30%是50年前离开龙8国际娱乐的龙8国际娱乐人   King Of - USA - 5 hours ago -Follow education means ...marks which you get by sheer " RATTA"..or learning by rote!!! no scope for independent Thinking...challenging the norm...hence no innovation in India.. no significant patents registered...and no investment in R & D... 教育死记硬背没有独立思考的空间因此龙8国际娱乐没有创新没有重大专利注册没有研发投入……
Ms - 7 hours ago -Follow · Why Rahul Gandhi name not found in the list....???? 为什么拉胡尔·甘地没有上榜? ? ? ?   Riyfkm - India - 8 hours ago -Follow What to do .. All our Greatest scientists died long long ago ... Ancient times .... And then we have jealous people claiming all modern invention/Discovery are actually stolen from Quran, when it's in RigVeda, Bhagwad Gita, etc 我们该怎么办所有最伟大的科学家早已去世(古代)。所有现代发明/发现在《梨俱吠陀》,《薄伽梵歌》等典籍里都有记载。
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