China unveils its first STEALTH SPY DRONE that can fly 40 hours without refuelling and scout ground targets from 9,800ft 中国展示架隐形无人侦察机,最大续航时间40小时,能从9800英尺的高空侦察地面目标 China has unveiled its first stealth spy drone that is invisible to radar and can fly 40 hours without refuelling. 中国展示了首架隐形无人侦察机,雷达无法探测到,可在不续燃料的情况下飞行40小时。 The 'Sky Hawk' warplane is capable of taking a clear picture of a car's number plate while flying at the altitude of 3,000 metres (9,800 feet), according to its developer. 据研发人员介绍,这款名为“天鹰”的军用飞机能够在3000米(9800英尺)高空飞行时清晰地拍摄到汽车车牌。 The 'Sky Hawk', or Tianying in Chinese, is the brainchild of Sea Hawke General Aviation Equipment Company Ltd, which was set up in 2012 by state-run China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation to develop and manufacture military drones. “天鹰”是海鹰航空通用装备有限责任公司研发和制造的军用无人机,海鹰航空由中国航天科工集团公司在2012年创建。 u=2476358182,564002382&fm=173&app=49&f=JPEG.jpg The plane is capable of avoiding radar detection and penetrating key enemy targets in a 'highly threatening battling environment', says Sea Hawke in a post on Chinese social media on New Year's Day. The post also released the first video of the spy drone. 元旦当天,海鹰航空在中国社交媒体上发帖称,这款飞机能够在“高威胁战场环境”下躲避雷达探测,探测敌方关键目标。帖子里还发布了这架无人机的首个视频。 While the majority of the footage uses computer-generated imaging of the plane, it contains a 10-second real-life clip which captures the drone taking off from an airport in an unspecified location. 虽然视频大部分使用的是电脑生成的飞机图像,但它包含了一个10秒的真实片段,捕捉到无人机从一个未指明地点的机场起飞的画面。 The drone is equipped with China's most advanced photo-electric aerial platform, according to the plane's deputy designer Wang Jianping, who spoke to China Central Television Station. 据副设计师王建平(音译)在接受中央电视台采访时表示,这款无人机配备了中国最先进的光电空中平台。 The platform contains seven different cameras, including an infrared camera and a multispectral camera, all of which can turn 360 degrees while spying on enemies without being captured by radar. 该平台包括7个不同的摄像头,包括一个红外摄像头和一个多光谱摄像头,所有摄像头都可以在不被雷达捕获的情况下进行360度侦查。 With a wingspan of 18 metres (59 feet), the plane can reach a maximum cruising altitude of 7,500 metres (24,600 feet) and carry 370 kilograms (815 pounds) of goods. Its maximum take-off load is 1.5 tonnes. 这款飞机翼展18米(59英尺),最大巡航高度可达7500米(24600英尺),载荷370公斤(815磅)。其最大起飞重量为1.5吨。 timg2.jpg 英国每日邮报读者评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 http://www.santaihu.com/46845.html   译者:Jessica.Wu 外文:https://www.dailymail.co.uk USBPAZ, Here, United States, 1 day ago Looks familiar. 看起来很眼熟。   cockney in exile, utopia, United Kingdom, 2 days ago China steal everything technology wise what you on about . 中国偷走了技术。   Napalm Facepalm, belfast, United Kingdom, 2 days ago Ripoff 剽窃   CaptainKirk, London, United Kingdom, 2 days ago A chinese copy of taranis !!! But they still have a long way to go. 英国“雷神”无人机的翻版。他们还有很长的路要走。   cockney in exile, utopia, United Kingdom, 2 days ago Tarranis is the first stealth drone built by BAE check it out it's identical . China copies everything Britain leads the world . “雷神”无人机是英国航空航天系统公司制造的第一架隐形无人机。中国什么都抄袭,英国引领世界。   Mike, Novosibisk, Russia, 2 days ago What about British analog of Chang'e 4. Where did China steal this technology? @cockney in exile 那嫦娥四号呢?中国从哪里窃取了相关技术?   Yorgos, Norfolk uk, 2 days ago Probably copied from the CIA drone which crashed in Iran in 2011 可能是按照2011年在伊朗坠毁的美国无人机复制的   Bill Blinky, Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia, 2 days ago Is that claim about car number plates even possible? 能拍到清晰的汽车号牌,可能吗?   ClubfootCatherine, Clocktown, Australia, 2 days ago sure, if you put your number plate on the roof of your car @Bill Blinky当然,把你的车牌放在车顶上就行。   cockney in exile, utopia, United Kingdom, 2 days ago British design . 英国的设计。   Dan Sur, Lhasa, China, 2 days ago Britain's BAE copied the American RQ drone. 英国BAE公司模仿了美国的RQ无人机。   Jabba the wocky, Plymouth, United Kingdom, 2 days ago Presumably using battery tech copied from Apple & Tesla. 可能使用了从苹果和特斯拉那里抄来的电池技术。   