There Are Plants and Animals on the Moon Now (Because of China) 现在月球上有植物和动物(因为中国)   China's Chang'e-4 lander touched down on the far side of the moon (Jan. 3 Beijing time, Jan. 2 US), and it's got some living things on board. 中国“嫦娥四号”着陆器在月球背面着陆(北京时间1月3日,美国时间1月2日),并携带了一些生物。 A small "tin" in the lander contains seeds of potatoes and rockcress (Arabidopsis thaliana, a flowering plant related to cabbage and mustard, as well as a model organism for plant biology), as well as silkworm eggs. The idea, according to a report in The Telegraph earlier this year, is that the plants will support the silkworms with oxygen, and the silkworms will in turn provide the plants with necessary carbon dioxide and nutrients through their waste. The researchers will watch the plants carefully to see whether the plants successfully perform photosynthesis, and grow and bloom in the lunar environment. 着陆器上的一个小“锡”罐装有土豆和芥蓝种子(拟南芥,一种与卷心菜和芥菜有关的开花植物,以及一种植物生物学的模型生物),以及蚕卵。据英国《电讯报》今年早些时候的一篇报道称,这些植物将为蚕卵提供氧气,而蚕将通过排泄物为这些植物提供必要的二氧化碳和营养。研究人员将仔细观察这些植物,看它们能否成功地进行光合作用,并在月球环境中生长和开花。 97b0463c6c6106137be8bd75d3257702.jpg "We want to study the respiration of the seeds and the photosynthesis on the moon," Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the experiment, told Xinhua, a Chinese state-run news agency. [See Spectacular Lunar Mission Images in 3D (Photos)] 该实验的首席设计师谢庚欣(音译)告诉新华社:“我们想研究月球上种子的呼吸作用和光合作用。” The "biosphere" experiment was the product of a collaboration between 28 Chinese universities, led by southwest China's Chongqing University, according to Xinhua. The experiment, which is tucked inside a 1.4-pint (0.8 liters) aluminum alloy cylinder, weighs about 7 lbs. (3 kilograms) and includes dirt, nutrients and water. Sunlight will filter into the container through a "tube," and small cameras will watch the little environment. That data will beam back to Earth by means of the complicated relay system China has set up to communicate with an experiment that has no direct line of sight to Earth. 据新华社报道,“生物圈”实验是由重庆大学主导的28所大学合作的产物。这个实验容纳在一个1.4品脱(0.8升)的铝合金圆筒里,重约7磅(3公斤),包括泥土、营养素和水。阳光将通过一根“管子”进入容器,小型摄像机将观察这个小环境。这些数据将通过中继系统传回地球,建立该中继系统是为了与一项没有对地直接视线的实验进行通信。 "Why potato and Arabidopsis? Because the growth period of Arabidopsis is short and convenient to observe. And potato could become a major source of food for future space travelers," said Liu Hanlong, chief director of the experiment and vice president of Chongqing University, as reported by Xinhua. "Our experiment might help accumulate knowledge for building a lunar base and long-term residence on the moon." 重庆大学副校长刘汉龙表示:“为什么选土豆和拟南芥?”因为拟南芥生长周期短,方便观察。我们的实验可能会为在月球上建立基地和长期居住积累知识。” Rockcress has been grown in space before, including in one experiment on the International Space Station that showed the plants' leaves appearing to rise and fall as they detected the moon's gravity. But whether the flowering plant will flourish in the environment of the far side of the moon remains an open question. 芥蓝以前也在太空中种植过,国际空间站的一项实验显示,在探测到月球引力的情况下,芥蓝的叶子会起落不定。但是,这种开花植物能否在月球背面的环境中茁壮成长仍是一个未定论的问题。 For now, though, this means that there's life in at least one other place in the solar system (even if it's only because we put it there). 不过,就目前而言,这意味着在太阳系至少还有一个地方存在生命(即使是我们把它带到了那里)。   美国雅虎读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46822.html   译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://news.yahoo.com/plants-animals-moon-now-because-154700392.html Diane Jyesterday China launched a satellite that circles around the Moon before they landed their lander. So, yes, they Can Communicate with it from Earth. 发射着陆器之中国发射了一颗中继,现在才能地球通信   Victoryesterday How the small tin will keep warm during the very freezing nights? 在寒冷的夜晚,这个小罐子怎么保呢?   danielhyesterday It's about time.America landed men there nearly half a century ago. 半个世纪前,美国人在那里登陆   Richard9 hours ago China is investing in space age technology. Trump wants a wall. 中国正在投资研发太空技术,而特朗普一堵墙。   Jamesyesterday Great potatoes and weeds sent to the moon....next a gardener. 土豆和杂草被送到了月球下一步该送一位园丁上去   True One14 hours ago "Our experiment might help accumulate knowledge for building a lunar base and long-term residence on the moon." Figures. Just as I said before, they are way ahead of us in their thought process. They will have the first moon base. We will be pie in the skying about Mars. We are so stupid. I'm sure our disclaimer later will be "We underestimated their potential to build a successful moon base". We'll see. “我们的实验可能会为在月球上建立基地,长期居住积累知识。”