Huawei launches server chipset as China pushes to cut reliance on imports 中国降低对进口依赖之际,华为推出服务器芯片组  u=309108255,598734494&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG.jpg By Sijia Jiang HONG KONG (Reuters) - Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] on Monday launched a new chipset for use in servers, at a time when China is pushing to enhance its chip-making capabilities and reduce its heavy reliance on imports, especially from the United States. 香港(路透社)-周一,华为推出了一新款服务器芯片组,此举正值中国努力提高芯片制造能力,减少对进口芯片(尤其是从美国进口的)的严重依赖。 Huawei, which gets the bulk of its revenue from the sale of telecommunications equipment and smartphones, is seeking growth avenues in cloud computing and enterprise services 华为的大部分收入来自电信设备和智能手机的销售。 Chinese firms are also seeking to minimize the impact of a trade dispute that has seen China and the United States slap tariffs on each other's technology imports. 中国企业也在寻求将贸易争端的影响降到最低。在这场贸易争端中,中国和美国对彼此的技术进口征收关税。 For Huawei, the launch of the chipset - called the Kunpeng 920 and designed by subsidiary HiSilicon - boosts its credentials as a semiconductor designer, although the company said it had no intention of becoming solely a chip firm. 对于华为来说,这款名为“鲲鹏920”芯片组的推出,提升了其作为半导体设计者的资历,尽管该公司表示,无意成为一家纯粹的芯片公司。 "It is part of our system solution and cloud servicing for clients ... We will never make our chipset business a standalone business," said Ai Wei, who is in charge of strategic planning for Huawei's chipsets and hardware technology. 负责华为芯片组和硬件技术战略规划的Ai Wei表示:“这是我们为客户提供的系统解决方案和云服务的一部分。我们绝不会让芯片组业务成为一项单独的业务”。 The Shenzhen-based company already makes the Kirin series of smartphone chips used in its high-end phones, and the Ascend series of chipsets for artificial intelligence computing launched in October. 这家总部位于深圳的公司已经生产了用于高端手机的麒麟系列智能手机芯片,以及去年10月推出的用于人工智能计算的Ascend系列芯片组。 It said its latest 7 nanometre, 64-core central processing unit (CPU) would provide much higher computing performance for data centers and slash power consumption. It is based on the architecture of British chip design firm ARM - owned by Japan's SoftBank Group Corp <9984.T> - which is seeking to challenge the dominance in server CPUs of U.S. maker Intel Corp . 该公司表示,最新的7纳米64核中央处理器(CPU)将为数据中心提供更高的计算性能,并大幅降低能耗。它基于英国芯片设计公司ARM的架构,ARM由日本软银集团所有,该公司正寻求挑战美国制造商英特尔在服务器CPU领域的主导地位。   美国雅虎读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46835.html   译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://finance.yahoo.com/ Johnlast month The Huawei CPU is a 7nm design. The AMD new chip is also 7nm. 华为CPU是7纳米,AMD的新芯片也是7纳米 VNTlast month It makes business sense to develop one own ICs to avoid being held hostage by outside firms. 为了避免受制于其他公司,自己开发芯片是有商业意义的。   Danlast month China and Russ try extremely hard to reverse engineering chip set and chip set maker know that. 中国和俄罗斯正竭尽全力进行芯片逆向工程,而芯片制造商也深知这一点。    Billlast month Rolling out their newest line of stolen technology. 靠偷来的技术推出的最新产品。   Painlast month China is producing 7nm and Intel is still on 10nm outdated design, yet people still believe China copied such outdated design. China purchase Intel chip because it is cheap although outdated. They license from the best AMD. Intel should wake up and bulk up now. 中国正在生产7纳米芯片英特尔还在10纳米这种过时的设计,人们仍然认为中国抄袭了7纳米工艺。中国购买英特尔芯片,因为虽然过时,但价格便宜。他们从最超威半导体获得授权。英特尔现在应该清醒过来,提升自己   Thehun Xyzlast month America is truly shooting itself in the foot by accusing and sanctioning Huawei without providing any proofs. While temporary setbacks to those manufacturers, it will force them to turn to homegrown, or other, more reliable suppliers in the future. American chip-makers will surely loose business on the long run. 美国在没有提供任何证据的情况下指责和制裁华为,真是搬起石头砸自己的脚。尽管这些制造商暂时受挫,但这将迫使它们在未来转向本土或其它更可靠的供应商。从长远来看,美国芯片制造商肯定会失去业务。   Alexlast month Well done, Huawei, very well done indeed. Keep up with the good work and "Make China Strong, Prosperous and Great Again" 干得好,华为,确实干得很好。继续保持这种状态让中国再次强大、繁荣和伟大。   natlast month pretty sure it is hack and copy 肯定是黑来的技术   Vanlast month uhm...no thanks 不需要,谢谢!   USA 1last month Develope your own and do research and invest , stop stealing ours technology. Teaching this generation and future generations how to play a fair games. 能不能自己投资研发,别窃取我们的技术。此外,请教导这一代和未来的几代人如何公平竞争。   Joelast month Huawei is still winning. 华为仍然是赢家。   waynelast month A Backdoor Phone...……….NO THANKS. 有后门的手机,不需要,谢谢!   Carsonlast month Boycott Huawei 抵制华为   Anthonylast month Trying to steal IP again? 又想窃取技术?
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