illbill, UK, United Kingdom, 2 days ago Well clearly they've copied or reverse engineered everything else, including this. 很明显,他们什么都抄,什么都进行逆向工程包括这款无人机   The Oyster Baker, City of Earth, United States, 2 days ago Great! This looks exactly like the American one! Well done. 太棒了!和美国无人机一模一样!做得很好。   FlyOverStateGOP, MidWest, United States, 3 days ago Let's hope the quality of the drone is as good as the quality of their CGI. 希望这款无人机的质量和他们的计算机成像质量一样好。   CNI, DFW, United States, 3 days ago Wonder where they stole the flying wing technology ???? 他们从哪里偷来的飞翼技术?   RealOne, Tatooine, United States, 2 days ago They probably stole the tech from the US as the US stole it from Germany, so the story continues. 他们可能从美国偷了技术,就像美国从德国偷了技术一样。   Dan Sur, Lhasa, China, 2 days ago A bird. 像一只鸟   gt, Corpus Christi, United States, 3 days ago It should be called the STEALTH SPY CLONE! 应该称之为山寨隐形侦察机   Von Balldinger, Chetville, United States, 3 days ago Wow, they don't even try to hide their thievery of American technology and design. 哇,他们甚至都不掩饰偷来的美国技术和设计。   Ranger99, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Looks like a model of a B2 bomber. Just don't fly it near Gatwick. 看起来像B2轰炸机。不要在盖特威克机场附近飞行就行。   stockers101, Swindon, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Another cheap Chinese knock off. 又一廉价的中国山寨品。   WeHaveSomeConcerns, Sydney, Australia, 3 days ago For the unaware, this "Chinese" drone is actually a direct copy of the Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, a stealth drone that has been in service with the US Air-force since 2007. 这架“中国”无人机实际上是洛克希德·马丁公司RQ-170 “哨兵”隐形无人机的复制品,RQ-170 “哨兵”自2007年起在美国空军服役   spepper, Great Britain, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Made in China with USA technology. 美国技术中国制造。   Gr8Dane, Phoenix MD, United States, 3 days ago Made in China? Yeah, that's a guarantee it won't work right after you have unwrapped it and thrown the receipt away. 中国制造?我保证,拆了包装就得坏   crisser, Manchester or thereabouts, United Kingdom, 3 days ago When the RQ-170 Sentinel crashed in Iran in December 2011, it was reported at the time that both Russia and China were bidding for access to it. Looks like China was the highest bidder. 2011年12月,RQ-170“哨兵”在伊朗坠毁。当时有报道称,俄罗斯和中国都抢着要。看起来中国出价高。   Gzxs Runner, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Russians would at least add some improvements and change the look . The former don't know how to do that do the just copy everything. I am actually shocked they didn't copy the name also. 俄罗斯人至少会做出一些改进,改变外观。而中国完全照抄,让我惊讶的是竟然没有抄名字。   unothetruth, paradiselost, United Kingdom, 3 days ago All tech stolen from the West. 技术都是从西方偷来的。   wendyM, glasgow, United Kingdom, 3 days ago wonder where uk/usa get their tech from @unothetruth英国美国的技术从哪得来的?   Raptor75, Chicago, United States, 3 days ago They think it up. @wendyM他们自己发明的。   mickyblueeyes, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Remarkable resemblance to the UK BAE Taranis UAV 与英国“雷神”无人机惊人相似   rebelrouser, slough, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Will be able to deliver a lot of takeaways. 拿来送外卖不错,一次能送不少。   DaveOn, London, Germany, 3 days ago Is it just coincidence that it looks every bit like a carbon copy of US aircraft ? 看起来完全像美国无人机的翻版,这仅仅是巧合吗?   unothetruth, paradiselost, United Kingdom, 3 days ago We got there 50 years ago. 我们50年前就了。   Conservative NY, Ballston Spa, United States, 3 days ago Looks like the Northrop X-47B. Wonder where they got the tech from? 看起来像诺斯罗普公司的X-47B,这技术他们是从哪来的?   elsiep, Earth, United Kingdom, 3 days ago While the US argues over a wall, the rest of the world is surpassing them. 当美国为一堵墙争论不休时,其他国家正在超越美国   Jackson Five, London, United Kingdom, 3 days ago As stolen from US plans. 从美国窃取的设计。   Wizzzz, Perth, United Kingdom, 3 days ago Copied from aviation magazines published 20 years ago! 从20年前出版的航空杂志上抄袭来的
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