正如我之前所说,他们的想法比我们超前多了。他们将拥有第一个月球基地。我们冒险去探索火星我们太愚蠢了。我敢肯定,之后的免责声明将是“我们低估了他们建设成功月球基地的潜力”,等着瞧吧   willyyesterday That is all good. Congratulations China. 很好恭喜中国。   Anthony5 hours ago Isn’t it was made of cheese? 月球不是奶酪做的吗?   randall9 hours ago It should be interesting to see how plants handle the cold- but more importantly, if they can live in the radiation that gets through their protective cylinder! Radiation is the big threat to space travel...then lack of gravity (which plants seem okay with). 看看植物是如何抵御寒冷的,应该很有趣——但更重要的是,它们能在穿过保护筒的辐射中存活!辐射是太空旅行的一大威胁然后是缺乏重力(植物似乎可以受)。   Mazeyesterday NASA goes through great pains decontaminating and sterilizing any object (several times and with several agar tests on each piece) they send to other solar bodies so as not to introduce any life form which could contaminate other planets and interfere with future experiments. I hope China does the same. NASA煞费苦心地对送入太空的物体进行净化和消毒(每件物品都要经过几次琼脂试验),并将其送往其他太阳天体,以免引入任何可能污染其他行星并干扰未来实验的生命形式。我希望中国也这样做。   Chrstpnchryesterday I ate a moon pie for lunch today. 今天中午我吃了一个月亮派。   Nickyesterday There were actual men on the moon 50 years ago (because of the USA) 50年前人类登上月球,是美国实现的   MFWICyesterday Since the moon has 16.6% of the gravity of Earth, it will be interesting to see if any of the organisms survive long term and even mutate. Since you can't simulate less gravity on Earth. I know we all have the data on 0 gravity as we have been doing these experiments long ago. 由于月球的引力是地球的16.6%,所以观察月球上的生物是否能长期存活甚至变异将是一件有趣的事情。你无法在地球上模拟这样的试验   Robert Ryesterday That's actually pretty cool 这真的很酷   Stacia21 hours ago You can say what you want, but it sounds like a very cool experiment and something that would give first step info for a self sustaining moon base. Looks like a new challenge for a race to the moon. 这听起来像是一个非常酷的实验,它将为一个自我维持的月球基地提供第一步的信息。这看起来像是一场登月竞赛的新挑战。   member of NO MA'AMyesterday
  1. Seems like a nice experiment. Maybe it comes to something. Maybe not. Let's hang back and wait for some results.
看起来是个不错的实验也许会有也许不。我们还是拭目以待   Human Lab Ratyesterday Interesting experiment to see if photosynthesis will work on the moon. 观察光合作用在月球上是否起作用的有趣实验。   nyckhusanyesterday China started Moon season, Israel, India will join Lunar Club soon on this year, Russia next year. Only US doesn't have money for Lunar exploration, no money even to build a Wall on the own border on Earth. 中国开启了月球竞赛,以色列,龙8国际娱乐将很快加入月球俱乐部,明年就是俄罗斯。只有美国没有钱去月球探险,甚至没钱在边界建一堵墙。   Davidyesterday Hey.....is PETA ok with this? 经过善待动物组织同意吗?   uptoherewithityesterday No worries, it was made in China. After the 90 day warranty period it will stop working. 不用担心,这是中国制造的90天的保修期一过它将停止工作。   Human Lab Ratyesterday Chinese "Moon Cake" is spiking in sales. 中国的“月饼”销量激增。   Johnnyyesterday Question??/ Before we get all excited about this. I would like to know how they are communicating with the lander? To my knowledge there are no satellites in orbit around the moon.  Have they developed a new way of sending a radio signal?? 我想知道他们是如何与着陆器沟通的?据我所知,在绕月轨道上没有卫星月球背面永远不会朝向地球。他们发明了一种发送无线电信号的新方法吗?   Chrisyesterday I'm honestly relieved I didn't see "puppies" on that list 老实说,很庆幸在实验清单上没有看到“小狗”   Richard Fitzwellyesterday First they copied their space program logo from Star Trek, now they copying the food growing process from the movie The Martian with the potato growing as a major food source and so on. Are Chinese capable of ideas or do they always copy other's work? 一开始他们复制了《星际迷航》中的太空计划标志,现在他们复制了电影《火星救援》中的食物生长过程,土豆是主要的食物来源。 中国人有创意吗?还是总是抄袭别人的作品?   Yan19 hours ago Congrats! 祝贺!   Daniel2 days ago Why all the great things nowadays are made in China? 为什么如今所有伟大的东西都是中国制造的?   Tyesterday Who waters the plants? 谁给植物浇水?   Bill19 hours ago Neat idea can't wait to see how this experiment plays out. 好主意迫不及待地想看看这个实验的结果。   CuervoRisingyesterday editors note: i'm pretty certain silkworm eggs would be insects, not animals. 我很确定蚕卵是昆虫,而不是动物。   kingsley23 hours ago Will the land is enough to support 1.3 billion Chinese on the moon? 月球上的土地足够养活13亿中国人吗?   zola22 hours ago Militarization of the moon not far off unfortunately. 不幸的是,离月球军事化不远   Semper Fi5 hours ago One fatal flaw is that plants and living organism need sunlight to live. They brought to a wrong side of the moon. 植物和生物体需要阳光才能生存,而它却被带到了月球的背面,搞错了吧
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