Why aren’t credit cards popular in China, the world's second largest economy? 为什么信用卡在中国这个全球第二大经济体并不普及? QUORA网站读者评论: Sean McDirmid, lived in Beijing, China (2007-2016) As others have stated, China has leaped frog credit cards to mobile payments, something that has been difficult to take of in the west because they already have credit cards. Now, there is something else: China was never able to handle credit cards very well. The banks, for example, would get ripped off a lot and so it would be difficult to acquire a credit card (especially if you are a foreigner without the backing of your company). For the same reason that personal checks never really existed in China, credit cards never became popular because the trust needed to use them effectively didn’t exist. 正如其他人提到的,中国已经从信用卡跃入移动支付时代,这在西方很难推行,因为他们已经有信用卡了。 还有其他原因:中国在信用卡管理方面一直做得不太好。例如说,银行会被高额欺诈,因此要获批信用卡很难(特别是如果你是个外国人,公司不给予支持的话)。这就像个人支票在中国从未真正存在过一样,信用卡从未大规模普及,因为有效使用信用卡所需的信任寄出并不存在。 Not only that, but the rules are very different. Normally, when fraud occurs, the bank that issued the credit card would require the merchant to provide proof that the transaction was legit…the burden of proof is always on the merchant! However, in China, the burden of proof is on the card user instead, making credit cards much more dangerous to use. In fact, many businesses abroad will look for these credit cards (e.g. issued by ICBC) to take advantage of, meaning Chinese credit card users have become increasingly attractive targets of fraud given their bank’s policies. 不仅如此,规则也大不相同。通常来说,当发生信用卡欺诈时,发行信用卡的银行会要求商家提供交易合法的证明……证明的责任从来都是落在商家身上!然而,在中国,举证责任却落在了信用卡使用者身上,这使得信用卡的使用变得更加危险。事实上,许多海外商户会寻找这些信用卡(例如工商银行发行的信用卡)加以利用,这意味着考虑到中国的银行政策,中国信用卡用户已成为越来越有吸引力的欺诈目标。 译文来源:三泰虎   http://www.santaihu.com/46826.html        译者:Joyceliu   Chris Garcia, Executive Management (1990-present) That credit cards are not popular is a myth. The issue arises when you consider that those most likely to use credit cards are those in first and second tier cities compromise a significant minority of the Chinese population. Banks in Beijing aggressively push credit cards. Though difficult generally for expats, for Chinese citizens you can get approved as long as you have demonstrable employment / income / assets and no negative credit history. Almost everybody I know has at least two. Many answers paint credit cards as obsolete due to a robust e-payment platform. It's true that AliPay and WeChat have permeated society, but people are forgetting that these e-payments, somewhere down the line, represent real cash. Where does this cash originate from? A large part comes from credit; people link their credit cards to the platform and the spend is charged to their credit card. WeChat and AliPay serve as merchant accounts and payment facilitators. AliPay has recognized the importance of linking credit accounts as payment sources and has started their own finance company, soon to be commercial bank, to extend personal credit. 信用卡不受欢迎是子虚乌有的事。你可能觉得最有可能使用信用卡的人都生活在一、二线城市,而这些人只占到中国人口的一小部分,才会提出这个问题。 北京的银行大力推广信用卡。虽然对外国人来说很难,但对中国公民来说,只要你能提供真实的工作/收入/资产证明,没有不良信用记录,你就能获批信用卡。我认识的几乎所有人都至少有两张以上的信用卡。 很多回帖都认为,由于强大的电子支付平台,信用卡已经过时了。支付宝和微信确实已经渗透到社会各个层面,但是人们忘记了这些电子支付,在未来的某个时候,就代表着真正的现金。这些钱是从哪里来的?很大一部分来自信用卡;人们将他们的信用卡与这个平台相关联,消费计入他们的信用卡账单。微信和支付宝充当商户账户和支付服务商。支付宝已经认识到将信用账户作为支付来源的重要性,并成立了自己的金融公司,很快将成为商业银行,拓展个人信用卡业务。 At least one answer has falsely stated that there are no safeguards when using a Chinese credit card. First of all, any Chinese credit card used overseas has the same zero liability policy as US-issued credit cards, without exception. Further, for overseas payments the cardholder can avail of chargeback rights. For domestic use, China Merchants Bank and GuangFa Bank started issuing their cards with a zero liability policy and other major banks have picked up on that. Also, since the overwhelming vast majority use a PIN for card purchases, fraud is manageable 至少有一个答案错误地认为,使用中国信用卡没有安全保障。首先,任何在海外使用的中国信用卡都与美国发行的信用卡享有相同的零责任政策,无一例外。此外,在海外付款时,持卡人可享有退款权利。在国内,招商银行和广发银行开始发行零责任信用卡,其他大型银行也纷纷效仿。此外,由于绝大多数人在用信用卡消费时会使用个人识别码,欺诈行为出在可控范围内。   Megan Cox, Living in Shenzhen with my Chinese (Teochew) family I'm pretty sure the Chinese skipped the credit card revolution and went straight to mobile payments. However, some do have credit cards, and use them rotationally to move debt around. Apart from the Chinese’ exceptional frugality, My best guess is also that restaurants and stores in China simply would not accept all the chargebacks and fees (~3% on each transaction in the US). Credit cards come with all kinds of bullshit, from the business’s perspective. Why not just get cash.. Immediately.. Via mobile payments? I mean.. Go to any Chinatown in the US and you'll see signs everywhere that say “CASH ONLY NO CREDIT CARDS” Although, my dinner companion says she has a credit card that she routinely uses and pays off to increase her credit score (like me!). She also works for PingAn Bank and helps people open credit cards all the time, so she may be a bit of an outlier. 我敢肯定,中国人跳过了信用卡革命,直接进入了移动支付时代。 但是有些人确实有信用卡,并利用信用卡来周转负债。 除了中国人非常节俭这个原因之外,我猜测中国的餐馆和商店不会接受所有的信用卡退款和手续费用(在美国每笔交易收取3%左右)。从商业的角度来看,信用卡有这样那样的问题。为什么不直接拿现金消费呢?或马上...通过移动支付? 我的意思是...去美国的唐人街看看吧,你会看到到处都有写着“只收现金,拒绝信用卡”的告示牌 尽管如此,跟我一起吃晚餐的朋友说她有一张信用卡,经常使用并还款,可以提高她的信用评分(就像我一样!)她还在平安银行工作,帮人们开立信用卡,所以她可能跟别人不一样吧。   Isaac Hsu, studied at Michigan State University Lots of great answers already but I would like to add that there are many transactions the Chinese can do nowadays with mobile payment that’s simply too cumbersome or impossible with credit cards, such as: Rent a bike that does not have a docking station. Pick up any parked bike on the sidewalk and park it anywhere when you’re done. No need to return it to a predetermined location with a dock station. Just scan the barcode on the bike and unlock. 已经有很多很好的答案了,但我想补充的是,现在中国人可以用移动支付进行很多交易,使用信用卡支付要么太麻烦要么做不到,例如: 要租用一辆没有泊车站的自行车时。解锁停在人行道上的自行车,用完随处停靠。不需要把车还到指定的泊车位置。只需扫描自行车上的条形码并解锁即可。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyywo42hddj20gq090k2z.jpg 9d9e0d8fgy1fyywo3lnlpj20gq0hrdsp.jpg
Order food at a restaurant w/o the waiter. You and your friends can each order different dishes, at the same table, and then decide how to split the bill - all done on each person’s phone. Just scan the 3D barcode on the table. 在没有服务员的餐厅点菜。你和你的朋友可以在同一张桌子上各自点菜,然后决定如何均摊餐费——所有这些都可以通过每个人的手机完成。只要扫描桌上的3D条形码即可。 9d9e0d8fgy1fyywo2z878j20gq0mbdur.jpg
Pay highway tolls 支付高速公路通行费 9d9e0d8fgy1fyywo2gsvdj20ex0ac7bx.jpg
Buy snacks in a taxi (w/o the driver turning around.) This is really funny and creative In China, taxis are turning into mini 7-Elevens 在出租车上买零食(司机不用回头)。这个真的非常有趣,很有创意,中国出租车正慢慢变成小型7-11便利店 9d9e0d8fgy1fyywqbxdbej20gq0ckqe4.jpg
Try that with your credit card! Meanwhile, Umerica is investing in building WALLS… (sigh) 你用你的信用卡试试! 而美国正在投资修建围墙……(哎)  
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